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The Mostly Used Monero Wallets

Everyone who looking for the cryptocurrency which is well-known by anonymity should choose Monero (XMR). When handling payments online, apart from fast transactions, the highest demand is always for mechanisms that can provide full anonymity. And this is the field where Monero rules – both features combined in one crypto. If you are considering about using this crypto, we prepared for you the list of most frequently used Monero wallets.

Monero GUI Wallet

This is the official wallet of Monero. The app itself can be downloaded and installed, as per instructions from this site. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is available in Ubuntu version, and experts claim that this version has the best performances. Once you install it, you will see it is basically a very user-friendly desktop app, containing all the features users need. This wallet is easy to use and therefore recommended for less experienced users. It is an e-wallet which makes sending and receiving XMR easy.

Monero Paper Wallet

If stored properly, it could be one of the safest Monero wallets. Its advantage is in the fact that there are no risks of being hacked. Monero Paper Wallet includes QR code for generating a public address and one QR code which contains the private key.

Ledger Nano S

This is the first hardware wallet, small and resembles USB stick. The Ledger Nano S is built around a secure chip, ensuring optimal security. This e-wallet does not actually store your cryptos. What it does is track your Monero through the blockchain. Developers of “Ledger Nano S” thought about the users’ safety as well. This wallet features a secured PIN code, 2-step authentication, and recovery seed accessibility. Apart from XMR, it also supports Stellar, Ripple, Ether, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, just to name a few.

My Monero

It is a web-based wallet developed by Monero’s team. The reviews say that is very user-friendly. You need to have an account on the website in order to use it, and this – many claims – could be the downside to this wallet. If you are familiar with creating accounts, logging in and following the instructions, you should try it out.

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