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Rewarded Stories of Labor Day Promotion

Every important day we at Casino Extreme try to celebrate with something that our players like a lot. Yes, we talk about promotions! As we know, Labor Day is the holiday dedicated to the workers and we gave you the opportunity to write about your “dream job”. We got really great comments and choosing three the most creative, was very difficult. But, we managed to do this and the rewarded stories about dream jobs are in front of you. They divided many free spins among them and other participants were credited with 10 free spins, according to the standard rules.

1st place

My dream job would be a flight attendant. Always thought it would be cool to get paid to travel. Cillykitty

2nd place

My dream career would be a slot machine tester. I would get to take paid trips all over the world and test out casinos slot machines. Not only would I get to play slots all day and see the world, I would also get 100% of the winnings on every jackpot I hit. Kaitlin

3rd place

Skydive instructor would be awesome! Karriona


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