best stories about valentine's gifts

The Three Best Stories About Valentine’s Gifts

As you used to, we at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme gave you a chance to express your feelings and write us about Valentine’s gifts. However, we wanted to hear from you which were the best, but also the weirdest gifts you ever got. Once again, you reacted very well on this kind of promo where the prize is a bunch of free spins. It was a difficult job to select the three best stories about Valentine’s gifts for the grand prizes, but we did that, and in this blog post we are sharing them with you. For all other participants, we prepared the consolation prize – 10 free spins.

1st place

My husband was in a fire camp. That’s from being in prison with a shortened stay by fighting fires. He made me a wooden jewelry box. It took him a long time to get the bug out of the wood it was embedded in it. You can see where he had to use a tool to get it out. When you opened it, it had two sides with black felt at the bottom. It was really beautiful. I worked for my sister who has a website for cremation urns and I used her engraver. I put on the brass heart Charlie n Jan 4 Ever. Janice

2nd place

The craziest gift was back in 2007. I was dating this girl for 10 years and there was Valentine’s party at her house. I was in her bedroom with about 7 other guys, some I knew and some I never saw before. By the end of the night I ended up finding out that she was cheating on me and had slept with each of the guys I was having a good time hanging out with. It broke my heart and I never thought of Valentine’s day the same again. This was my 1st real girlfriend and the first love of my life. I gave her my virginity. It was horrible. Horrible. But life goes on. I’m still here. Thank u. Christopher 

3rd place

Weirdest v-day gift (was also the best in his opinion) was an XD 40 Subcompact pistol. He absolutely loved it, but you can imagine the comments and opinions from friends and family. Colleen

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