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50 FS Extra on Money Bunny Promo

Find out how you can collect additional 50 free spins while our Money Bunny promo continues! Happy Easter!

Hello, dear Casino Extreme players! This weekend is Easter time, which means sunny and warm weather is a must. Relax and take your time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends, but don’t forget to spend time with us also. Today is a perfect day to announce a little nice surprise that is going to be available to you from the 17th of April. Casino Extreme is giving you extra 50 free spins on our already awesome promo, so stay with us to find out more on how to collect them.

Easter Candy

Did you know that Easter is the second best-selling candy holiday in America, after Halloween? We didn’t know. Yet, if you think about it, chocolate eggs and bunnies are truly jumping all over the place at this time of the year. An interesting fact is that chocolate eggs have their origin in Europe in the late 19th century.

Besides the chocolate eggs, we have another egg-shaped candy – the jelly bean. The jelly bean became associated with Easter in the 1930s and this tradition continued until this very day. Can you imagine that over 16 billion jelly beans are made in the U.S. each year for Easter? That is enough to fill a giant egg measuring 89 feet high and 60 feet wide! On the other hand, our extra 50 FS will be enough to fill your pockets with some real cash! Read below and find out how.

50 FS Extra

Our April Money Bunny monthly promo continues, but from the 17th of April, it will be a little bit improved. You will still have a chance to collect up to a 100% no rules bonus and get 20 free spins with no deposit required for Wild Hog Luau. Yet, on top of that, we are bringing you 50 Free Spins extra after each deposit! You can use them on the Sweet 16 slot! This promo is going to be active until the end of April so use your chance while you still can.

Visit our Casino Extreme and enjoy your game. Your odds are becoming higher with all these free spins and boosts, so use this opportunity while you can. Happy Easter and may the luck be with you!

Run Rabbit Run play now

44 thoughts on “50 FS Extra on Money Bunny Promo

  1. This game is absolutely so much fun. The colors make it more exciting and before I know it I have sat here for hours and played it while smiling the whole time. Would recommend to all my friends.

  2. This game is alot of fun to play, I enjoy playing all the different holiday games and I definitely give this game a huge thumbs up!

  3. This is the perfect game to celebrate the Easter Holiday. Definitely an awesome game thats full of surprises. thank you casino extreme.

  4. RunRabbitRun …well…not really a good payoff as yet but I’m optimistic that my luck will favor here soon.

  5. I really love this game and will always go back to it. Love the ROYGBIV and will definitely recommend my friends and family members.

  6. love casino extreme! payouts are super fast and customer service is great to talk to.
    melissa crabtree

  7. Love that there are new games to choose from, especially holiday themed! This game especially is quite fun. Excited to see more!

  8. It’s ok. Casino itself just doesn’t hit like it did when I was a new account. When it does hit, you’re in free spins so $50 Max cashout but your playthrough is like $8500. You’re lucky to have $20 left by that time. But when you do withdraw, at least thats really quick. As long as you’re verified!

  9. Love all The perks here.. even on a non- win day, Im winning with the Specials, Bonuses & extra’s. Really is the small things that make you feel Welcome EVERY time!


  11. This new game is so much fun! The graphics have vibrant colors, the bonus’ are indeed a great bonus. This is one of my new favorite slot games!

  12. I love this place.. I spend wayyy more than I should but I enjoy it.. just wish the ones that spdd we nd would get more

  13. yea I enjoyed playing the new slot run rabbit as it payed out pretty decent as per other slots got winning within two days wow what a job o boy o boy im rich $10.00

  14. Well that was a new Add an unexpected bonus You guys rock.Can’t wait to see what you have coming up next week or year

    1. Thank you for choosing Casino Extreme! As usual, you should expect the big casino bonuses, great games and instant withdrawals, as well. Stay tuned for June deals!

  15. Best casino by far fast payouts everything you will need in a casino wouldn’t ask for a better one

  16. This has to be the most funniest game I have played online yet I enjoy playing it though to see the little bunnies make it across it has amazing wins on the regular game alone with extra wilds that can up your winnings thanks again for bringing us the good games

    1. No complaints except I was turned down because my son also plays and he had already cashed out on a promo that I won on so I was denied my winnings and 50 free spins is great but it does hurt when the playthrough is outrageous

  17. No complaints except I was turned down because my son also plays and he had already cashed out on a promo that I won on so I was denied my winnings besides that excellent website

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