Cyber promotion

Cyber Promotion

Today is Cyber Monday, and boy, do we have an offer for you! Keep on reading!

Rise and shine dear players, because it’s a brand new week with a brand new cyber promotion! Today is Cyber Monday, a day dear to the hearts of all of us who are into online shopping. There is no better way to spend it than with us at the Casino Extreme, getting lucky online.

Stay tuned and learn more about the cyber promotion we have prepared for you!

Online World

Online shopping became a habit for us all, especially since the pandemic started. Studies show that the percentage of online shopping customers has arisen by 40%!

Generally speaking, it is much more comfortable to be buying your new shirt while laying on a cozy sofa, in the comfort of your warm home. You don’t need to wait in enormous lines or to huddle in the crowd.

Online shopping was invented by Michael Aldrich in 1979 because he wanted to enable online transaction processing between consumers and businesses. Today, it was estimated that by the 2040s, 95% of all purchases will be online-based!

Online casinos share the same benefits as online shops. But, they are even better because you can actually earn money and not only spend it!

We have developed more ways for you to try your luck, here at the Casino Extreme with our cyber promotion! Stay with us to find out more!

Crazy Things People Bought Online

Did you ever wonder what are the craziest things that people have sold or bought online? Below we provide you with a shortlist of some of the wildest things that people sold online!

Have you ever tried to sell your soul to the devil? If not, here’s a guy who literally sold his soul for €47.51 on eBay in 2007! Chances that he sold it to the devil are low, but still, you must appreciate the effort!

One more crazy sale has happened. A person from the UK sold his Christmas leftovers! He has started the auction online at $0.01 USD and the bid reached $338 USD. You can’t help but wonder who bought this.

If you thought those two were weird, just wait for it. We all like to have some item which reminds us of our favorite celebrity. Maybe that is a shirt with his or her autograph or, if we are lucky, a hat which that star personally gave us. But someone bought the piece of gum that Britney Spears spat out at a concert at Wembley Arena in the year 2000! And he paid $14,000 USD for it!

Don’t go away! Our cyber promotion is even crazier than these sales! Learn more about it in the paragraph below.

Promotion For Your Commotion

With us, NO WAGERING doesn’t stop!

Today, our cyber promotion gives you a 100% BONUS + 21% FOR ALL CRYPTO DEPOSITS!

All of that is available through the deposit bonus code, which you can check in our Cashier.

Terms of the Promotion:

  • Value: 100% Bonus + 21% for all crypto deposits
  • Wagering: None
  • Max cashout: 21x
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Playable on: Non-progressive slots
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • All general terms apply
  • Available: 29th of November – 30th of November

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