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Using Bitcoin Safely

Bitcoins and technology go hand in hand. As a modern phenomenon, bitcoin may seem distant and unreliable to some people. Whenever you deal with money, an issue can arise. However, we are here to explain that cryptos were built on cutting edge technology, and that there are ways you can protect yourself and your assets to a very high degree.  There are some basic guidelines to follow in order to make your online assets secure.

Ask Around About Bitcoin

Majority of people using cryptocurrencies are not professionals in terms of programming, and that is the entire point – making blockchain accessible and understandable to common people. Therefore, you do not have to possess advanced knowledge about this matter. Simply, ask around. Read the reviews and decide on the type of wallet you wish to use. Research various providers and their previous history. See if there has been any issues regarding the service they provide, and whether they sorted them out. Inform yourself.

Go the Old Way and Use Pen and Paper

Once you create your online account, you would need to store your private keys for accessing the funds. Remember that although the gadgets are here to make our lives easier, sometimes it is better not to store your passwords, keys, pin codes, etc. in electronic form. We suggest going the old way and writing it down in an actual notebook or memorizing the important data. This is by far, the most secure way to store your private keys and make your e-wallet completely secure.

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Use Online Resources to Decide on the Exchange Platform

There are many bitcoin trading platforms out there. The logic tells us to go with the most frequently talked about and the popular one. This is usually the case, and the platforms with the largest number of users are usually the most reliable ones. However, make sure to use common sense and watch out for the warning signs. These are terms that may sound to good to be true, and if you come across those, double-check.

Do Your Shopping Legally Bitcoin

So, we use cryptos to buy just about anything these days. We believe you have purchased many items or services online so far and you are familiar with the procedure. As you know we are required to leave certain data online when making this kind of purchase. Whatever you are shopping for, the security measures should be applied. However, there are web sites that are doing business illegally and may exempt themselves from liability. Additionally, in some cases it would be impossible to reimburse your money in case of a fraud.  Again, ask around and avoid shady platforms, sites and eventually the dark web.

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