Guinness world record

We Witnessed the New Guinness World Record

At a recent iGB Live event at Amsterdam brand new Guinness World Record has been set. Gluck (iGaming Suppliers) and the people at iGB Live (IGaming Super Show) made history by breaking the record for the largest number of people scratching scratchcards.

In breaking the record, 386 people took part. When the official Guinness World Record adjudicator gave the go-ahead to start, nearly 400 people began scratching off their cards to find out if they had won. Many of them used keys, coins or scratching implements, but those without it, resorted to using their fingernails. Two guys drew special attention because they used unusual methods for scratching. One of them took off an engagement ring and used the diamond, while a man with too short nails, scratched a card with his teeth!

Once the scratching had taken place, each steward had to confirm the tally of participants. This was overseen by an official Guinness World Record judge and gaming legend, Michael Caselli.

Previously the record was held by the lottery in the Philippines.

Some members of our Casino Extreme team had the privilege to be the part of this event in Amsterdam. Thanks to them, we now have some photos from an unusual breaking of this record.

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