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50 Free Spins to Appreciate Fathers

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The way of getting these freebies is more than simple. Just, let us know which celebrity is a good father figure and why. We are sure that you will be honest and look forward to your comments.  As you are used to, write your thoughts in the comments below this post and add the casino username. We will play until June 24th, 2021 and the free spins will be processed the following week.

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237 thoughts on “50 Free Spins to Appreciate Fathers

  1. I would say Joe Biden! Hes managed to show his family u it with the display of support for his son.

    1. I would have to say Damian Wayne from My wife and kids we acted out the sceneg of The godfather

      1. Hugh Jackman he spends alot of time acting but seems just as much with his two adopted children Ocsar and Ava which I am constantly seeing photos of him and his family at the park where he is sliding down the slide with them or when we got snow there were pictures of his family in a super fun looking snowball fight lol

        Username: Repplexi

    2. Barack Obama is a good father figure. He is smart, well spoken, puts thought into decisions before he makes he, is open minded and well traveled, and a kind person in general.

    3. There are nobody like fathers for every moment especially on thier day you have to hold them up to the light and watch em sparkle Fathers out there happy Father’s Day to all of you.

  2. I would have to say that Liam Neeson is a good dad because he’s always risking his life for his daughter! And also just want to mention Mel Gibson and how he turned things around after he got out of prison and his daughter was taken by ruthless druglords. CasinoExtreme…..Tophat1142

  3. My dad worked alot when I was younger so we didn’t see him alot. We always tried to have family time when he was home do it wasnt all that bad. Not really much of a story but that’s how life was and I don’t think we would have had it any other way 🙂


    1. Forgot to add the which celebrity dad.. …….honestly I don’t know alot of anything about celebrities but if I had to choose one it would probably Will Smith lol because he has always been an active part in his kids life and has always made sure that hes been there by his kid even in. Movies. Lol

  4. I think Ashton Kutcher is an awesome dad. And after he became a father it inspired him to use his own money to fund putting an end to sex trafficking.

  5. Steve Martin! Took care of his son put him through school and got him into the entertainment industry!

    1. Will Smith is a perfect example for a role model. He Broke the again of physical abuse. Although he was abused as a child, he did abuse in fatherhood. He has been a hard worker and showed solid love

    2. My father figure is really just who is around on fathers day to uplift my spirits and be a positive figure in my life I’ve never met my father so I look for wisdom and inspiration from others

    3. I would have to say Nick Saban. He and his wife do amazing things for kids. ROLL TIDE!!!

  6. Clayton Kershaw from the Los Angeles Dodgers. He does a lot of work in and around Los Angeles with the inner-city kids. During the broadcast they show him interacting with his own children away from the ball park too. Those are the times you can see him smiling the most!


  7. lebron james because he spends almost every single minute he is not on the basketball court with his kids
    (username teedled22)

    1. i always thought my dad and his twin brother look like Anthony Hopkins they even have the same last name any chance there were triplets LOL my dad and his twin were born 9 28 48

  8. Carey Price’s father, cuz he traveled his son by plane every time he had an hockey practice. Carey was living in a native town in british colombia that was too far from cities. Now Carey Price is making history through montreal canadiens goaltenders by leading on the top of the list. Last game he tied with legends (ken dryden, jacques plante and patrick roy) by number lf winning playoffs games. Tonigh’s game against Las Vegas could be writing history if canadiens win. And I leave it there, cuz its 8pm here and the match is gonna start 😀 go habs go !!!! Happy fathers day

    Username: s1de420

  9. I would give anything to be able to have 1 more day with my father. He was my best friend. I know he is still here with me even if I can’t physically see him. If u still have ur dad, hug them tight and tell them u love them everyday, not just on Father’s Day.
    Username: Jojomb82a

  10. Dwayne Johnson because he does whatever he has to for his daughters and holds family very high in his life.


    1. My dad is my best father figure i can ask god for i love him and miss him so much he is everything i need to be on becoming a better man he is loving caring , paitient i cant ask for a better father thanks extreme casino for letting. Me share this …have a blessed day to all the fathers out their

  11. denzel Washington. i believe he would be caring but hold valuable beliefs. being he is a vet means he has life expierences beyond being rich and probably would makes his kids work for what theybwanted instead of free handouts and completly spoiling them all the way through life

  12. The celebrity that I think who I think is a great father figure is the rap/hip hop artist Drake His music is inspirational and sends a positive message to his fans young and old. His is not only musical talented the generosity he bestows on those in need is something many in his musical genre are known for. He has kept his music has a positive vibe and encourages listeners to better then selves and that education is important and along with hard work will pay off and stay humble and always remember to give back anyway you can.

    1. Slotslayer85 I think the best celebrity father is John legend and why is always with them wears matching outfits Disneyland birthdays with daughter Luna

  13. The father for modern day family going from a time that things are done a certain way he’s learned to adapt and show his love for his children no matter who they are or what they are there’s one of the best role models anyone could hope to be my casino username is La s Som b r a 0704

  14. I am just happy I can spend as much time as possible with my father on this special day. … I know my father is going to love whatever I get for him. I have fun every Father’s Day because I get to be with my father. In conclusion, Father’s Day is the day where I get to spend time and have fun with my dad.
    user name joeyskater16

  15. Chris Pratt is a good father figure because in a video of Him and his kids . You can see he loves playing with them. You can see doing so, brings out the kid in him . The kids looked happy and having fun with Dad.

    1. Tim Allen in the show tool time he always has a life lesson in the way he raises his oys and when he’s wrong he admits it showing his sons that its not the mistake that matters its the lesson learned from it

  16. David Beckham
    Children: Brooklyn Beckham (22), Romeo James Beckham (18), Cruz Beckham (16), Harper Seven Beckham (9)

    Married since 1999, the world-renowned soccer star has four children with fashion designer Victoria Beckham.”In my career there’s many things I’ve won, and many things I’ve achieved, but for me my greatest achievement is my children and my family,” the 45-year-old dad said to People Magazine

    1. Joe Biden because he is a hard working man that is a good role model to his peers and everybody in America ! So he has setva great example for his children over the years while they grew up under his integrity and powerful influence

  17. Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers to lay down the rules and enforce them. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. I think David Beckham leads a great example of this.

  18. I would say will smith is a good father figure. He stayed married to jada and has produced successful children with very little drama or bad publicity. Great job will!

  19. My uncle Bobby has taught me everything since my real father wasn’t around, only because of my uncle I was able to achieve a happy life

  20. Travis Barker! He’s a totally down to earth guy and I’ve met him and Pink personally, and they have a no bullsh*t parenting style that i believe in and their kids respect the hell out of them.

  21. I would have to say that Liam Neeson is a good dad because he’s always risking his life for his daughter! And also just want to mention Mel Gibson and how he turned things around after he got out of prison and his daughter was taken by ruthless druglords. CasinoExtreme…..chrisjh0001

  22. My father is the best man I know! He is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him!!

  23. I think every father is a hero in there child’s live for me superman is a good father figure because he risk his life for his kid. So is my dad he is my superman hero he is always rist his life to save others

  24. I would say our last President Trump because of his outstanding and impeccable to go and be who you are kind of attitude for him and his family

  25. I would say John Travolta when his son died he was beside himself with grief but he’s a good role model and people look up to him and respect him

  26. My celebrity father figure would have to be kobe bryant he was always there for his daughters and he supported them in everything they did youncan tell he really loved them. RIP KOBE BRYANT #8 #24

  27. Donald trump is my vote , His family value are spot on and has the diversity and knowledge sound decisions.

  28. Todd Chrisley. Just by watching his show you can tell that he can do the things a dad must do.

  29. Homer Simpson is a pretty cool dad. He shows his kids how to be naughty and funny at the same time. And he always has their backs. Happy Fathers day all.

  30. Tim Allen cause he was the best dad on Home improvement for years and showed moral and goals with humor!

  31. Well I’d have to say a Obama is a great example of a father, man, and overall human being. I feel he took everything that happens to him the the country with such grace and dignity. Raising his daughters to do the same. I was proud to call him my president!

    1. Dick Van Dyke Mary Poppins. He cared for his kids he cared about them and then he was smart enough to find them a mother and a wife for himself.

  32. Ashton Kutcher hands down he shows it to his children in every way possible. He put his career on hold to be a family man.


  33. Probably Kobe Bryant Because He Was Such A Good Dad To His 4 Daughters, Make He Rest In Peace! 💜😔💜

    1. Ashton Kutcher hands down he shows it to his children in every way possible. He put his career on hold to be a family man

  34. Will Smith is a rad father, cos he whips his hair back and forth with his daughter.


  35. I would say Barrack Obama, A very intellectual, forward thinking all round good guy.

  36. Homer Simpson! Lol. He’s not the brightest bulb in the socket, but, he loves his family and has a heart of gold. ❤️

  37. I would have to say Damian Wayne for my wife and kids we always expected the part that’s godfather but especially I think the same answer

  38. Kevin Gates is a very caring and loving man to his 2 kids. Has them travel everywhere he goes and mentions them in almost every song. And what kid doesnt want a dad thats a fuckin gangster!?!


  39. Hi, I think David Beckham is a great example of a good father figure. The reason I feel this way is because unlike most celebrity in “Hollywood”, he has maintained dignity and grace. He is a highly successful celebrity who has not been caught up in affairs and scandals, he is a loving devoted husband, he keeps his and his family life private for the most part and does not showboat his kids for publicity, he seem to have great quality of a father and husband. I also have to include Will Smith he is the epiphany of all around “super” dad. There no doubt that this man is all about his wife and kids and is a great role model for any child to have.

  40. I would have to say Dax Shepard or Freddy Prinze Jr. Both of them are great role models, seem to be very involved with their kids, volunteer their time to various foundations and charities and seem to be down to earth men.

  41. Batdad on youtube. He spends a lot of time with his kids and has a unique approach to being a father, he is able to teach the kids manners and how to be respectful without them having a tantrum or feeling resentful towards him.

  42. I believe Ryan Reynolds is a great father figure. He’s very involved in his girls life and puts his kids first

  43. i would have to say my father he is my hero nobody has shown me unconditional love even when the chips were down like he did and does his name is roy rowlett he is a huge celebrity in my eyes

  44. Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is a wonderful role model and farther figure. He is well known and loves kids. He is a big supporter of organizations and sponsors many things.

  45. Michael Caine as Alfred (Batman) because there have been several actors who’ve played the role of Bruce Wayne’s British stand-in father figure. Yet, Michael Caine stands out for his portrayal of Alfred in the Dark Knight trilogy.

  46. Ronnie Wood, he’s always doing things for his family and friends. Seems like a really cool guy

  47. I think David Beckham is an amazing father! Very hands on guy and loving to his wife and children. Not to mention, sexy as hell!


  48. The person my father figure turns out to be is Brad Pitt. Simply because he has adopted many children from around the world and still provides an unconditional love that is to be a father. It is my step-father who has accepted me on who I truly am, a gay man. He has been by my side no matter the situation was. He truly shown his love towards me despite of us not being in the same bloodline!
    My username is YulesCasino

  49. I would say the best father figure would be for me is my dad cause he work so hard for his family to provide us with food shelter and love for his 5 kids.all by himself proud of my father love you dad and happy Father’s Day to all the dad that raises there family on is owned

  50. Michael Corleone because when godfather comes to my thought I hear him say ” say hello to my little friend”

  51. Michael Jordan he’s accomplished so much and been in 3 or more professional sports

  52. For me, the best role model is President Barrack Obama. He put the American people first before anything else despite of all the adversities that he had to go through. Many people even known people from other countries have insulted him and his wife but instead of “going low they went high”. He served with so much dignity and accomplished so much in his 8 years as the leader of our country without any scandal. Children can look up to him and realize that you can be somebody and help change people’s lives regardless of your skin color as long as you work hard for it and your heart is in it.

  53. I would say Uncle Phil from fresh prince. Always teaching a lesson even if it was Will getting in trouble.

  54. peter griffith from family guy because hes laid back and lets his kids do what they want

  55. John legend seems to be an awesome father. He seems very active despite his career.

  56. I believe Will Smith is an outstanding father because he uses his acting and rapping career to further better his children’s dreams.

  57. If I had to choose it would be the Kobe Bryant. He always made sacrifices for his family to provide and also to make time for them. When retired he spent his every minute with those girls to make up for lost time. God rest his soul. One of the greatest to ever do it on and off the court.

  58. honestly can’t think of a movie character that would compare to my pops. He’s a pretty awesome dude and always seems to keep his cool and have perspective no matter what he is faced with. He was born with polio and the dr told my grandparents that he would never be able to walk but in spite of all of that he was taking his braces off and riding his bike by the age of 9 and has been walking relatively normal ever since.He’s been an inspiration and example of the kind of man and father I strive to be on a daily basis……tophat1142

  59. I didn’t read all comments and maybe this one was mentioned already but for some reason Tim Taylor from the old Home Improvement show seems like a good father figure.


  60. Harrison ford in air force one. He showed what a real father would do for his family and what a real man would do for his country. I be he wouldnt let some dipshit take over a plane full of people with a pocket knife.

  61. Will Smith hands down. He is very real and down to earth. Confidence with humility, and seems to have a very real grasp on being a balance of classy and realistic in his view of children.

  62. I gotta say drew brees you can just see how much fun he has with his kids in his videos

  63. Connor McGregor cuz for being such a huge celebrity he’s always markeing time for his son and his wife. And he’s always showing that it’s ok to lose or win and how to be strong

  64. I would have to say all the Dads that step up to take care of their kids are a great role model. Rather be celebrity or not. Whoever is their for their children is great in my eyes. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE AND ALSO TO THE MOTHERS THAT HAD TO BE A DAD ALSO.

  65. Tim the tool man Taylor he was always very positive and showed his kids the wrong way to work on stuff that way that now what happens when you do work on stuff improperly.

    1. For Father Day, I wish all the kids will be with their father to let their father knows how thankful you are to have them in your life. Show them how much you appreciated him for all their sweats and tears of hard work they put in to raised you up. That’s what Father Day are for.

  66. Mine would be my father. He lost his battle to cancer 3 years ago but never once have up or gave in during his fight. He fought like the marine I knew him to be. That man is and forever will be, my hero

  67. For some reason I got to say Steve Harvey. Don’t know why I just feel like he’s a great father figure.

  68. I would say my dad reminds me of Batman because he doesn’t have any superpowers but he was always there for me when I needed him.


  69. I think that any celebrity that gets out there to be a normal great parent like Curt Russell is great!

  70. The Rock. He seems like a good dude and I would be happy if he was my dad. Dwayne Johnson should be everybody’s dad.

  71. Best Celebrity Father Figure: Will Smith
    Why? Because the commitment he puts towards his children’s future. He honestly give them the attention that they need.

    Username: Rangimarie2021

  72. I think Tony Dungy is the man. He’s very even-keeled, thoughtful and caring! He knows how a real dad should be!

  73. Johnny Depp review pretty good one and he’s got enough money to take care of you

  74. This is my opinion but I think any celebrity who keeps their kids out of the media and paparazzi is a better Father figure than others. This is a little hard because I don’t hold celebrities to any standards whatsoever I don’t look at them like there anything special so it’s hard to choose somebody but if I had to guess I would say maybe Eminem for always defending and protecting his daughter or maybe even a Denzel Washington

  75. Clark Griswold. He always wants to do something nice but overdoes it and it turns into a thing just like my pops. Hahha

  76. T.i! He is a good dad he teaches his kids morals , and respect. He shows them it takes work to get what they want and as long as they work hard a n d want it bad enough they will be successful. He makes time for them and loves, protects and provides for them

  77. I would have to say Dr. Frankenstein. He spent most of his life trying to create life. When he finally did, his ungrateful son killed him.

  78. Vin Diesel. I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about him in The Pacifier and I just think, if he is anything like he is on the big screen in real life, I think he’d make a pretty dang good dad.


  79. Mad at always make sure I had but I needed in he was a hard worker I appreciate him for everything he’s done and now I’m a father myself and I went through one of the hardest thing father can do lose the child to SIDS I will always be hurt and depressed from that but I pushed through it for my other two kids

  80. My dad reminds me of a superhero he just seems untouchable always by doing the right thing and leading the way


  81. Will Smith . Can’t go wrong with a funny and family figure that plays in the role fresh prince bel air and his son played the karate movie. WA-TER!

  82. I would say Lebron James because he supports his kids and as big of a celebrity as he is still makes time to attend their games and events.

  83. I think our beloved koby bryant as he gave it his all for his kids as he perished along with his daughter being in my opinion the number one celebrity father!


  84. Dwayne Johnson I think is a good role model/father and helps kids across country

  85. Damian Wayne from My wife and kids we acted out the sceneg of The godfather

  86. Larry flint cuz he can kick Hugh Hefner’ss ass and his magazines were better to jackoff too

  87. Hello, i feel like a really good father figure has to be Sam Elliott, most widley known father figure or maybe David Backham as he is a great dad and also married to Victoria Beckham so maybe i will chose that one 🙂

  88. Matthew McConaughey. He’s just laid back, smiles, focuses on the positives. Most impressive is that he seems to genuinely revolve around his kids and wife. He is a not bad looking, smooth talking gentlemen. McConaugheys a simple man, made of only three ingredients. Love, Peace and Woodstock. Be like McConaughey kids!!

  89. Tom Hanks I feel like would be a great dad. He even wears the Dad sweaters when not in character.

  90. Fathers day is a very amazing day for a family to spend dedicating all day on making the father of the family feel special and loved at the least if anything

  91. John Cena he is an awesome wrestler allaround good guy does slot for those around him

  92. My Dad reminds of Robert De Niro’s Father figure character in Meet The Parents. So intelligent, hilarious, and has the tough love we all crave.
    “Can you milk me?”

  93. I would say John Travolta…
    I have always admired him for how amazing he was with his son and his strength to get thru all the tragedies that life has thrown him…

  94. I happen to think Will Smith is an amazing father. He has always from what I can see from the media always been pretty active in all of his childrens lives. Hr has never tried to make them follow in his foot steps and have encouraged them to make their own path in life. I just heard that song he made for his eldest son Trey called “Just the two of us.” I love that song. It really shows the type of Dad he is and/or wanted to be and I believe he has all those things.

  95. Connor McGregor cuz for being such a huge celebrity he’s always markeing time for his son and his wife. And he’s always showing that it’s ok to lose or win and how to be strong

  96. I say brad Pitt for doing so much and still able to get some custody of his foster kids…!!!! Good man to be still wanting to be a part of their lives especially when the ex wife is wild fire

  97. I think I would have to say McGyver. My Pops was a mechanical and electrical engineer and could figure out almost anything.

  98. I think Ashton Kutcher is an awesome dad because he is always going above and beyond for his kids he makes his life as kid friendly as possible and the look on his face wjen he sees his babies is that of a phenomenal father

  99. I think I would have to say McGyver. My Pops was a mechanical and electrical engineer and could figure out almost anything. krams2

  100. I think Joe bidden is a good father figure he loves his kids and takes good care of them

  101. Im going to have to go with Clint Eastwood. Father of eight… When it seems having children are a burden to celebrities, Clint proves otherwise! Awesome man, at 91 years old. The classic tough guy, and a great father!

  102. I’ve never had a dad, but the thought seems nice. Happy Father’s day to all the amazing dads who actually stuck around.

  103. My dad died young at 67 years old. He was strictand could be tough but he always had my back. Love your Dad while you have him because there is nothing worse than when you lose hime. I love you Dad!

  104. I would say Keane Reaves. The man has lost so many close to him yet is a kind and charitable as ever. He has been well documented doing random acts of kindness unknown he was being watched. The countless stories of fan encounters recalling how geniunely nice and warm he was is enough to let you know he is a great man.

  105. I like Donald Trump because he teaches his children to love and honor this country as well as live by the values this country was founded upon.

  106. Joel Harris is the best father. He takes care of his children no matter what.

  107. I think brad Pitt because he’s always made sure to fully understand and accept the best interests needs and of all his kids as well as making sure to have security and genuine love..

  108. Spending time with our kids is the best feeling n today was one of best day ever

  109. Katelyn Jenner would be my pick! Great role model for anyone She is who she is and can overcome anything standing in her way. It might take time but sh always shines. Sports she shined, Being herself she now shines, Government she’ll conquer and will 100% shine brighter than the sun!! Katelyn gets my vote for the best father role model! Kzarback

  110. My father would compare to Liam Neeson in Taken, he would do absolutely anything for me, hardest worker I’ve ever known, the strongest of mankind and a heart that could melt the darkest days. Love my Dad!

  111. I think Ashton Kutcher is an awesome dad. And after he became a father it inspired him to use his own money to fund putting an end to sex trafficking.

    User name repplexi

  112. The celebrity I look up to who seems like a solid person would have to be the Rock. People often confuse us he is my twin. I like the fact he really tries to reach out to the youth and helps the less fortunate. He seems sincere others do it just for the publicity.

  113. He may not be a celebrity to any of you but my grandfather Lloyd Quick was the most inspiring person one could have ever been so lucky to have me or even be in the presence of he was all around a brilliant man who was ful k of joy hope love and integrity he stood for what was right even if the rest disagreed and throughout my growing up he was a celebrity in my eyes so even if thus isn’t what you want here is my response

  114. I would say James Avery. I say he thought meaning and to make better life decisions in fresh prince he is

  115. Zellman’s ‘The Father’ is a lot more than a film that merely exists to tell you a story. This is an experience and a journey into an unstable world that is just as real, as it is .

  116. My dad always reminded me of Danny devito with a side of hustler and charisma. Probably because of his small stature, humor, resourceful and witty personality. He had an infectious personality but a very demanding temperament that made him come across as serious but funny simultaneously. He was a good guy and I have lots of memories of laughter with him and some at him as well🤣

  117. I think the dad off of full house would make a good dad. I love playing at casino extreme!

  118. Will Smith. Always supportive of his kids, no matter what. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders


  119. My father was venoma vet..and a retired postman . Hisben gone our 11 years.. before he die he mad sure mymother didn’t want for nothing..and she is taking care of for the rest of her life.. my father was the best and am blessed to have had him in my life

  120. Will Smith, for how he raised Jaden Smith with music and letting him do his own thing


  121. Would have to be Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson !! Happy Father’s Day to all those dads that are actually doing life the right way !!

  122. James Larue Avery (Uncle Phil – Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air) His character was very influential iny life, my father not being to much of a positive role model made me idolize and fantasize of having a dad like him, one with stability, displine, LOVE and Care. Rip ‘Uncle Phil’ wne Happy Father’s day!!!

  123. Mr Brady from the Brady bunch was one helluva father, he obviously kept Mrs.Brady happy and was a good step father to his 3 blonde daughters…and to his sons. He always had a very motivational speech for them and was on point

  124. Fathers are important. My favorite actor and celebrity father would be Adam Sandler. He’s funny and never fails at making me laugh.

    1. Having a good pops is crucial to a fulfilling childhood. Clark Griswald is my favorite actor/celebrity father because he goes above and beyond to make it to Wally World.
      Casino Extreme- trippytrappy

  125. I would have to say any father is a celebrity you don’t have to be famous or rich to love your children and if you are a good father you’ll be the celebrity to your kids always be there

  126. Will smith is an amazing father because he teaches his son about the hard parts of life

  127. I would say kobe Bryant nobody knows actually what happen to him and his daughter but I know that his daughter wanted to be next to her dad and wanted him to be there for all her games and he did just that they were on there way to one of her games and plane crashed but he never left her side . Good thing she wasn’t there by her self

  128. I will have to say will smith because his determination and drive to show his children that society doesn’t define who you are was very strong. He fought with the public eye for many years but still came out on top. Take that society!!

  129. My dad, he works very hard to provide for our family and soon he will retire and we will make sure he is taken care of for his 35 plus years he took care of us.

  130. Although I did not have a father my grandfather was the best example of a father and man that I’ve ever known. I don’t know off the top of my head what movie character he reminds me of but I do know that he was always there for me to love and support me.

  131. My Father’s Day doesn’t mean much as j had no father growing up I did have a mamaw that took care of me and she was my mother and father but since she has past it’s nothing I look forward to anymore

  132. Tom cruse is the best man to be a good father. He has a lot of kids to love. He takes the. Playing in the same place that I have been in the past few days. I just got home from my T-Mobile and then ill be in a little 6th so

  133. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems like a great father…. a doting daddy and positive role model. He is a great example of making the life you want a reality

  134. President Biden seems like a good father and grandfather caring, compassionate and loving what better qualities can you ask for! Happy Father’s Day to all the good dads out there! Username: stanman68

  135. Shaggy 2 dope of the rap group the insane clown posse. He has alot of online shows on YouTube featuring his son and he seems like a genuine father. I love it. Reminds me kind of / sort of , of my relationship with my 5 year old.

    Username: Thekopeliz1

  136. I can’t help but think about Dave Grohl. I remember hearing a story that once while Foo Fighters were on tour in Australia, he found out his daughter’s school was holding a father-daughter dance. He flippin’ flew back to the US after a show to be there for the dance then immediately flew back to be ready for the next one! Serious dad points right there! (But my dad will always be the best dad ever!)

    username: annien43

  137. John Ritter..may he R.I.P. I remeverback when he had that show where he had 2 daughters and they were always getting into something but whatever it was he was always right by there side.

  138. Happy Father’s day to my beloved Dad! I will always love you. You’re the best dad in the world. Your loving memory is where I seek shelter amidst life’s treacherous storms. You will always be missed, my dearest father of enduring wisdom. I cant think of anyone that resembles you completely, however remembering movies from the 90s, and 80s, remind me of you and my childhood. For example, I think of you when I watch the film,
    “Mrs. Doubtfire” because Robin Williams’ character ” Daniel” depicts a fun, caring and loving father that went through extremely extraordinary measures to be with his children every day. You couldn’t live without seeing us everyday either. My life will never be the same without you.
    😘 Xoxo till we meet again

  139. Bluejay71
    The perfect father figure in the media to date would be Ozzy Osbourne. Here is a man who has been to hell and back, addiction and back, marriage and back, fatherhood and back and finally, from the depths of losing everything and not giving up to get back. He has stumbled, fallen and gotten back up many a times while continuously battling his own demons but somehow still maintained a solid relationship with his children. My dad is a lot like him….a talented idiot who stumbled upon fame but fought to never keep it from his kids even when he thoroughly screwed up.

  140. I would say David hasselhoff…… Because even though he’s a drunk retard sometimes any kid who is David hasselhoff’s has to grow up to be totally awesome therefore he must have done something correct even if it is to provide them with luxurious hair and a world-class tan

  141. My father is not only the best father I could have possibly asked for, he is also the best MAN/PERSON I have ever met. I bet that any movie character with any superpower could not exceed my father’s capabilities. The only one that I “might” consider being able to is DAREDEVIL. In movies the super hero is almost always blessed with some kind of ability to do something that far exceeds normal human capabilities. My father was born with an ability that was inferior to normal people. He wasn’t granted good vision, shoot, he wasn’t even born with decent vision. That never stopped him. He has obtained what many others( even with “SUPERPOWERS”) couldn’t in a million lifetimes. Many look up to him and turn to him for advice or help. I am very proud and grateful for my father. If you happen to be blessed enough to meet him, you will fully understand me.

  142. I think Adam Sanders and Will Smith both make amazing dads! I see articles all the time about them with their families and they just all seem so

    Username (millschristy13)

  143. Marieboo1212

    Kevin hart for sure he is always talking about his kids haS them on stage with him and u can see the glow just when he talks about them

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