big santa free spins

Big Santa Free Spins are on Your Way

Play the Big Santa slot at crypto casino Extreme and write a review to get great reward!

Big Santa slot is finally here to prepare you for all good things that Christmas brings. From today you can play this latest RTG release at crypto casino Extreme. Of course, you should try to hit some big win on its reels. Also, you may share with us your impression about the game and get Big Santa free spins! Keep reading about your task and terms of this promo.

Big Santa Free Spins and How to Get Them

As usual, your task for getting a reward is easy, especially if you like to play slots at instant withdrawal casino Extreme. Namely, you should play the Big Santa slot and write your thoughts about it in the comments below this post. Be careful when writing because your review should consist of more than 20 words to be published on our blog and to be eligible for the reward. Your focus should be special features, number of paylines, symbols and design. Namely, everything that you consider to be important while playing slots.

Finally, the reward for your effort is 30 free spins that we will process for all eligible players starting from December 2nd, 2021. Now, start spinning the reels, write a review and wait for Big Santa free spins.

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published on the blog.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is December 1st, 2021, after which we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from December 2nd, 2021.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by December 8th, 2021, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

189 thoughts on “Big Santa Free Spins are on Your Way

  1. Ive played this game a little. Still trying to get comfortable with the pay table. Haven’t had much luck yet.

  2. This new game is pretty fun. Christmas is my favorite holiday so this has the instant likeability. I liked the feature. It will be one of my favs.

    Username grizz3

  3. I played it this morning, and fell in love! It’s so cute and just in time for the holiday season. The fun colors and sounds make it a festive slot I would recommend others to try out.

  4. Well it’s another Christmas slot. Let’s see how well we get these wins, bonuses are cool though. Let’s go get some more wins

  5. This new slot is HOT and has some awesome bonus rounds with the potential for huge payouts. I love this game and I can’t wait to play it again. Multiple bonuses, lots of fun and big wins. It’s a win win

  6. Big santa is a generously playing game, the feature is super fun, and the graphics are eye catching. Will definitely play again.

  7. Packed in my Santa Stocking is a much appreciated thirty free spins to enjoy, that’s certainly something to be looking forward to be using and with a bit of luck be turning into nice spendable cash, HoHoHo

  8. Big Santa Slot is a relatively fun game with stacking wilds and multiplier free spins ranging from x2 to x10. The over all Christmas theme looks great and the potential for winning big is definitely there with the stacking wilds paired with the large block symbols taking up to 3 columns with one symbol. So spread some EXTREME joy with Big Santa Slot this Holiday season!

  9. Extremely fun and great pays on the game even without hitting a bonus. This will be a holiday favorite to play the next two months!

  10. Best game ever is high fashion! I’ve hit several jackpots betting as little as $2 and as much as $5 per spin. Fastest payout around just an amazing place to play the slots with friendly staff! Can’t go wrong with this place!

  11. Big Santa slot is finally here to prepare you for all good things that Christmas brings. From today you can play this latest RTG release at crypto casino Extreme. Of course, you should try to hit some big win on its reels. Also, you may share with us your impression about the game and get Big Santa free spins! Keep reading about your task and terms of this promo.. so much fun

  12. This Big Santa brings big wins! I’m hoping the multitude of bonus options will allow for long play time and huge wins. I just hope I’m still on the nice list! 😂

  13. This game is OKAY. I only tried it once and wasn’t too exciting because I didn’t win much, but maybe when I see it’s full potential my mind will probably change about it.

  14. The special features are amazing and enjoyable which made me want to continue playing. The number of paylines is just what I like and the exact type of game I prefer to play. The visuals and design as a whole is captivating and alluring to the eye. Consider this game to be overall enjoyable and that sneaky bit of addictive. My new favorite game.

  15. Awesome game awesome casino. Love the big rewards opportunity and the exciting new games and promos Casino extreme has to offer! Great game

  16. The new game, Big Santa, is good. Love the gameplay and graphics. So enjoyed the free spins and bonuses on the game. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to family and friends. Keep up the good job Extreme, and thank you. LUXz304

  17. Awesome holiday game …very cute characters..huge winnings it was very fun and exciting to play ..I would suggest this casino and game to everyone I know loads of fun !!!!

  18. wonderful slot with plenty of bonus features to keep you hitting! the Christmas style is sure to bring in the proper Christmas cheer! especially with the perfect amount of pay lines and free spin bonuses. I think this is going to be one of the best games and in my humble opinion someone is going to have a nice big jackpot to buy plenty of Christmas goodies or to keep playing slots. best slot ever from the best online casino ever!

  19. I love it when a new game comes out and “big santa” is not a disappointment. Leaves me on the edge of my seat with anticipation of a big win and is very festive at the same time, thanks casino extreme for keeping it fun all day!

  20. Santa Claus is coming to Top Dollar Town, great theme & payout frequency is good enough for any Christmas Miracle.

  21. Big Santa slot was definitely a lot of fun! I loved how the reindeer are used as wilds for the game. The colors are very bright and vibrant it made me feel like it was Christmas even more! I wish I was able to play the bonus rounds but I wasn’t awarded any while playing so I cannot leave comments about that but I did have fun!! New slots are always exciting!!

  22. I can’t give much of a review cuz I’ve only played very little of this slot because it’s still pretty new but it was pretty interesting and with the holidays just around the corner the slot fits perfectly LOL

  23. Wow this game is good and this casino is so good i always win here so good this casino is awesome and so good .

  24. Big Santa was a good addition for the holiday season. Love the excitement when the big wilds pop up.

  25. Well for starters I only had a little $ to try it out can’t stand using gold coins but from what I sean getting a huge win would rely on you getting the giant symbols with connectors to make 5 of a kind. Did not hit the bonus so can’t comment on that so good luck everyone.

  26. Perfect game for the season! In a just a few spins I hit 2 Huge wins! A few spins later and I hit the Free Spins bonus and then hit for another Huge win! Tons of fun on this Christmas game.

  27. Lizzie1270. I was unimpressed with this game .. I spent probably $20 on this game and never even hit a free spin…. I have no idea about the bonus and how this game pays. Maybe it will go better next time but the first time playing it lacked something to be desired.

  28. I enjoyed playing Big Santa at Casino Extreme.I like how when you spend the reels and you get a win there’s a multiplier with it that randomly picks a multiplier that can be multiplied x2, X3, x4, or even x5. To me is the second best game next to Cash Bandit 3 which I really like. Big Santa is really fun.

  29. I honestly haven’t tried the game yet, but I’m really excited too!! I will post an update on my likes and dislikes about the game as soon as I finish playing it! 🙂

  30. Big Santa is an exciting slot game from the 1st spin to cashing out your plunder. The speed of the game is fast and keeps your attention for long periods of time. The payout could be a little higher on some spins,but all and all it is a very gratifyingly new slot. Casino extreme of course was quik to give me promo codes to try it and many other games. Two thumbs up from me

  31. I love Christmas themed games! The only part that’s crazy is getting the free spins! It’s so hard but the characters are super cute and the payout are amazing.
    I hope to get the free games soon!
    It’s a great game and perfect for the holidays!
    – YulesCasino

  32. With Christmas just around the corner the release of this game “BIG SANTA” just adds to the festive atmosphere. The graphics and sounds are very jingle bellsy and if your lucky enough to win it’s even better!

  33. I played this game and honestly I have mixed emotions I got some pretty big hits in it but they were too few and far between the free games are elusive and didn’t pay much either but it’s a good looking game

  34. Super fun game. I like the wild reindeer and the oversized symbols. I got a lot of free spins too. The graphics are cute that’s a plus.

  35. This casino extreme \ crypto casino is a very fair and trusted game server, not to mention how fun, and exciting it is to gamble with them.. As it all happens so fast, meaning it all can go really good, or really bad.. Depending how you play, as every spin is a life changing situation from having a nice day wallet to having a empty wallet and\or vice versa..

  36. Love this slot fun and super exciting I always come out on top check it out you will love it

  37. I love this game it has good graphics and a lot of ways to win. I recommend it to anyone who likes playing.

  38. This is an awesome game, with many winning options.. I love the big bonuses free spins this game offers.. SPIN TO WIN!!

  39. Christmas really has come early this year!! This overly generous arrival is not only pleasing to the pockets but is just as pleasing to play…the bonus rounds are exciting and added with the jumbo cubes that fall in the reels ..its constant excitement.

  40. Perfect game to come out just right before the holidays. I havent won anything to big the slot is interesting. Hopefully I’ll hit a nice winning jackpot for the holidays. Good luck everyone.

  41. I enjoy playing at Extreme mainly for their responsive customer service and their instant payout… The site performance is great and the range of games is more than satisfying. The loyalty program is great since I don;t need to request it constantly… This is one of the best casinos to enjoy. Play responsibly…!!

  42. I love casino extreme, payouts are really fast. No fuss, EVER. I love the loyalty rewards too. Its a great place to gamble online.

  43. Big Santa is a terrific slot to bet high and win. This slot really brings the Christmas cheer to my holiday spirit. No better way to begin the Xmas holidays than at Casino Extreme

  44. I love playing at casino extreme. I like the game Miami slots. I’ve cashed out multiple times this week and payout is super fast!

  45. I’m excited to see a new Christmas game added. I really enjoyed the background and the design of the symbols too. I must not have played long enough to get the feature but I’m anticipating when I get to play next and hopefully trigger it. The play lines were pretty easy to learn so I got the hang of it pretty quick. Until next time… Wish me luck!

  46. Again nice slot very cool details I like the free spins and just very creative well done on the slot machine

  47. Another great slot. I’m a l ways worried about visual quality but this one, for even being seasonal, is great. I’ll definitely be back!

  48. Very nice game. Great graphics. 25 pay lines and variety of per line plays. Very very Christmasy and cute game for the season.

  49. I enjoyed the fresh look of this 25 Payline game featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus, elves and other Christmas related icons. There are oversized symbols and appears that it could pay well. I have not yet won them, but 3 scatters give 10 free spins, 4 scatters give 15, and 5 scatters give 20 free spins.

  50. Wow!!! Everyone should try this awesome game on cryptoextremecasino. I played it and I did really good on it. This have really does have good payouts

  51. I think it should give more bonuses more often even if it don’t hit big at least make more action for the game

  52. Decent new slot free spins don’t come too often but the large tiles are cool will definitely try it out more 6/10

  53. Is a great and fun game, really like the play and the bonuses on it! Definitely going to be playing this game a lot. One of my favorite games to play now! Thanks casino extreme good job on making this fun game!

  54. What a fantastic slot!!! I love all the special features and Pauline. Outstanding graphics and plenty of volatility!!! Exciting characters this was a blast for the whole time I played!!!

  55. this game is excellent kept me very very very interested and of course it gives us 30 free spins …prob not tho

  56. This game is so Amazing this game is the o e i am going to play this Christmas its happenings something almost all the time give this game a strong 9 of 10 comeback on people dont Wait play now

  57. My personal favorite is Halloween treasure and plentiful treasure i think the payouts are allot bigger and the bonus feature is incredible your almost guaranteed to win allot of money i love extreme casino they payout the fastest and have never had a problem..

  58. Very good slot with a really funny bonus feature and huge winning possibilities. Definitely one of the top titles for this year’s Christmas season.

  59. I am more than excited to ride review on the entire casino scream but the games available such as big Santa it is welcoming because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love playing this game

  60. U will love playing this game I grantee it’s the best … awesome grafics and effects. I downloaded only a week ago and I still can’t get enough. You won’t regret playing


  62. I truly enjoy the big Santa game. It has given me a lot of the free spins bonus and really high winning amounts when I play.

  63. The Big Santa slot is an awesome new slot! It’s got crazy bonuses- a ton of Paylines- making it both easy and awesome to cash out with your winnings! Aside from the new slot featuring Santa- Casino Extreme is my personal favorite because of their instant withdrawals- getting your winnings is the quickest I’ve ever had the privilege of utilizing!

  64. I truly enjoy the big Santa game. It has given me a lot of the free spins bonus and really high winning amounts when I play, and a lot of wilds come up.

  65. its a fun game with lots of great payouts i love the free spins that’s my fave so play it you will enjoy it

  66. I enjoyed this game alot. Was slow starting off but once it began to hit and the feature it really paid out. Thanks for the fun games!

  67. Casino extreme is unlike any other crypto casino they post the RTG’S, and the online slots are great such a variety . Also im impressed with online reviews
    It helps to decide which games are the most rewarding nit to mention instant withdrawal all I can say is GREAT JOB GUYS AT

  68. Extreme is the best around. I love this rtg casino. Fastest deposits and payouts. Great selection of games. Great ways to past time n have fun

  69. Great game payouts nice reminds me of spring wilds a little bit and the free games are great with the multiplier

  70. Ok this slot machine is very awesome with it’s details and the free spins are good I like the bet ratio it’s all out interesting good job guys

  71. Big Santa has many nice bonus surprises. The bonus round gives multiple options for bonus spins, also. There is alot little things that are cool when you win. Overall, it’s a graphically pleasing, fun, and
    great game addition to RTG casinos.

  72. Love playing slots at casino extreme.. great place to unwind and relieve some stress. They also have excellent customer service and the best choice of slots around

  73. This game is awesome, colourful and stands out as one of the great Christmas slots. Rudolph being wild is one you wanna see beside your santa LMFAO..but the winner is the gifts being scattered and just like Christmas you never know what your gonna get…a+++ from me. GL to all that play

  74. I love this new slot! It has a little bit of everything and a lot of Holiday cheer! The free games are reminiscent of spring wilds the way they fall and they pay very well and seem to be prone to re-trigger during the free games, also the multiplier on each scoring free game makes the slot unique and lucrative. And the inclusion of connecting reels, add an opportunity to expand your bank roll in a fun way Lots of wintery wonderment including snow storms, Santa and an abundance of generous glittery reindeer wilds definitely make this new slot a must spin!! Happy holidays everyone and good luck!!

  75. I love all game slots about Christmas day and Big Santa is one of them . In this new game , design so cute with suprise gifts during playing game . Can’t wait for getting giveaway free spins and enjoy winnings on it .
    username : huynhthai

  76. I am very easy to please I have no complaints about any of the games I need to learn to be patient and let the game go and do what needs to be done because I know it is just a game and I will either win or lose i won’t get mad just take a time off and find something else to do

  77. Well I really didn’t like it all that much, I barely ever hit anything and there wasn’t any features that were triggered during my game at least

  78. Big Santa slot is awesome with the big Santa “elf”and MS. Claus’s big squares all the features are great the big square play big ,and of course Rudolph with his nose so bright is the wild and can really make this 25 line Santa deliver presents as promised and then you got the free rounds (games square)and during those rounds it’s a random up to x5 on them so get ready for Christmas early and get your free spins on Santa big slot merry Christmas and let’s bring in the new year with casino extreme……..

  79. This is a really exciting game. If you like slots, this is the game for you. we all love it. I recommend this website to everyone over 18 years old.

  80. Big Santa is one of the best ways to kick off the festive season with BIG wins up for grabs. Many ways to winnings , look so beautiful design
    username : hanvee

  81. Great game with big hits on small bets.very colorful and engaging.omny thing is I think there should be a different style bonus instead of ten free a multiple choice

  82. I feel like this slot should have less lines and bigger Pay lines. As usual RTG games haves it’s up and down and I feel like we all together can write reviews like this to make slots better and as majority and customers rules we can make easier free bonus band spins . One other thing is the betting there should be high limit slots and regular slots

  83. I absolutely love casino extreme. Ive been playing with them for over a year now and their games are fun and I’m always treated very well. Thank you for getting new Holiday slots!

  84. I like the Santa game!! I love the holidays and it gets me in the holiday spirit!! Its gonna be a game I play rest of the holidays for sure!

  85. This game looks like fun! I love all the new holiday games that come out! I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but it seems like I have better odds on these games than others

  86. This one really gets you in the holiday spirit…Big Santa and maybe even bigger payouts😜

  87. Hi my name is Ashley Govereau and played on this site. Games are exciting and fun. I can’t wait to play these free spins and win some money

  88. HELLO NEW RTG CHRISTMAS THEMED SLOT. This one is very fun to play and delivered just at the right time to spend your December days, while waiting for christmas, spinning away and hoping Santa delivers a large jackpot. While I did not have the luck to win the bonus during my time playing, Haf a exciting and enjoyable time playing it. -$W

  89. Well I do gotta say 30 spins isn’t enough b/c this slot is a lot of fun! Especially when you get that huge wild pay!

  90. I’ve just started playing the casino and I like the he set up and all the free spins and bonuses they give out keep up the good work guys and gals you rock🤩

  91. This new slots machine is pretty awesome….. my favorite out of all the new games all year. I figured it would be just so so like many but it had a great look, paid off better than most

  92. Love playing great promotions and fast payouts. The interaction with the help center for my questions was answered fast . I enjoy the new slots added but glad the old ones are still available.

  93. I have played this game. It’s ok but if you bet low it seems that you’ll never hit the feature. I played over 100 spins and never hit the feature. I have to say I’m not really impressed. I suppose with Christmas approaching it is an appealing game and has colorful cheerful features but unfortunately for myself payout was not great.

  94. I love this casino. The hardly give you any free chip or free spin. They take all your money and don’t care. Have a day.

  95. This game is very festive. Perfect for the holiday season. Having over sized symbols gives a fresh look. Just wish the payout was more

  96. Big Santa is okay and has cute graphics. I did hit free spin bonuses but no luck yet. Yet another game to add to my favorites!

  97. It’s an awesome game. It paid better than I thought it would! Good graphics and sound. It’s always nice to try something new!

  98. I’m so addicted to this casino game so much fun and a lot of chances to win . Free play is not hard to get betting low

  99. The newest game Big Santa, is a must if you are a fan of the 90s. The graphics remind me of 90 style cartoons. Two things I really like about Big Santa are the characters sometimes drop with one character being enlarged and allowing it to take up 4 normal space so if you hit that with a wild or 5 of a kind its a nice payout. I also like the free spin bonus because of the random multiplier. They allow the player to receive a random multiplier on the free spin bonus that you can hit a different multiplier up to 5x for each free spin, so if you hit a big block and get let say three of a kind elf or Mrs. Claus with that 5x multiplier it’s a nice come up. I also played the game with different betting level and found that 75 cent and 1.50 hit the best for me ( I did not bet over 2 dollars so those bets are based on if only betting up to 2 dollars being max) this game has 25 lines and starts bets a 25 cent.

  100. Johnnyblaze5000
    Had a lot of fun playing the new slot Big Santa. I hit 5 free spins symbols in the free spins round which was a nice 5 of a kind win plus 20 more spins. I will definitely play this slot again

  101. Casino extreme new Christmas Team game is hot for sure I recently scored big my first time playing this new slot highly recommended for beginners and experienced players alike

  102. I played this new shot today. The anticipation of getting free spins was exciting. Casino extreme is one of the bets online casino sites. They give great bonus and have a large array of skid to pick from. I would do recommend you to try this sure.

  103. This is the hottest game on the market ……I recommend that every body should try this game you won’t be sorry

  104. I played this game a few times already and have really enjoyed the overall experience and payouts. The free spins come frequently and the bonus games are fun!

  105. Big santa slot is a refreshing change from the normal slots. I love the big reel features. I havent had any free games yet , so I cant comment on the bonus rounds . Over all its enjoyable .

  106. In my opinion by far the best gameplay. The bonus is very exciting and gives me an adrenaline rush everytime i hit it.

  107. Good game and I love how they are always welcoming new games and the awards stack up fast

  108. Good game and I love how they are always welcoming new games and the awards stack up fast. But Big Santa slot is finally here to prepare you for all good things that Christmas brings. From today you can play this latest RTG release at crypto casino Extreme. Of course, you should try to hit some big win on its reels. Also, you may share with us your impression about the game and get Big Santa free spins! Keep reading about your task and terms of this promo.. so much fun and I am ready to win big

  109. I played this game at least once or twice or maybe even 3 times before I can not remember 100 percent for sure but it was fun.

  110. I love playing this game. I love all the new Bonus I get in my email everyday. And I love how I always get very good pay outs. I also like this game how it’s always going out free spins for real. I seek to always wanna come back
    For more

  111. I really enjoyed playing this game. Love the different style bonus features and the mega wold symbol always pays out great. The stacked symbols are great when they are together but a huge block if it’s only one column is my only complaint. But the rest of the features and random free game multipliers make up 4 it.

  112. It’s pretty good it could be better though I feel like it doesn’t trigger as much and never saw a big win on it oh well gotta keep trying.!!

  113. I really love this new game! All the symbols are very distinct so you can tell when you’re going to start winning big! No misinterpretation on this game!

  114. This is not my luckiest slot but I do enjoy the surprise that it has while playing . I would like to see if I could hit the bonus multiple times but all in all it’s worth wishing for !

  115. Santa is hot, Christmas is cool, I want my free spins now. How about you? Just kidding, game seems interesting although bonuses and stuff takes a min to get used to.

  116. I have all kinds of fun at this casino, User friendly, payouts are huge and In a timely manner. You can talk like or contact support 24 hrs a day. I would recommend it for hours of fun!

  117. I have played this game a few times, it’s seems ok so far I won 30 bucks on my very first spin so that was kind of cool. On about my 10th spin I won another 20, I like it so far. One. Thing that I do seem to notice though is that it seems that when you are on a winning streak once you get so much money it’s like they flip the switch and no matter what you do or what game you try it seems as if it’s futile. I have noticed this more than once, and more than on e casino. I think that’s is a bit unfair. I even try a different game and even have taken a break and came back but once you have over a 1000 dollars they pull the rug out from under ya. Maybe it’s just my paranoia but it really definitely seems this way. Anyone else feel this way?

  118. Big Santa is a wonderful slot with cool features. Just in time for the Holidays and to help me build my balance for future withdrawals here. Absolutely love this game. Can’t wait to play it again!!!

  119. I LOVE this game! I like the wayit looks it pays out fairly quickly & gives a lot of free games! Its so much fun & gets me in the holiday spirit!

  120. I think this is an really good hollidaygame . Suted for this time of year . Nice wins and entertaining build fo the game . Keep up the good work with producing great games .! Cheers

  121. Big SANTA is a fun new holiday slot with a bonus round that gives you a shot at up to 5x wins for each spin. Symbols sometimes become bigger blocks covering up to 3 columns making wins easier

  122. The new game Big Santa has really good payouts if you can get the symbols to match up…. hitting free spins gives you the opportunity to win possibly 5 times payout on each spin.

  123. this slot is oh so hot. im surprized theres still snow on the ground here, this slot is by far my favorite of the year and love the christmas themed games allways a win win.

  124. I enjoyed this game. Didn’t win slot but won enough to keep playing. I actually took my free spin winnings and kept playing but of course lost it 🙁 still will play though

  125. This new game is awsone along with all the bonuses and the features make it one of the best games on any website and one of my top slots..

  126. I really enjoyed playing this game. Love the different style bonus features and the mega wold symbol always pays out great. The stacked symbols are great when they are together but a huge block if it’s only one column is my only complaint. But the rest of the features and random free game multipliers make up 4 it.

  127. New Santa Claus slot on casino extreme is one of best slot games out. The bonus game on this slot is one of the best also and tons of fun

  128. I haven’t gotten to play this game much yet. I’m still trying to learn the lay table and symbols. It seems like a good game and I am anxious to get to play it more

  129. I played the game and liked it well enough. Never did get a bonus though. Like the look and feel of it. Will play again.

  130. Big Santa I wanna try it so badly I can taste it so far it looks like it could be one of the best games out there so let’s see how great the game really is

  131. Loved the theme, obviously because it’s that time of year and I love Christmas. It’s very similar to Epic Holiday Party, which I happen to love. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to warm up to this year’s newest holiday slot. It isn’t quite as refined asthetically and I couldn’t help but feel as though the creation and release of Big Santa were both a bit rushed. On top of that, the feature differences from that of Epic Holiday Party appear to be toned down in winning potential and the “random multiplier (capped at 5x)” didn’t provide the excitement or belief that a big-win was possible in the same way that Epic Holiday Party was able to do, in my opinion. As much as I wanted to enjoy Big Santa, I simply didn’t and I’m disappointed to say that I would NOT recommend this slot. It doesn’t provide anything unique that can’t be found in Epic Holiday Party, or various other Christmas-themed slots out there.

  132. Big Santa I wanna try it so badly I can taste it so far it looks like it could be one of the best games out there so let’s see how great the game really is awsome.

  133. Loving the new Big Santa game. The variety of chances that you have on winning is so exciting. Haven’t had a chance on the free spins yet, but I wont stop trying.

  134. Big Santa I wanna try it so badly I can taste it so far it looks like it could be one of the best games out there so let’s see how great the game really is

  135. I played the Big Santa slot machine and enjoyed playing the game. The large wild and symbol reels definitely add to the game. U fortunately I wasn’t able to get free spins even though I played more than 75 spins prior to switching to another game

  136. Just when you thought it was safe at Christmas… Here comes Santa, and he brought his friends. This game is so much fun. The colors and images are amazing. I already hit the mega wins a few times, very nice payout. If you love Christmas time and the holiday, you have to check out this game. This is my new favorite slot.

  137. I really like this addition to the casino because it reminds me a lot of spring wilds Which was a favorite of mine for a while however I think big Santa pays better

  138. Yeah holidays whooooot yeah casino extreme rocks ! Yeah so much fun to play all the games ! Yeah new slot play it it’s amazing you can win all the monies and then buy all the presents for Kwanzaa or Christmas or haunaka whoooot dollar dollar bills y’all cha Ching cha Ching son!

  139. I am usually not into Santa games or other kids kind of characters so I was skeptical to even try it but the 30 spins and the 100 spins to play he game sounds really good to me so here we go. The game is actually entertaining and for some reason it made me smile and I felt some happy while playing it. I smiled and enjoyed playing. I just wished that there are more bonuses but the with small amount of money that I started with I actually didn’t do bad because I hit the mega win several times. The graphics and the speed of the game is just perfect. Now this will be the first game that I will look when I log in again. Great job on this Santa App!

  140. This game is one of the best ones I’ve played online since I started playing online
    Ive played this game a little. Still trying to get comfortable with the pay table. Haven’t had much luck yet.

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