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LCB Nominated Us for Best Online Casino & More!

Your favorite casino Extreme has just been nominated for the best online casino & more! See how you can help us become one!

Have we got a piece of great news to announce to you, fellow players! Your favourite bet-safe casino just got a nomination for the best online casino by LCB, one of the most prestigious award-winning sites! And that’s not the only piece of good news, because we entered two more categories out of six. Stay with us to see how you can help us become even better!

What is LCB?

LCB is an online site of great renown that specializes in providing reviews for more than 2,400 online casinos with 6,800 bonuses. It exists for more than a decade and a half and has since garnered more than 161,000 registered forum members. This makes it quite a reliable community to assess who deserves to win an award for best online casino and we’re extremely proud to have made it to the shortlist.

LCB Awards

LCB Awards is an event that intends to celebrate and reward the very best casinos for their contribution to online gambling. They were created in cooperation with iGaming’s leading platform SIGMA as a way to acknowledge operators who excel in providing the best service for their players. The event is a unique chance for online casinos to prove themselves worthy and earn a reward for their players’ trust. The rewards are given into 6 categories for outstanding service which we’ll discuss below.


The categories are singled out in 6 different ones according to the different parameters that every casino should strive for. This is what they look like:

  • Best Online Casino
  • Helping Hand
  • Rising Star
  • Prime Perks
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Members Choice

We can proudly apprise that not only have we received a nomination for Best Online Casino but also in the Prime Perks, and Members Choice categories. The reward for Best Online Casino is for casinos that deliver fast payouts and have the most accommodating customer support. The Prime Perks is about casinos that offer the best selection of bonuses and promotions. And Members Choice category deals with your personal preferences and impressions.

Help Us Become the Best Online Casino

If you recognize any of these above-mentioned qualities in our casino, there’s a way you can help us out. All you need to do is follow this link and vote for Casino Extreme in categories you think we deserve. We appreciate your loyalty and support!

44 thoughts on “LCB Nominated Us for Best Online Casino & More!

  1. I have seen the graphics and I saw some really good games..
    I cannot wait to start playing the games

  2. It’s a lot of fun and the payout is fast and the plus side of this casino is that you get really great bonuses

  3. Definently the most fair online gambling platform iv played at. Keep up the great work i just wish i could use my debit card to deposit funds. Im not a fan of bitcoin i always have trouble with it

  4. Casino Extreme is a very good slot casino game cuz they load very quickly and it don’t take forever to load and yall have very colorful games with neat bonus and that’s what I like about this casino

  5. Really great fun experience and tons of fun! Love playing the games and the support team always answers all of my questions in a timely manner!

  6. Very cool lots of promotions. choose from. Nice costumer service just started playing this morning. Lihe everyminute. Too. And I live the fish game on her. Good job

    1. Thank you vey much! Keep playing at Casino extreme, the place of instant withdrawals and big bonuses!

  7. I to think it’s a great game I also want to thank this casino for getting games like that for us

  8. It’s very upsetting this Casino is only great when u are winning. I have gambled on this site everyday for the last year . I have Lost a lot of money I am also one of the top players but yet the minute I don’t do $1000 deposit and I am only doing $100 deposit they can give me a $300 chip all they give me is a $20 and $50 chip. To me that’s not right and because of this I will cxl my account . I will say that Travis who is part of the Pitbosses is very nice and does the right thing when he can . I am very upset with this site so please be aware and remember once you start losing this casino doesn’t do the right thing.

    1. Dear Antony, allow me to extend our understanding and apologies for causing such a distress. It was not done intentionally. To show you how much we appreciate our loyal players, allow us to invite you back and welcome you in accordance with the status you hold. You can continue talking to Travis, who will gladly take it from here. Apologies, and good luck in your future sessions.

  9. I voted for your casino #1… I love this casino this is by far the best casino I participate in. You will always have my vote. #1 CASINO EXTREME….

  10. Casino extreme is by far the best casino.. I deposit daily on this casino and will before ANY other casinos I take part in…
    Extreme is the best… #1 CASINO

  11. Great casino pays out lightning fast, great customer service, live the games and win all the time. Very awesome

  12. Definitely voted for Extreme. Keep up the good work and good luck. Well deserved my vote. Many bonuses and free spins. Let Go.

    1. Thank you for supporting us. Stay tuned for great casino deals and instant withdrawals, as well. All the best!

    1. Hello, you are not late to vote at LCB contest for the best online casino. Just follow this link to do that. Best wishes!

  13. I chose casino extreme because it’s one of the fastest withdrawal and it’s also so pretty fast to deposit as well plus there is 24/7 customer service that are quick to answer any question we have

    1. Thank you for choosing Casino Extreme. We are glad to hear that you recognized all the best features of our casino. All the best!

  14. one of my favourite casinos only wish I was luckier so I could afford to play more, but sometimes i also disappoint me by replying in chat, above all its awesome casino for RTG casino lover.

    1. Thank you for playing at Casino Extreme. Wish you a big hit, and opportunity to get your withdrawal instantly, as at our casino always is. Regards!

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