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Plenty of Free Spins Celebrating Labor Day

We ask you to focus on all the good memories that you made during Summer 2020 and get free spins.

Today is Labor Day, a very important day for all working people. It was initially organized to celebrate labor unions and their contributions to the United States’ economy. However, Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer for many people in the USA. In the name of that, we ask you to focus on all the good memories that you made during Summer 2020. Try to forget the virus, your job, and maybe some failure that you experienced and share with us only good summer memories.

Your Task for Plenty of Free Spins

As we used to do on our blog, one more time we give you the opportunity to write something in the comment below this post for plenty of free spins. Namely, you should write about summer memories that you will cherish in the future. You have time up to Friday, September 11th.  Our blog team will choose three the most creative and honest answers and they will get 100, 50, and 25 FREE SPINS.

Because we are sure that you will write many great comments, we will reward all other participating depositors with 10 FREE SPINS consolation rewards – subject to the terms that stipulate no two free promotions available between deposits.

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • Promotion will last until Friday, September 11th and the free spins will be processed in the following days.
  • No two free money promotions available between deposit.
  • The best three comments will receive 100, 50 and 25 FREE SPINS respectively as a reward.
  • One person/account/household/IP Address may claim this promotion only once.
  • You need to wager free spins winnings 45x before a withdrawal.
  • Maximum cash-out is $/€ 50.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
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27 thoughts on “Plenty of Free Spins Celebrating Labor Day

  1. Well my favorite summer memory is back in 2018. my father had passed from a rare disease in his heart he knew things were going down hill like extremely bad! he just was waiting.. And fighting as much/hard as he could to stay with us just a while longer… because we had just told him he was going to be a grandfather. See i had not told anybody that i was having my first girl so of course he didnt know. But man when i told him.. And i told him that she could be here any day. It felt to him it was his only and last mission to stay with us until he could meet her. 2 days from than of tears and goodbyes 😔 my wifes water broke soo half of us who could went with her and some stayed with dad. By the next morning my daughter was born amazing/beautiful Little life was finally here okay about 2 days from than we took her to visit my dad.. mind you he is barley with us at this point. Let me just say the look and expression on my fathers face and tears that ran down his face said it all how much it meant to him. Within the next 18hrs he had passed away.. the fact he fought all he could to cherish meeting his grandbaby just melted everyone that much more God is great. And godbless whoever gets a chance to read this.

  2. My summer memories encompass feelings of joy, exhaustion and hopelessness at the same time . There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching your child as a baby learn to sit up independently, the first time they laugh, or begin to crawl. But those memories also come with the nights of little sleep and feelings of exhaustion when the babies hungry anyone who’s a parent knows what I’m talking about there. I know March technically isn’t summer, but my old summer has been affected by the happenings in March when my daughter was born. Fortunately for me, I’ve been employed at a hospital for over 10 years so the covid-19 pandemic did not affect my employment as far as hours worked. Ironically, when my daughter was born though, I did not get paid for the paternity leave that a policy was supposed to cover. So when it came time to get paid in the middle to end of March, I did not have any money deposited. So there I was broke like a lot of other people because of the pandemic, only for a reason that was just a matter of a union negotiated agreement that was not common knowledge. There I was one of the people actually working with those infected with covid-19 , getting them out of bed, and on Some days couldn’t even buy lunch. I have since recovered financially and looking back I’m glad I got to spend the 14 days with my newborn as I did not have that opportunity with another children in the past. so even feeling helpless at one point from a financial standpoint, eventually you realize what really matters.

  3. Summer was always the best time of year no school just fun at the purest level I remember waking up mornings to eat cereal and watch cartoons with my sister then jumping on my bike for the new adventure of the day only to return at dinner time with a new story to tell my family

  4. Labor Day is by far the favorite holiday with my family. Before my brother and I were even born my dad started doing the annual Crawfest every Labor Day weekend. He invited friends and family from everywhere to come spend the weekend at our farm in northeastern Utah. Saturday afternoon we do a hugh crawfish broil. People bring tents and campers and stay all weekend. We party hard from friday until monday. My brother has pretty much taken it over now. This year we celebrated the 42nd Annual Crawfest. There were over 100 trailers and tents at our farm on Saturday night.


  5. This is one summer to reamember because the covid 19 hit in March , then in June I had a heart attack, unexpectedly. I was blessed to family to take care of me and give me support, my grandkids were a blessing they they help to get there papa well to play and spend time with them, it’s been a crazy summer for sure

  6. Every summer, we used to go Disneyland or Universal Studios except this year I miss going to the rides, seing your family happy makes me think, will everything be back to normal? But I’m very optimistic One day, I’ll be back in Disneyland and take the space mountain ride

  7. This summer was full of challenges of the most ruthless variety. But I’ve overcome so far and will continue to do so. I plan on building an empire from a freeroll for a challenge and I’m gonna do it watch! Cuz this summer will be about victory in the end.!

  8. This summer wasn’t the typical summer due to the pandemic, but I really appreciated the opportunity it gave for me to spend quality time with my family. It made me appreciate the simple things like enjoying the outdoors, whether it be barbecuing, swimming or taking hikes. Life is too short, it’s great to be able to enjoy the things we have and not to take it for granted.

  9. The best memory I have from the summer is a big win at this online casino. It may not mean much to anyone else but in a time where people were being laid off and the world is in a complete uproar this meant so much more to me.

  10. A few summers ago, I was lucky enough to have worked in Yellowstone National Park for four months. Yellowstone is our country’s first national park and it is a vast place. The amazing thermal features, waterfalls and wildlife draw 3 million visitors a year from all over the world. I worked in retail at the gas station in Mammoth Hot Springs, just 5 miles from the north entrance in Gardiner, Montana and it is the park’s year-round headquarters.
    A job like this meant learning a lot about the park because even though I didn’t have a cool “ranger” hat, my uniform seemed to make people ask me a lot of questions besides directions. Some days I opened the station, sometimes I had a mid shift and other times I closed at night. Most people these days pump their own gas, however the foreigners often needed help. Mostly it was selling beverages, snacks, ice, firewood, etc., stocking shelves and coolers and cleaning, including the restrooms of course.
    People working in Yellowstone range from college students to the “older & bolder” generation and work many types of jobs from hotel positions of front desk or housekeeping to gift shops or food service, things I’ve done in the past. Working a 40 hour week can be challenging to some, but to most of us it is worth it to be in a great place to hike, explore the park and cool neighboring towns or just hang out with new friends. We enjoyed music, art walks, hot springs, eating out, etc. In July I was able to get my work schedule arranged to drive down to neighboring Grand Tetons National Park and to drive up to Glacier National Park and adjoining Waterton Lakes International Peace Park in Canada.

    I had a favorite park ranger (who did have a cool hat) that stopped by the station store all the time and I loved to see him in action dealing with traffic and animal control and the tourists. What I learned working in Yellowstone this summer is how ill prepared some people were for this kind of vacation. GPS and many cell phones may not work in the park so maps are helpful. Make sure you have plans on where you are staying as places fill up including the campgrounds. Be sure to not let the gas tank get too low as the park is indeed very big and it takes hours to get around, especially as there are many bison who like to walk down the middle of the road. Many vehicles are pulling over to photograph the animals they see along the road, including the bears. Please observe the rules and do not crowd the animals as they are very dangerous.
    I saw grizzlies, one with a cub right by the road as well as black bears and cubs. We had many mama and baby elk in Mammoth and they are also very protective of their young. The bull elk in the fall are very menacing and chase cars and people. If you do go hiking in the back country, don’t go alone and carry bear spray which is sold all over the park. There are many dangers and we had several deaths in the park due to accidents, drowning, falls, etc. If you are looking at Yellowstone or any national park as a vacation, read up on it ahead of time and be prepared. Car problems do happen and AAA does not come into this park. Although we did not have a repair center at our station, others within the park did. Bring rain gear, sunscreen and a jacket as the weather is ever changing. Get an early start to the day to not only avoid traffic but to get a better chance to see wildlife. Save money by bringing your own water bottles and coffee mugs to fill as you go. Consider packing a lunch to save time standing in long lines. Don’t forget to pack memory cards, chargers and batteries you might need. It’s best not to drive after dark for many reasons, hitting a big animal causes big damage to both your vehicle and the animal. Savor the flavor of the local towns outside the park. Take time to walk around, there’s so much more to see than Old Faithful.

    I hope casino extreme representatives have a good summer as well.


  11. My little girl’s birthday was in July during the lockdown. We got take out and a cake then went home and gave each other facials, manicures and pedicures then did each others hair. It was great quality time with lots of laughter! Best birthday ever!

  12. My best memory for the summer is my familie after they called level 2 off the lockdown our families got together for a nice gathering we spent quality time with them have a barbecue. Iam just thankful for God for giving us the opportunity to spend time to our love ones. This is my special summer time would not chance it for the world family is a special factor in my life

  13. April 22, in the midst of a worldwide epidemic the likes never saw previously. People of all creeds parishing while others starve or started losing hope. I found Myself facing Fatherhood in the eyes of a 7lb 6oz baby boy. The road to get him here was almost like a dream neverending in dead ends and dispare. Families torn apart as mankind itself was tested. I stood shaking in prayer , thanking the man above for His gracious hand. As My son emerged and was being assessed while shrieking and crying, time slowed down. I felt strong, but weak by the chaos amongst Our Nation and World. Strong came from the settled cries as I held the hand of tommorow. It’s said time is unforgiving, but that’s just a saying. Time gave Me a second chance to be dependable and relied apone, all wrapped up in a lil round face that slept in smiles. Despite the fact We lost so much of what We knew before, We were blessed and gained the right to behold God’s miracles amongst so much uncertainty. Now 5 months along, and all still strong because faith willed Us home. From one Extreme to a next, We kept on and continue to stay Extremely Blessed!

  14. Not many have a dad like mine and with this being one of the toughest years most of us can remember he would have to be the best memory I can say for the summer. As when this covid hit us like it did it shook the world. With many getting laid off or less work and only the one stimulus check the government thought would be enough to keep everyone afloat it’s been tough on many. When I thought all was lost no idea how I was was gonna keep things going as still today I sit and wait to receive my unemployment I had given up on all hope then like a super hero my father has decided to shoulder my struggle and came to my rescue for my girl and our family he has been able to keep our bills payed food in our mouth and utilities on. Not many are as blessed as us and when it wasn’t even a thought to ask he did so like it was nothing so if there ever was a father of the year award he would no doubt gotten it. Yet since as far as I know I hope he finds this and realizes how thankful we are so thanks dad you are my favorite summer memory as without you I could only imagine how life would be only a dream or fantasy to be able to live compared to the alternative.

  15. My daughter blew my mind this summer. With the civil unrest across the USA and alot of the world I have been watching more adult content than usual with a 5 and 2 year old kids. My daughter is 5 very sweet little girl lobes everybody…I am white male her mother is black, by chance my daughter skin tone however is lighter than mine. Couple months ago she asked me why she dont matter…? Black lives matter…You matter to me daddy…Its no secret to my 5 year old skin color does not define me, her, or u…Be good people spread love not hate…God bless

  16. My favorite memory is probably catching the biggest catfish in my life. Me and my uncle were walking the river in northcentral Montana one hot afternoon back in July. Well the water was pretty low due to no rain this year. Well we found this little pond, one of the only places with deep water. While we were making our way we were catching frogs and keeping them so I used one of them for bait and the pond was only as big as a medium size swimming pool and thought there is no way there’s is a fish in here but my uncle said to try it anyway. Not even minutes after casting in I had a monster on end of my line. I fought him for atleast 45 Minutes but finally got him out and he was huuuge. Well we were pretty buzzed up by then ripped hope cutt it up and threw it in the deep fryer and ate so much but hour later we both puking our guts out was was sick all night woke up next morning and looked at our cooked fish and it was still raw but since we were drunk and hungry see didn’t care lol.

  17. My most memorable summer is from 1997. At the time, I lived with my mother and two brothers. We lived in a small house but still it was enough room for more people. Two of my older cousins and aunt payed us a visit. Me my mother and brothers lived in Florida and they were from Ontario so seeing them was a lot like seeing snow in Florida, next to impossible. They stayed with us for about a month before they had to go back home. We played in the sand and made mud pies. We had picnics and water gun fights; the water guns were huge. Of course our moms made us come inside after a while. I haven’t seen them in years. I’ll never forget that unforgettable summer. I hope they still love me.

  18. My greatest memorable summer was in 2005, when I went back to my home country and decided to go on a bicycle trip with couple friends and my purpose of doing that was to surprise my grandma who suffered alzheimers were living at nursing home. It was my first time riding on a bicycle for more than 3 days. Crossed 8 cities ,covered 150km. But the best part wasn’t the feeling of me conquering the physical pain or any challenges,it was the smile on my grandma’s face Evan though she thought I was my dad. when I arrived to the nursing home( which was located nearly top of the mountain covered with dirt). Thr care takers were all surupsied to see a young man got there with bicycle and came to visit his grandma . I felt I made her proud and felt she was dearly cared by families. I will alwasy always cherish that moment and the feeling how much extra miles we are willing to sacrifice for the people we love. Because , after all, only memories will stay with us forever and ever.

    User name gannima7878

  19. Summer started out kind of shitty due to Covid but eventually things got a lot better. Bring able to get back some of the time we lost seeing people around and enjoying themselves 2ws probably a memory I enjoyed seeing. I guess because they were all cooped up at home and they hadn’t been out for a while the appreciation of being able to go out and enjoy a meal was making the situation a hit more tolerant. Also talking to my kiddo in Louisiana was the best memory and seeing that this epidemic hadn’t affected her or her moms family. Knowing we made it past this event is one to remember.

  20. Rich4eva

    Due to Covid, this summer has been effected in a way different then my family has ever experienced. Despite that we were still able to find enjoyment. If fact, we compensated by doing things together around the house and outdoors and accomplishing several tasks that have been long over due. Spending more time as a family Together has been an unachieved goal that we have conquered without any effort at all. So on the other hand, although the effects of Covid are undesired, in some ways, it has brought positive changes. My family has bonded and reconnected and for that I am thankful!

  21. Some of my fondest summer memories were having backyard picnics; swimming in crystal clear stripping ; going to drive-in movies at night; and the best summertime memory of all was going to the Jersey Shore for a whole week in July. To a kid from Pennsylvania, vacationing at the Jersey Shore in the summer was like taking a trip to some far away island I’d never experienced anything like it for the first time Ill never forget those trips some of the best times of my life

  22. My best summer memory was going to the beach with my kid for the first time and watchint her chase the waves which was a story i was always told i did as a kid when i was a toddler to now see my child doing what i did 30 years ago at the exact same beach. Was a great memory

  23. My favorite Summer memories will always be when I was a little girl. My family and I would spend every weekend at the campgrounds. We would do so much exploring and just spending time together. Seems like life was so much simpler back then.

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