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50 Free Spins for Princess Warrior Review

Play Princess Warrior slot and write a review on our blog to get 50 free spins!

At crypto casino Extreme it is all about spinning the reels! Definitely, your favorite games are more than 200 RTG slots that we have to offer. Players welcome every new release with excitement and try to make some notable wins on the reels. Now, we want to know your opinion about the newest slot and we ask you to write a Princess Warrior review. Of course, we will reward you with 50 free spins!

Princess Warrior Review: Player’s Opinion

A few days ago when this slot was launched you could read our review about this game. All you had to know before start playing it was there. From the number of paylines, the most valuable symbols to the special features like wilds, multipliers, and free spins bonuses.

Now, we want to hear from you! Share with us your impressions about this game and we will reward you with 50 free spins. The same as before, you should play Princess Warrior slot at instant withdrawal casino Extreme, write a review in the comments below this post, and wait for your prize.

Just a little hint – you can focus on any aspect of the game. We wish to know whatever comes to your mind. You can review the design, the bonus rounds, the symbols, the dynamics of the slot. You can also compare it to other slots if you wish.

From now to October 7th you have the chance to write a Princess Warrior review and be a winner of 50 free spins. Before you start writing, please read the terms of this promo.

Terms of the Promotion

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • Promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is October 7th, 2021, and the spins will be processed the following week.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by October 14th, 2021. at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • Maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawal may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

princess warrior review

188 thoughts on “50 Free Spins for Princess Warrior Review

  1. This game is awesome, has some great bonuses and it is really fun to play. The payouts are good and bonuses are always hitting. Try it out

  2. I tried it the first day it was released and I liked it a lot. The bonuses are awesome. I like that I can choose my bonus of free spins and the random wild is also great! Bonus and payout is great! I would recommend this game

  3. I do like the bonuses in this game but It hasn’t ever hit anything significant for me yet but hopefully that will change

  4. Random wilds are awesome…plus bonus payout. I look forward to playing this game more.

  5. Good game I like the bonus features Casino is extreme is my favorite place to play I love their they’re bonus and free chips and I especially love that instant pay out

  6. I think princess worrior is a really good game I like the graphics and the features. I like the art style the bonus are good. leaving a review for princess worrior

  7. This game is amazing. The pay outs are real good. I would definitely recommend it to people.

  8. I love when new slots come out 9n the game floor! Princess Warrior is a fun and exciting new slot. I really enjoyed the pick your own bonus rounds its has proven more then once for big payouts!

  9. What a amazing game amazing bonus that you can choose your own bonuses I loved it

  10. When playing this game I was amazed how it was so progressive on the hits that it was putting on so I do believe that this game is a win win 👍👍

  11. Game is really fun and has great payouts …my top 5 list

    Username: johnnyboy714

  12. The game was fun to play, when it was first released. Lately, it seems its harder to hit anything. All in all, the game is fun and it has potential to produce nice winnings.

  13. I was very, very excited for this new game to drop but when it did I was a little bit disappointed. After the Asgard, Lucky Catch, and Miami, I feel like there is something missing with the Princess Warrior.I noticed that it is slower compared to the other slots the I mentioned. It also doesn’t give much. I once deposited $50 and didn’t get even one combination. But I love the graphics and I will certainly keep on playing it maybe hoping that it will get bettor

  14. Sicknt,

    I’ve enjoyed the few spins I’ve played but I really need to be honest.. I think you can do better.. Lagging behind a little extreme.

    User, sicknt

  15. Love this game always a fun time I enjoy the bright vivid color very eye catching. Haven’t had a major payout but it definitely is a great slot game.

  16. I didnt really liked that game, but when I triggered 3 scatters it was worse ever… you have to read super fast to chose your bonus and that wont change anything wich you chose.. personnally picking the “all bonuses” is the best cuz you still can be surprized somehow lol


  17. Very fun game. I enjoyed the bonuses and free spins alot. Highly recommend. 3 Thumbs up.

  18. The game is fun and it’s unlike all of the games so far when is very interesting for rtg games to always keep it original

  19. I like how the wild jumps out and goes all over the place after you catch it in reel 3!

  20. I am enjoying the new game, Princess Warrior. From the awesome graphics to getting to choose your choice of types of bonuses, its an all around hit. Its payout is pretty awesome as well. Will definitely be a returning player for this exciting game!


  21. I don’t like the game personally, I think it has a poor payout and low volitity, I think the whole system is rigged a little bit, but this game really takes the cake

  22. Cool slot game. The graphics are colourful and interesting, the random wild is awesome and the bonus is fun to choose.

  23. What a wonderful experience playing this game in the extreme casino platform it’s one of the best games that they have I can’t wait The place some more I hope everyone gets a chance to win big good luck out there

  24. Dont care for this new game much… the only thing i did like was the variety of which bonus u can pick..

  25. Wow , design game so beatiful , i love kind of game like this . Easy to make some winnings .
    username : huynhthai

  26. The new slot is awesome! I particularly like the bonus features and the options to choose the one you prefer or all of them at once!

  27. Absolutely love this game! Big money to be had on this especially when you trigger the bonus feature. I think it’s one of the best games that’s come out in a little while. I can’t wait to play my free spins on it!

  28. I tried it the first day it was released and I liked it a lot. The bonuses are awesome. I like that I can choose my bonus of free spins and the random wild is also great! Bonus and payout is great! I would recommend this game.

  29. Ive played it a few times I like that it has multiple features that you can win during free spins it is very enjoyable to play this slot is another hit from RTG !!!

  30. I played the game at its introduction…very exciting game with bonus options is great….the graphics an animations are among the best ive played.. would recommend

  31. only played as demo, haven’t been able to play forreal, but once i do, it’s the first slot i’m going to, because of the bonus/freespins round, kinda hard to get but wen you get it, it pays out!! with i was playing forreal

  32. I have only been able to try this slot a couple times so far but I like the graphics and can’t wait to see the bonus rounds and win big!

  33. I enjoy playing this game very much. I like the girl power aspect, and while it may take a few spins to get to the bonus features, once they start they keep on coming in a big way. I recommend this game for all.

  34. Princess Warrior seems fairly tough to get into bonus rounds but the reward is worthwhile when it happens. It’s an interesting change from most of the newer rtg slots. Give it a spin.

  35. Princess warrior definitely grabs my attention and like playing it as well now I have not won anything worth mentioning yet which sucks because games that I seem to never hit on I end up eventually stop playing them but let’s hope I hit soon cuz its got food features…. Rocco636

  36. I’m in love with this game. The sounds and bright colors keep my attention, and the payouts are pretty darn great.

  37. New games are my favorite ones. Lol this one has choices for your bonus rounds and I really appreciate that in any game. This has a little bit of a lot of stuff. It’s fun and rewarding. Payouts are good and hits a lot. I definitely recommend this one!!!

  38. This game has a lot of potential. The bonus selection is cool just kind of wish they were a little more frequent.

  39. This is definitely one of the games top of myfaves list because of few reasons. One, it pays decent when you hit the feature, two, you are able to choose your feature. And three, the girls featured on slot game are pretty hott for being animated…… Just saying.

    There’s several reasons to try out this new slot, I honestly enjoy this one most compared to other recently new slots.


  40. This new game “Princess Warrior” is AWESOME! When you least expect it there’s a wild column thrown in a spin and you hit major $$$ when at first glance of the reels you didn’t win anything! It also lets you pick which added bonus feature you want during a bonus round. Totally awesome slot!!

  41. With decent layouts and multiple bonuses to choose from what is not to love about Princess Warrior. This is a great take on an Ancient Greek/Roman themed slot that is sure to delight many.

  42. I tried the game when it was released but have had no luck. I’m going to try it again because it looks cool…


  43. In some ways it’s very similar to other games in appearance but the game play is its own.overall I have enjoyed it so far

  44. best game they put out since diamond frstiva,there 4 options at the bonus and one of my favorites is the all ways option which is a multiple,wilds,and free games
    won 238 off a .40 cent bet

  45. I think that Princess Warrior is “meh” so far. It hasn’t paid out well nor has it given any hint of a bonus. Graphics are neat, though.

  46. User: Vdcoolz
    Game is frequently pay 0ut on every spin.
    The difficulty is 3/5
    The bonus doesnt give the good pay out like the other games.
    Opinion: 2/5

  47. Love drink know there’s lots of games on the bonuses what time there’s a problem to get settled very quickly

  48. This game is very helpful for winning big fish, i just love it, it also gives me the historical fiction of the character of the game, in the end I will say that this game is winning our hearts…

  49. I wasn’t to impressed with the overall game.
    I was curious about the games feature but
    Have yet to get it!

  50. I love the detail work of the game itself. It could maybe pay out a little more but all in all it seems to be a good game. I would give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

  51. I tried it, it’s paid often, bonus round is cool if you select all bonus types, I liked it for sure…

  52. Was interesting, didn’t get the bonus For a while and when I didn’t wasn’t very good of a pay off though which was a little bit of a let down. Cool game though.

  53. This is a very good game. The middle wild was smart thinking. I wish it paid out a little more. But is a all around good game.

  54. I have gotta say that princess warrior is way better then lucky catch I gotta say you get more chances for bonus then you do with getting the free spins. I love the graphics with the bonus

  55. I liked the game just seemed more difficult to get a bonus round than other games I’ve played.

  56. Rich4eva,

    You get 50 free chances to learn the dynamics, The character animation is awesome, The odds are good, the plot is fun, you get to choose your bonus, and it has many hidden features you can learn about as you play!

    -Annie F

  57. At first the game was just like any other game. Till you hit the bonus … than you choose your fate. Word of advice don’t be fooled by “All Features” it can be reverse psychology.

  58. It was hard to win at first but then I saw all the ways it does win good game


  59. I liked the wild when it was full and it would spit out more wilds. It doesn’t pay until it pays good. And it pays again and again.

  60. I really appreciate the game….the bound round is awesome it has 4 different types of bound round to pick from so that’s cool but in all the game is pretty awesome to play

  61. I like this game but I wish the bonus hit a little more. Only hit it twice and played multiple time.

  62. This game is a pretty good knock off of Miami Jackpots. It’s twist of the bonus feature is really awesome though. Highly recommended if you liked Miami Jackpots.


  63. This is a awesome game. Wish it would payout a little better. Other than that it’s been a good slot to play

  64. Fun game love it .just saying that and can help give you free spins for being a deposit member .

  65. I’m still learning what’s what in the game. Only played it for a few spins on a couple different occasions. But in those few spins, I got to experience the features. Writing about it makes me want to play it! 🙂

  66. I enjoyed playing this game and it can pay a lot. I like how they give me the option to select a bonus of my choice.

  67. Great game! Love the way it incorporates the various bonus features…. The multipliers, the wild reel, and the option to choose one or all for the free spin! Good payout too!!!

  68. I love this game!! Great bonuses and pays really well! It’s a lot of fun and keeps your attention!! Exciting! Very addicting!!

  69. This game is great I love how you get to choose what bonus you get makes it feel like I am in charge of things.

  70. I like the game. It has some good features and the bonus round is good when you get to choose your bonus.

  71. I played this game for the first time & I tell you what my opinion is that this game is the kind of game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Extremely Unique Bonuses are fun….
    Thank you Casino Extreme
    Michael Bullock

  72. Graphically it was decent. The gameplay seemed a bit slow, with even the big wins were not that big. The bonus was cool with all 4 different types of bonus to choose from.. Overall it’s not a bad game, but it could be more exciting.

  73. This game isnt that bad. i enjoy it because its a newer slot to play but i feel that the random features dont activate enough and this makes playing the game for me not as enjoyable as id like it to be. This doesnt mean its a bad slot or anything of course lol its just not my slot of choice 🙂


  74. Warrior princesses is a great game this far the bonus spins are really great as you can even pick the feature you want to experience with spins. The wild feature is pretty nice too as if you catch the full reel it provides extra bonus also. I have played it a few times and enjoyed each one give it a shot and judge for yourself

  75. Better than most of the games here although ingeuss I have not had the same luck with winning as most of the people on here

  76. Great game love all the different features, the pay out is great as well, I enjoy the fact you can choose a special bonus for the free spins.

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