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Free Spins Celebrating Father’s Day

We sincerely hope that most of you had the privilege of having a loving father who cared for you and taught you indefinite number of tips and tricks, and ways to defend yourself and walk with your head up high. Maybe he was the one who put some special insight into different ways people can solve problems and he walked you through thunderstorms smoothly. If not, our hope rests in a thought that you will start the circle of goodness and be that special person for someone else. Here’s to all the fathers of the world who deserve it! If you want to write about your father, you can do that here on our blog and you could get excellent prizes. Write it with your username in the comments below this post from today up to June 16th, the Father’s Day.

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28 thoughts on “Free Spins Celebrating Father’s Day

  1. As I look at me is like looking at my dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know it’s hard to see yourself in the body of another. A smaller, girlier, hard-headed, punk that’s going to try and make the same silly decisions you made when you were that age. But I’m glad for it. If it weren’t for you, that piece of you that it took to make me, I wouldn’t be the person I am. So here, now on the cusp of 30, contemplating the terrifying fact that I maybe sooner rather than later I may have children of my own, just thank you. Thank you for being my Dad.

  2. My dad was a great man, I guess all children think their dads are great but mine really was. He was a farmer, he was a rancher, he was a businessman, well respected in our community. He only went to the second grade because his dad needed him to work to make money to help with the family. Despite only having that short of an education he was an avid reader and could add, subtract, multiply and divide in his head faster than I could do it with a pencil. He taught me about the woods, the trees, names of flowers, how to respect the living things of nature. He always said when he planted the garden that when you harvested you needed to leave some for the little creatures and I always remember that to this day. Most of all, he taught me how to be honest and just stand by my word no matter what. That a handshake is your bond. My dad’s been dead now for 21 years and I still miss him more each day.

  3. My mother committed suicide when I was too young to understand what had happened. My father got home from work and went to kiss my mom. He bent over and kissed her and imediately started crying because her body was cold and blue. He called 911 and they asked him to give her CPR. When he moved her, her lifeless, limp neck swung down and her head touched her spine. Her top row of teeth collided with her bottom teeth making an unforgettably disturbing sound.

    My father was all I had growing up, and he taught me how to still see beauty in life when things are seemingly hopeless. He lost the love of his life, but still he had a smile on his face, and still he persevered to take care of me and everyone else that needed to talk or who was just hurting and needed a hug.. I always asked him why he wasn’t sad about mama being gone.. this is what he told me “I can remember 1000s of good memories with your mama. I can only think of one bad memory of her and its her death. Why focus on the one negative when we have 1000s of positives right in front us.”

    He truly is an amazing person and I am blessed to have met c cook

  4. My grandpa is the man who raised me, he has been there for me my entire 30 years on this earth. From kissing my boo boos as a little one, teaching me all about music and who the good ones are (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings etc.) to teaching me how to drive and giving me my first car, to walking me down the aisle at my wedding. He is such a huge part of me and formed me into who I am today. I am proud to say he is more like my father than my grandfather. He would give me the shirt off of his back if it I needed it.

  5. User Name: Scorp1o73
    What my father taught me is taking care of your family is the most important role of a husband, and of a father.
    It took me awhile to figure out that all the hours he was working was not for his personal gain but instead it was to make sure me and my brothers and sisters would have what we wanted, not just needed, without having to worry about where and how it would happen. And my mom would also have everything she needed and most of what she wanted, probably because us kids needed video games and bikes instead of fancy vacations and designer bags that my mom would have on her list of wants. My dad worked 6 days a week and in upwards of 10-12 hours delivering mail. He would usually have to ask my mom if he could buy a new pair of shoes every 3 months because of how much he walked. It was weird to see him ask her considering he was the bread winner and why would he have to even ask?
    That was how much he loved my Mom, who never said no to him, and that was probably the best lesson he could have ever taught a young man. He wasn’t a man of too many words but his actions backed up 100% of everything and anything that mattered to him. I wanted nothing more than for him and mom to enjoy taking a break and retiring to see the world and for both him and my mom to go on the fancy vacations that she always talked about. Then out of nowhere he had a heart attack and it was a shock to all of us to hear about that happening to this man, someone that never called in sick and the rock that would shelter all of us from anything that life could throw at us…up until that point.
    In nature to everything he was about, he was in the ICU for nearly 6 months fighting for his life. Fortunately he was able to eventually rest, but it was unfortunate that it was with the man above and not with his wife and kids.
    Up until his final heartbeat i was given a chance to tell him what how much he taught me and what was important in life, but it wasn’t me actually saying anything about that at all. What i had said to him seconds before his last breath was “Dad, I love you. Thank you for everything you sacrificed for me and the family…don’t worry. I promise you that i will take care of mom”
    Then seconds later there was that mistakable tone of flat lining. I knew that by me telling him what i did he would let go and be okay. But mostly it was for me. Thank you dad for teaching me how to be a real man.

  6. My dad showed me the inspiration to give it all you got threw life always keep your head up high but he passed at a very young age so I always lived with that motto.

  7. My father has taught me many things, good and bad.. like how important it is to help out family, and always be there for them. I cherish that quality and strive for that now that i have a child, i try to never let her down, and am always here for her. I also learned from my father that yelling at/with your spouse shouldn’t be done in front of children, especially young ones. My childhood had lots of yelling, no talking, just lots of anger, and that anger has turned into me consciously making sure i don’t continue that cycle with my daughter.

  8. Rich4eva

    I was raised number 3 of 5 siblings raised soley by our dad. A man of many talents; he speaks 3 languages fluently, plays guitar, holds a 5th degree shotakon karate black belt, and is a left handed artist. I am also a lefty. He was a high school art teacher until i reached 4th grade, but went on to become a principal. He was my highschool principal, which at that time was not cool. Lol.
    But now, i cherish the experience of seeing him at school everyday! I am greatful for his unconditional love, all I have learned from him, and all i have become. I wouldn’t change anything about him. I am a strong, independent, successful, open minded, optimistic, creative individual, thanks to my dear old dad!

  9. Celebrating Father’s Day is a bit different for me the. Others. My biological father was an abusive alcoholic that walked out on us when I was a child leaving my mother alone with 4 children and no place to call home. She suffered much more than we did as we grew up having to worry about being able to feed us all and make enough money to have a roof over our head. I would cry with her when she didn’t have enough for us and it hurt me seeing her have to do it all alone. We’d have our water cut off, electricity and eventually forced to leave since we couldnt afford wherever we moved to. She did all she could for us and for that I’ll never stop respecting her taking the role of both mother and father. She fell ill when I was 14 and nothing was ever the same. My brother and sisters acted as if they didn’t have a mother, medical bills were through the roof and I was left alone to take care of her. I worked 8 jobs throughout the week, slept on the street or on the bus in between jobs and literally felt as if I was losing my mind. She never gave up on us, why would I? She would always tell me to treat people how I want to be treated, if I want something that i need to work for it to get it. Having the doctors tell me that if I didn’t come up with the money that thread be unable to continue to help her. I was a real mess. Those numbers were literally unreachable and left me broken. Seeing her in the hospital unable to see or hear me was very traumatizing. She would always ask for me even though I was only inches aways from her and even now as I write this it brings me to tears. Eventually after all those years I had a good job that rewarded my hard work with great pay but soon after she passed away. I spent so much time working for someone else that I never understood what it was to work for myself. I found no reason as to why I should do anything for myself. I lacked purpose.Sadly I never really got to know my mother as much as I wish I do now. Eventually I was able to pay off everything, even her burial.Long story short, her being who she was and how much she cared for me has molded me into the person I am now. I visit her twice a year, I own my house, two cars, my own business and have been to numerous places throughout the world. I know she’s proud of me. I know she would never not be, I love her and really hope she can see me now. I love you mom. You’re the best woman anybody could ever ask for and I thank you. To be able to have been through what you have been through must’ve been the worst and to be able to have continued pushing means you’ve got more sand than anyone I’ve ever met. My birthday is coming up mom, I’m turning 27 soon. Here’s to you and all your beauty, happy Father’s Day

  10. I never had the privilege of growing up with my father. I didnt meet him until i was 19. It would turn out to be the most insane experience a 19 year old could handle. My father was married with 3 kids and a gorgeous 26 year old wife. I remember being very impressed. So over the next month id visit on and off. I started staying a week here and there. One week during a insanely hot summer day(Southern California) My fathers wife started ice cube throwing war. Long story short….i ended up losing a new family feeling like it was my fault.i genuinely wanted being an only child and having single parent, growing up was lonely. I spent the years feeling horrible. Even after repeated assurance she was to blame and being knowingly attractive and 7 years older. But still i managed to lose 2 half sisters and a half brother as well as a dad. One i had waited 19 years to see. That was 18 years ago. I haven’t spoken to any of them since. I never try to reach out due to guilt and being ashamed. Then about 6 months ago my now 27 year old sister sends me a facebook message “Dad forgives you he wants to get to know you again and meet his grandson.” Amazed i get in touch with him my half brother who looks just like me now. My baby 20 year old sister. Who is astonished how much i look like my dad. And i regret missing all that time. Sadly ive moved halfway across country and have yet to see them in person since reconciling. But feel very happy to say this my first fathers day where someone is there to wish it to. So for that im very appreciative.


  11. I have to say one of the most memorable things of my father was his persistance with me. He always new how to present food to me in a way that I would eat things that I normally I wouldn’t touch like for example, Rye Chris Crocker Sprouts avocado jack cheese in tomato I don’t know how he got me to eat it but I didn’t like half of those things and yet I would start those things down every time I saw him everything was Orange Julius. Still though you always seem to be able to get me to eat and used to be able to always catch me on the offside let me know what a dumbass I was 4 with things I shouldn’t be messing with despite my youthful curiosity.

  12. Growing up i really only knew my dad for about 6 years of my childhood due to my parrents hostile separation when i was 18 months old and my father was a interstate truck driver.. I can remember him and I going away camping, fishing and motorbike riding over the years and it brings me many happy memories… I moved in with my Dad when I was 14 and can remember how he tought me everything I know from mechanical work to welding, driving and numerous other life skills a young man bennifits knowing at a young age.. sadly my Dad passed away when I was 17yo from cancer and is extremely missed everyday.. it’s sad that he never got to meet my 2 babies or to see me grow into the man he shaped me to be today.. I will allways love you Billy boy and I wish you were still with us today so I could just ask you for some advice throughout the tough times life throws at us from time to time, or just to sit back on the porch and enjoy a ice cold Johnny Walker with you mate.. I am a 100% replica of the man my father was from his kind giving heart, his honesty and loyalty, hard working family orientated man.. but most of all his oldschool manners and morals and that is something I plan on passing down to my boy…
    Always cherish every moment you have with your loved ones because you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone… and there is soo many times I wish I could go back and spend more time with him instead of going out partying with my mates or something like that.. R.I.P 😢😢

    Username :

  13. There are so many things my father told me that I’d wished I’d listened to, but there’s one thing he always did that bled into my life- he never lied. No matter how small it was, he wouldn’t say anything even a little untrue, not even telling someone I didn’t want to talk to that I wasn’t home. Now, I’m making sure my kids have the same example!

  14. I Did not get to spent a lot of time with my Dad because he was in the Military and always gone. But after he retired we got to know each other more and more 🙂 Now that I’m older and have three kids I know how much it meant to him to get to spent time with me!! Love Ya Dad and Happy Fathers Day to all Father 🙂 Jknightjr11

  15. Nit all of us r lucky to know our dads or have the ability to see them anymore so cherish it dad no matter how good or bad

  16. Not all of us r lucky to know our dads or have the ability to see them anymore so cherish it dad no matter how good or bad. I had a step dad growing up and he s as ved my life littery showed me stability and how t il be kind. But I always wonder if my real dad had a chance to parent me or if my mom made sure he didnt

  17. The man that I have the absolute honor of calling daddy is actually my grandpa who adopted me when I was younger. He has been the one and only father figure on my life and now my little girls life! He has alwags been thr one I can call literally any time of day or night and he will come running wirhout hesitation. He has taught me so many life lessons on how to succeed and prosper, and above all love with everything in me, and when people least deserve it. more so lately , he has been teaching me how to physically do things and repairs around the house!! just this week he and I worked together repairing the water well bc our home was without water. He didnt have to come and help me but he did without anyone asking and just bc he wanted to help. I love this man with all my heart and my little girls loves her pawpaw. I never want to see the day without him. Happy father’s day to the best daddy and pawpaw these girls could ever want!!!

  18. Hi dad,
    Some people say our loved ones in heaven can see us here on earth. I, however, cannot find anywhere in the Bible where that appears to be true. Nevertheless, I pray you are basking in God’s glory, and I trust you are complete in who He created you to be. I imagine you and Mom spend your days together. I look forward to the day I see you both again.
    Father’s Day just hasn’t been the same since you left this earth. In some ways it seems like forever, and yet in others, it feels like it was last year. Grief is an interesting emotion, but you already know that. You experienced it plenty while on this earth. I find it can wash over you, and nearly drown you, when you least expect it. My heart is being washed over today.
    If you were here today, I’d bound through the front door of your home, with gifts in hand, and I’d wish you a happy Father’s Day as I’d likely find you in your recliner in the living room. I’d come over to hug you, and tell you I love you. And who knows, maybe I’d try to sit on your lap one more time, just like I used to as your little girl.
    You might be watching the Cubs on t.v., or maybe you’d be working on the Sunday paper’s crossword puzzle. But you’d allow me to interrupt whatever you’d be doing, and you would put up with the noise that a house full of family creates.
    If you were here today, I’d tell you one more time just how much you mean to me. I’d tell you how thankful I am for the father you are. I’d express my gratitude for the way you raised me, for the lessons you taught me, and for equipping me to be independent and brave. I’d thank you for your love and your belief in me. I’d thank you for being you.
    If you were here today I would ask you how you were able to do all you did, owning your own business and working all on your own. I would ask you more details about your life, and I’d listen to any stories you’d be willing to share. I might even write them down, just so I would never forget them.
    If you were here today, I imagine we’d end up at the kitchen table, having coffee, and talking about what kind of bread you made this week in your bread machine, and about your grandchildren and their lives. And, I imagine you’d still call Alissa, Lissy, and Zach, Jasper.
    But, Dad, I can’t do any of these with you today. I can’t hug you, or tell you I love you. I can’t share with you how blessed I am because of your love and support. I can’t share coffee with you, or listen to your wisdom.
    The only thing it seems I can do today is miss you.
    And so I will, and I understand it’s okay to do so. But, I also will live in the legacy you left your family. I will carry your love in my heart, and the priceless memories of what we shared in my mind. I will continue to live in a way that would make you proud, and I’ll not stop sharing “Grandpa stories” with Lissy and Jasper (even though they’re grown).
    Dad, you’d be so proud of your beautiful family. You’d especially be proud of your grandchildren. They are amazing, and each one lives in the legacy you left your family… even the ones born after you left this earth.
    Thank you, Dad. How you lived your life mattered… not only to you and your family when you were alive here, but also after your physical presence left us. I’m thankful also, because of Jesus, we all have the opportunity to see you again some day.
    Until then, we remember, “You gotta be tough.” And we will.
    I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

    Username: lucky87

  19. Just like many others in this world I went through the loss of my biological father. He signed his rights away from me when I young and I still remember the conversation I had with him as if it was yesterday. I remember the one bedroom apartment my mother and I had and the card board box that was our table. I remember sitting at that table waiting for him to pick me and the phone ringing and him telling me that he was not coming to get me because he had another family he had to take care of. In that moment it felt like my world ended. However, it did not. I may have lost my biological father but I gained 3 of the most amazing fathers a girl could ask for. My grandfather, my uncle and the man who eventually adopted me stepped up to do what he could not. I was taught the things needed in life to survive. I was taught to never have to depend on anyone to take care of me. I was taught the value of hard work and respect and integrity. I know how to fix my own vehicles and how to survive if anything were to happen. I was taught how a man should respect a woman and how a woman should respect a man. Things were never sugar coated for me because life is not sugar coated. I have been able to teach my kiddos the same values. These amazing men made many many sacrifices for me and did not have to. They showed me the love of a father to a daughter and I am truly blessed. To all the amazing men out there making sacrifices daily for their kiddos my hats are off to you. You men are truly a gift and I wish you all the very best fathers day.

  20. I never thought much of Father’s Day seen how my father was barely in my life and when he was there were not many good times he was always drunk taking me to the bar and very abusive. I grew up acting out getting in trouble with the law and not ever wanting to have kids of my own. That all changed the day I became a father and met my daughter. I found out that although my father was not a good person he could still be very inspiring. He has inspired me and motivated me to never be anything like him and I feel like I am a great father because of that. So to all the real men out there who take being a father serious congratulations and happy Father’s Day.

  21. UN: Szegar1

    My Father. My Best Friend. My Hero. My Pillar of Strength. My happiness. My motivation. The center of my world. The fabric of my existence.

    3 months ago, my existence was shattered. The center of my world was torn away from me. Cancer took over.

    My Father and best friend became my Angel.

    This is the very first Father’s Day that I will not have the privilege of celebrating the greatest man I have ever known. It’s hard and it hurts like hell.

    I want so badly to tell him just one more time that I want to be just like him when I grow up. I’ve always told him that, despite how old I was.

    All my life, I’ve aspired to be just like him. And still- 3 months after losing him- I’m still aspiring to be just like him, and will do so for the rest of my life.

    The thing is, I didn’t just celebrate my Father one day out of the year. I celebrated my father every single day of his life. He truly was the most special human to have lived.

    My Father understood the importance of love, patience, encouragement, kindness, happiness, laughter, and family.

    My Father understood the importance of education. As an immigrant son raised by a single mother, he did not have access to the same resources he provided for me. He didn’t have the opportunity to go to school. Instead, he worked through his childhood to help his single mother and his two siblings.

    My Father did not have a father; yet, he gave me the blessing of being the best father he could be.

    My father did not have a childhood; yet, he gave me the best childhood any child could ever want.

    My father did not have access to education- higher education or otherwise. Yet, he gave me the tools and resources I needed to achieve professional level degrees. I would give anything to tell my dad just one more time that no matter what degrees I hold, he’ll always be smarter than me.

    My father provided me with everything he never had and so much more.

    My Father understood the importance of life and living. He valued every single day he was here.

    My father made me realize that doing the impossible is not just surviving, it’s also learning how to live after the trauma, the way we did before the trauma. And that will set the tone, and define who we are every day moving forward.

    My Father has done the impossible his entire life, even more so after his diagnosis.

    He knew how to live before his diagnosis. He loved life. That was evident and apparent through the way he lived life.

    After his diagnosis, Dad wasn’t just doing the impossible – surviving each day -knowing that he was facing what was already a lost battle. Dad was alive and living! Both before and after his diagnosis, dad LIVED – and not just survived – because he loved life.

    Dad set the precedent for going beyond surviving. For dad, I learned it was never just about getting through each day, but what he did with each day he had, that mattered. Dad balanced that fine line between just being alive, and actually living – until the choice was no longer his.

    He knew it was impossible to survive this disease. But what makes my father even more remarkable is the lesson he is teaching me now as I write this – that despite knowing that the odds were stacked against him, knowing the impossibility of surviving the incurable, he chose life- to live each day he was alive- and not just survive.

    Survival isn’t guaranteed; it isn’t a choice. He survived only as much as the disease allowed him to.

    I’ve learned that when trauma like this hits you, it splits your life into a before and after, and everything that has happened in life gets attached to one or the other. Life will never be the way it was before the traumatic event, and the hardest part is building a different life afterwards when all you know and feel comfortable with is the before.

    For me, Father’s day has been split into a before and after. But, one thing will forever remain the same. In life and after, he will always remain the greatest father- a father that I can never take for granted, and will forever hold in my heart and soul for as long as I live.

    I love you all the way to Heaven, daddy.

    Happy Father’s day, my hero, my best friend.

    *I’ve realized that this opportunity already made me a winner. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to put my thoughts in writing when it has been so difficult to do anywhere else.

  22. My name is sammy i am 24,
    My father isnt hear with us anymore,
    We found out he had asbestos in 2004,
    Though he isnt hear i would still like to share,
    My memories from when he was there,
    He was kind, generous an rather fair,
    He had brown eyes around 5ft 9 with shortish dark hair,
    Fishing was his favourite thing to do,
    He loved to play the guitar with my mother too,
    Wouldnt say no to a cold bud or a cup of brew,
    To us he always stayed true,
    We used to go camping by the lakes,
    With my family and his mates,
    I always had a memories of a big ball on a pole near some gates,
    i never could remember the place,
    One day i was walking and there it was infront of my face,
    All the memories came back as our paths i retrace,
    Little things i remember,
    Like our last christmas 2004 december,
    We new it was our last one togeather,
    So we made it one well remember forever,
    My father married my mother,
    They have three kids me, natasha and letitia,
    We could not of ask for a better father,
    Ill be missing him and thinking of him each and everyday,
    An i hope ill see him again some day,
    Theirs loads i want to tell you so much much i could say,
    But ill just send him my love til i see him again,
    Life without him will never be the same.

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