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Grab 50 Free Spins for Spring Wilds Review

We are giving you the opportunity to write a review on our blog and grab 50 free spins!

With Easter approaching, the festive fun has already started at bet safe Casino Extreme.  Recently, we set you all on an Easter Egg hunt in the newest RTG release Spring Wilds. If you had the chance try it out, you must have enjoyed the pastel-colored fictional world of bunnies, chickens, and piglets. This time, we are giving you the opportunity to write a review on our blog and grab 50 free spins!

How to Participate?

To participate in this promotion and grab 50 free spins, you should first play the game to know how it works, whether its features are generous, is it tight or loose, and so on. Once you have formed your opinion, share it with us in the comments section below this post.

As usual, you can focus on any aspect of the game. We wish to know whatever comes to your mind. You can review the design, the bonus rounds, the symbols, the dynamics of the slot. You can also compare it to other slots if you wish.

This promotion is active till the end of the week, April 4th,  2021. Do not forget to write your username when writing a review. Please also read the terms carefully and grab 50 free spins now!

Terms of the Promotion

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • Promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is April 4th, 2021, and the spins will be processed the following week.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by April 9th, 2021. at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • Maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawal may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

73 thoughts on “Grab 50 Free Spins for Spring Wilds Review

  1. torrentsoul:

    I did not have any luck with this game at all… Though it is effing ADORABLE. Looking forward to giving this so-cute-you-could-die game one more try.

  2. The game is super cute, however the wins were typically less than he bet amount. And the future doesn’t seem to hit very often. It may have just been some bad luck when i played but will certainly update if opinion changes.

  3. I’ve played Spring Wilds a couple times and Its a decent slot. Can be super stingy for awhile but the respins bonus can make up for it and then some.

  4. This game payout is low, unless u are betting higher amount an using fast an slow spend option.
    When bonus hits it does end fast if you’re not active to interact .

  5. I didn’t have much luck on this one.. it’s a really fun game but I never hit any bonuses, and I’ve played it a lot🤣

  6. Great game, fast action love when all 3 baskets fall filled with Golden Eggs, but my favorite is when the scatters quickly fill up the screen and then start doing the resins the more scatters the merrier the payout!

  7. Spring Wilds!
    At first when I saw this game I thought to myself “well this is cute”.
    The characters are very colorful and alive.
    Shortly after, I found myself having over $700 off one spin!! This game rules!!
    I definitely enjoy it and it repays well
    So whoever created this game. Thank you!
    Username is YulesCasino

  8. The game is super cute and colorful. I didn’t have any luck either maybe because I was playing with higher bets :/

  9. Tried it only once but first thing I noticed was high payout 🙂

    Theres also many rabbits esster egg and girly colour. Thing to turn me pregnant while playing cuz theres enough fertility items spinning in my head while writing here xD

  10. I’m not sure what to think just yet! It’s a cute game but I haven’t experienced any great wins. It’s new so it takes getting used to but I like the minimum bet being low at .25 and the 3 basket trigger seems to come pretty often. I will definitely give it another try!


  11. Looked like it would’ve been more fun, honestly, than what it actually was! I was not impressed by the bonuses … after I finally got one. It just didn’t really pay out for me, unfortunately. I can definitely say it is not on my top 10 list!


  12. I like this game but it hasn’t paid out much…to me anyway lol the 3 baskets trigger the bonus feature and I did seem to get the baskets quite a bit! More of a holiday type game that you forget about when the season is over. 🤷‍♀️

  13. I really like this slot. Was able to get some decent wins and I like the wilds respins feature. I give it a 8/10. I’ll add it to my normal games I play at extreme.

  14. I didn’t hit anything good or even worth it to keep on playing. It’s a little too kiddish for me too.


  15. The game is awsome and you will be excited about the different bonuses and FREE spins the graphics are great and the animation is very good I enjoyed playing and am looking forward to many more hours of fun and exciting Vegas style play so get on over to extreme casino and give it a try you’ll love that you did..

  16. First try was pretty great , love the colors in the game and the re spin part of the game. Will be playing this one again!


  17. One of my new favorites. I like both features it has. Just like diamond fiesta but the best part is that it has a lower minimum bet than diamond fiesta.

  18. As far as a holiday slot, the colors are cute. The graphics and animals are adorable. The payouts? Meh. Just adequate. I’ve been going up and down with wagers, but just can’t seem to hit a win, like with Lucky Paddy’s. Still, a cute slot! Try it out!

  19. I love this game so much! It’s cute and has the same style as storm lords and diamond fiesta- however I found this version more enjoyable. It’s my favorite of those three.

    Will definitely enjoy these free spins, you can win a lot- and quite easily.

    Username madelinetemplin

  20. Love this game when it’s being nice. 🙂 I’ve played and lost effortlessly and have also played and won with little effort. All in all it’s fun and I enjoy playing

  21. Spring wilds is awesome between the two different bonuses I am always hitting one or the other. Either the free spins after getting 3 easter baskets giving me the free spins or the 6 spring wild giving me the bonus spin play where I can spin to try and fill all spots with spring wild symbols. I like this game and it actually has pretty good payouts on it. I recommend to at least stop and check it out its definitely worth your time.

  22. It’s s fun game my fave is the spring wild feature, you need to get six of those in a game to trigger and if you get four or more additional wilds it’s a nice payout 20x your bet.

  23. This slot has potential of getting high payouts with a relatively small wager. Great game to get you back in the game when your bankroll is low.
    Username: Forwardzion

  24. Christoker87
    Cute graphics and colors. i found it much lie banana jones in its adorableness tight slot though i must say!

  25. Spring Wilds is a cute colorful game. I love the graphics. I have not had much luck as far as hitting and cash out. I hope to play more and see more cash out and respins. Casino Extreme is an amazing casino to deposit with and fast cashouts.

  26. Mylesjm96

    It’s one of the more exciting slot games to play. The graphics and combination sequences keep you entertained. And the payouts are worth playing for.

  27. theis slot has a high chance of paying out huge amounts. it hard and addicting to not chase the respin feature. it has can payout out a ton. Out of the 3 latest new slots, this one is my favorite.


  28. This slot is OK didn’t hit many free bonuses but will definitely be trying it again


  29. I agree with a few of the other comments that the graphics are adorable! However I have not had any luck at all with this game. The bonus seems super hard to get! Especially the Wilds one. Will maybe give it another try, though 🙂

  30. I enjoy this game, although it’s taken me quite a few spins before it starts to pay; I’ve won quite a bit and looking forward to playing more!

  31. I just started playing at Casino Extreme and I’m already in love with the fresh looking interface, and the user friendliness of the site. I have wagered a small amount to try it out and the casino seems promising 🙂 loving it!
    however one of the first slots that I’ve played on this site was spring wilds and it proved its generosity and got me entertained for a long time 😛 It’s fun to play here and I look forward to play more with Casino Extreme!

  32. I think spring wilds is a pretty fun game and I love the bonus rounds you can walk out a very satified player after completing a bonus round

  33. The game is cute and all but the payable isn’t all that great or I was having an off day of betting which is quite possible. Maybe these 50 spins I’ll have better luck. Username joshawa837

  34. The new slot features wonderful new colors and design making it more entertaining when playing at casino extreme. Slot is refreshing and has a more new up to date slot design gameplay. 4/5 rating. – andrew714n

  35. Ssbets14 here
    I liked this game the the wilds feature and independent reels make it unpredictable and fun
    Def didn’t win but I would give it another try!!!
    Username: Ssbets14

  36. Ich liebe das neue Spiel.und Ich denke, es macht Spaß für den Urlaub und viele Wildnis, die ich mag

  37. Hello everyone! This promotion is now officially over. Thank you for participating and writing your thoughts about the new slot. Your spins will be processed by the end of this week, in accordance with the above stated terms. All the best!

  38. When I first played this game, I start out betting a $1, then moved it up to 2.50, pretty soon after a couple big re’spin’ bonus’s, u was wagering $12.50 and had my balance up to almost $6000. Real talk, of course doing what I do best, dwindled it down to about 2k before I pulled it out, but had alot of fun in the process

  39. I’ve played Spring Wilds a couple times and Its a decent slot. Can be super stingy for awhile but the respins bonus can make up for it and then some.

  40. Great game, thanks for adding another fabulous game to a large selection of fun and exciting slots available here at Casino Extreme. By far the best casino online and the deposits and withdrawls are super fast and instant when using Bitcoin. I just wish they would reimburse all the Bitcoin Deposit fees which are $1.00-$1.50 per deposit.

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