Black Friday

Black Friday Bonus

A bit of Black Friday history and the special Black Friday Offer!

The retail bonanza, better known as Black Friday became ever so popular over the years. Even though it started in the US, it is very much welcomed in the rest of the world nowadays. Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a good discount? At Extreme Casino we take care of our players. Let’s see why is Black Friday compared with the gold fever, and which special gift we’ve prepared for you.

Black Friday Throwback

Black Friday is believed to symbolize the US gold market crash of 1869. It was the day when the fall of gold prices caused a market crash. In the coming years, the dates of Thanksgiving often changed, which changed the dates of Black Friday too.

The earliest known use of Black Friday to refer to the day after Thanksgiving occurred in 1951. and again in 1952. There was a practice of workers calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving to have a four-day weekend. The suspicious level of sickness created the disease named “Friday-after-Thanksgiving-itis”. In the early ’60ies, Philadelphia police tried to rebrand the name to Big Friday. They were frustrated by the congestion caused by the shoppers. Needless to say, the term didn’t stick.

Shopping Without Stopping

Black Friday became the biggest shopping day of the year in 2001. That’s because, for many years, the rule wasn’t that Americans loved deals, it was that they loved procrastinating. So, up until that point, it was the Saturday before Christmas that typically saw the most wallets being emptied.

Do you know the smell of Christmas morning? The silence and peace. The morning after Thanksgiving is quite the opposite. People are lined up in front of the stores before they even open. Discounts in some stores go up to 70%, which is great if you wanted to buy a TV that costs $1000.

At Extreme casino, you don’t have to wait for anything. New game and Extreme casino prepared a 200% no max cash out bonus for you which will be valid until the end of the day. However, we made sure you can play through the whole weekend. Therefore, you can use 100 free spins on the Big Santa slot until the end of the month. Grab your bonus and begin to spin! Have a great weekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. Every one need a break too! Either if its from work, gambling, even friends an sometime family to refresh. So enjoy your holidays whiles you can.

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