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Memorial Day Free Spins Big Winners

We at Casino Extreme honored Memorial Day our way. Yes, with plenty of free spins for our loyal players. They wrote how they keep the freedom flame burning and memories alive in the comments below the blog post. Three best comments, according to the opinion of our team, got 100, 50, and 25 free spins. All other participating depositors we rewarded with 10 Memorial Day free spins consolation prize – subject to the terms that stipulate no two free promotions available between deposits. The three best comments you can read below.

1st Prize

Being a veteran myself, I have found that the most meaningful way to show appreciation is in small kind gestures. For example, I was waiting at the bar at a local restaurant for my call in order to be finished. While waiting I struck up a conversation with a woman older than me ( about 50-55 years old. At some point in the conversation me being a veteran came up, she said thank you for your service as her name was called to pay for her to go order. 5 mins later my name was called and the man had told me that my order had been paid for and a note had been left. The note read, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice, God bless.”

I cannot explain why, but this one gesture has meant so much to me and I think we should all try to do the same as we find ourselves in situations like those. Dmcphate

2nd Prize

My wife is an active duty military personnel in the United States Army. She is currently stationed overseas and has been gone for almost year now. Today I celebrate Memorial Day not just for her but also for my father who was also a member of the United States Army and served for almost 20 years until his untimely death. The kids and I released some balloons for the both of them today and quickly went b back inside to get the video call from Shannon, my wife. It was a nice visit and she will be coming home soon. We miss her very much and would like to wish her a happy and safe Memorial Day. dwaynelamar

3rd Prize

No one in my family was in the military but I had a coworker that I was really close to. It made me sad cause we worked in cars so whenever a car alarm would go off it would give him PTSD. He would hide under a car but I was always there to calm him down. Not much of a great story like all the rest of the people on here that are gonna be writing but that’s my only story. china13


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