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Your Three Best Stories About Independence Day

Another Independence Day is behind us. One more time we remembered our Founding Fathers and everything they had left as the basic principles every society should have embedded in its tissue. You have the opportunity on our blog to write what makes you proud to be American. We got many great stories but must choose three of them to reward. Check it out!

1st place

Proud to be an American because it’s one of the most respected countries out there and one that gives a person the opportunity to live a great life. Kate

2nd place

Proud to be an American due to the fact that regardless of what major issues the country is dealing with, the people are what make it great and worth it. Christina

3rd place

Proud to be an American to me means that as I remember that on this day in 1776 our nation adopted the Declaration of Independence. Upon the Founding Fathers signatures, began the great experiment to create the most wonderful and free country the world has ever known. As an individual, I am not perfect – in both my distant and most recent past, I have been humbled…i have been brought to my knees in grief…i have marveled at the healing power of forgiveness…and so, I keep trying to improve, to be better, and to meet the challenge of protecting the God-given right that He gives as a gift to me being – the right of individual liberty, to be free, to be independent.  John


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