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Get Free Spins for Easter Holiday Story

Easter is celebrated worldwide as one of the two most important religious dates in Christianity. The story of this holiday entails is the most miraculous story of all times, spreading hope around the world, as well as admiration and respect for the ultimate, selfless act of love. Revolving around the same concept, people in different parts of the world practice various traditions during Easter. The specter is so wide, that we decided to choose only a few of the most interesting rituals to present to you.

Greece – Most of the Western world is entertaining while dying eggs for Easter, mixing colors and making sketches on hard-boiled eggs. In Greece, for example, the ultimate color is red. It symbolizes the blood of Christ, joy and celebration of life. All this reflects the ancient story about the renewal of life and the victory of life over death. The legend stretches in various directions, and there are numerous interpretations as to why the red color has been chosen to represent new life. Some of the stories include Mary Magdalene, who supposedly brought eggs to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the blood from his wounds dyed the eggs red. The other story also includes Mary Magdalene bringing eggs in a basket to the Jesuss tomb and reflects the moment when the tomb was found empty, which caused all eggs to turn red instantly. Either way, the most commonly known color association with Easter is red.

France – The land of wine and good food. Where else would the celebration focus on food if not in France? The French reportedly foster an interesting manifestation on Easter Monday, making the biggest omelet in the world, consisting of more than 4,500 eggs for more than 1,000 people. The meal is traditionally prepared in the French town of Haux, where people gather in the streets and bring the eggs which have previously been cracked at their homes among family members. The eggs are then prepared in an enormous cooking pan. The tradition of eating eggs prepared in various ways is present in many European countries and lasts days after Easter.

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Finland – Easter in Finland is focused on kids. The Finns have an unusual tradition of dressing up children as witches and allowing them to practice the ritual which is very similar to Halloween. Apparently, they bring their broomsticks with them and go hunting treats. Each child should carry willow twigs decorated with colorful feathers and crepe paper and they offer these things as blessings which should scare away evil spirits, in return for treats. Evil spirits are also being driven away by bonfires set every year in various towns in Finland on Saturday night before Easter.

USAin America, Easter is a very joyful holiday featuring parades, spring break, egg roll, egg hunt – just to name a few. One of the most colorful events is Easter egg roll. The origins of this manifestation date back to the beginning of 19th century when the first egg roll was organized on the grounds of the US Capitol. Few decades later, the manifestation was transferred to the White House South Lawn, due to the fact that the new lawn was planted in Capitol and apparently the gardeners wanted to keep it intact. The event was well accepted and has grown since then. Therefore, ever since 1877 the First Lady hosts egg roll event at the White House for children up to 13 years of age.

What is your favorite Easter tradition? Will you cuddle up and enjoy baked ham, potatoes and veggies? Will you spend some time with friends and family, or travel to distant places? Tell us more in the comment below this post up to April 18th and we will get you 35 free spins. Please read the free spins terms before, to avoid the misunderstandings.

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50 thoughts on “Get Free Spins for Easter Holiday Story

  1. I will celebrate by eating ham sandwiches at work most likely!! Will be coloring Easter eggs with the kids the day before as well.

    Username corsgilles

    1. We are sorry as per terms of this promotion you are required to make at least one deposit between free promotions. Unfortunately, you have not done that as yet. Please make that deposit and make your request via Live Chat for your reward.

  2. My family gets all the little kids together and we do an egg hunt for them at this huge park, cookout and havd a fun family day. It’s nice to relax.


  3. This year I’m spending Easter with my boyfriend’s family. Of course we have egg hunts for the kids but the adult get there own huntb and the kids have as much or more fun hiding them from us!
    Username: cillykitty

  4. I’m going to kidnap my neighbor’s chickens, paint them festive colors, and launch them using a trebuchet and carefully planned seige combat maneuvers to take over my whole block!

  5. Forgot to post my username! I’ll be kidnapping my neighbor’s chickens, painting them festive colors, putting them into my trebuchet, and using them to wage seige warfare on my block until I can lay claim to the whole neighborhood, and from there, the world. It all starts Easter Sunday. It’s gonna be great.

    Username: Ceasadh

  6. We usually spend Easter going to Sunrise Service at ForestLawn and then from there out to breakfast and back home to color easter eggs with the kids. In the afternoon is when we will have an easter egg hunt for the kids, all 7 of them.


  7. I have 3 little ones of my own that I will be surprising with a big egg hunt. They don’t even know I have so much treats and eggs in the house hidden haha, cant wait!

  8. Hmm, this year looks like we wont be doing much since my kids are getting old they claim. But hopefully we end up at least going to the lake (;

  9. My favorite thing to do is to spend time with family and eat green bean casserole 🙂 I almost died on Easter Sunday 2009 so it’s an emotional day too.


  10. Candle1er

    Seeing my grandparents is special and I know I am lucky they are still alive when most people don’t have theirs anymore. Also we do this Polish thing with eggs vinegar honey and warchester sauce that will drain your seinuses. It’s so good

  11. This Easter I will be attending my grandmother’s funeral, then joining my mother at church, and going to lunch after. And then to cap it all of, spending the evening with Casinoextreme 👌.

    Username: Hokulea808

  12. This Easter we are celebrating in Nevada since my mother in law just passed we are getting family together for first time in 10 years to celebrate her life. We are selling her home so we will be having the final Easter dinner in her home.

  13. This year we’re getting the family together for the first time in 10 years and my mother-in-law just passed away so we are going to be celebrating her life and her home is being sold so we are having our last Easter dinner there

  14. We will color eggs the night before, do an Easter egg hunt in the morning, and pack a lunch to head to the mountains for some wild mushroom hunting.

  15. I plan on going to my dads house and have an Easter egg hunt… then go to my moms and eat dinner usually roast and potatoes 😁❤️


    1. Thank you for sharing with us your way to celebrate Easter. As you have an active balance on your account when you finish playing the chip, please contact us via live chat and we will get you free spins.

  16. The last dew years we have celebrated Easter by helping put on a meal down at the shelter for those in need, a small task in comparison to the gift that was given to mankind

    Username robbynh

    1. Dear Robyn, I read your comment out loud to my colleagues, and we are all deeply touched. It is always good to know someone who is thinking of others, especially on holidays. Your free spins have been processed.

  17. I usually cook for two days for the whole family to crash the third day from drinking and laughing.
    Username jbarber11

  18. Hi there. We probably won’t do much, as our kids are grown. But if watching Game of Thrones counts, THAT’S how we will celebrate! LOL. Thanks for all you do! User: ionamoon

  19. I am going to be thankful for what i have and spend time with the people close to me and and celebrate that we can just be living and also i am going to gamble lolol thank you

    1. Thank you for sharing with us your way to celebrate Easter. Unfortunately, this promotion was available up to April 19th and you posted a comment after that. Follow our blog, new free spins will be soon. All the best!

    1. Thank you for sharing with us your way to celebrate Easter. Unfortunately, this promotion was available up to April 19th and you posted a comment after that. Follow our blog, new free spins will be soon. All the best!

  20. I celebrate with my family. The kids will get Easter baskets, and we meet with family for dinner following an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

    1. Thank you for sharing with us your way to celebrate Easter. Unfortunately, this promotion was available up to April 19th and you posted a comment after that. Follow our blog, new free spins will be soon. All the best!

  21. I spend time with my family saying lots of great food and having Easter egg hunts


    1. Hello Janice, we are very glad that you had spent the holiday with your family. As Easter has passed this promotion is over. But, very soon, in just a few hours, the new promo starts with many free spins. Follow our blog!

  22. I’ll spend Easter chasing after 3 gorgeous rabbits and the newest addition to the “extreme” Rimbert family the cutest little boy bunny ever. I don’t get too many moments to myself, but whyi do I use them playing the hottest online casino with the fastest payouts. Casino Extreme 5stars. Stay extreme

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