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Players’ feedback is something that we really appreciated. We are always ready to hear what you like or dislike at our casino. Some of you already told us by writing a review below the blog post. Now, we have one simplest and maybe, funniest way to find out your opinion. Check out the poll below and sincerely rate us. In the end, your surprise awaits!

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338 thoughts on “Rate Us and Get a Surprise

  1. I believe the service from my experience has been great, fast responses and I always get the answer I want in chat whether it be good or bad.

  2. Warning..If you got a weak a heart or a bad bladder. Then Casino Extreme could be too Extreme for you!!

  3. It is not very often that you come across a superb, awesome, and fun online casinos. Well I have to say I have found one and really happy that I have. Casino Extreme has lots to offer and it well worth a visit. One you do you will agree one and only the best.

  4. Could have a better selection of games. Bonuses could be a bit better. A lot of other sites are giving away a lot more to there players thats why i play elsewhere.

  5. I like playing at Casino Extreme, but this survey bonus sucks. The free spins should be without conditions…in other words it should have been a NDB.

    Some of us are on a limited income and can not afford to deposit every day. A few free spins would be much more appreciated.

    Kenneth Bledsoe. “kennyblitz”

    1. I totally agree with Kenny! I too have a limited income and would like to receive free spins , I filled out survey .
      I prefer Casino Extreme over all the other Online Casinos, but I cant afford the 20.00 deposit until beginning
      of next month. Over all they are an Excellent Casino!!


      Tamara Brewer (brewwert84)

  6. I like the Design of your casino and i dont miss any games.. The game play is fast and i dont finde anything negative at all

  7. Too difficult to deposit, you used to take visa, but I’ve tried half a dozen times over the last year, and yet you STILL don’t take visa, what gives ??

  8. I haven’t played with your casino in a while because I was not winning, but maybe there has been more improvement with that. It looks like the popularity rate has gone up a lot. I might just see how it goes a nm d try it out again with this casino.

  9. Very satisfied with the bonuses and payouts and wager requirements. One of the best online casinos.

  10. I actually enjoy playing with the casino.custom customer support is one of the best overall hands down their bonuses are great and the games are pretty good all right. the best part of the you able to withdraw and cash out once a day which is a big plus.

  11. It’s worth an try and see if you can bring in your luck of charm cause everyone always have luck in them you just gotta give it a spin and you will be the best winner…

  12. you guys send offers with bonus + free spins every other day. at least those dont waste my time by making me take a dumb survey first

  13. Casino Extreme is a first class online casino. For all you cautious yet curious gamblers Casino Extreme will treat you like royalty. You will not be disappointed.

  14. I like the graphics on your casino. The only think that i would like better is ig you lowered yiur deposit amount

  15. Casino Extreme Staff is outstanding, and being treated as well as they do really makes you wanna play at this casino. Plus the casino is great, games are fantastic and their quick payouts can’t be beat.

  16. Casino Extreme is one of my favorites. I am never disappointed by the games, bonuses, customer service, and fairness…

  17. It was awesome, everything was easy getting started and treated like family. I recommend this place to all my friends. Thank you.

  18. Extreme is my favorite on line casino by far! Way better than any of the others i havr tried! I recieve prompt responses from customer service and they always resolve any issue i may have instantly! They are fast and the bonus’s are great also!! I feel like i win at extreme and lose at the other ones! Thank you extreme!!!!!

  19. I love the instant withdrawal this side offers, it makes it one of the best out there due to it. However, the slot play is very tight and its tricky to get a large win and very tricky to build up more after a win. The bonus offers for those that aren’t brand new suck and are a lot of the time restricted with withdrawal amount even though you made a deposit with it and the ones that don’t have withdrawal limits have ridiculous playback odds, so straight up deposit is the way to go. Customer service rocks here, 5 stars to them..

  20. For the most part I think extreme casino is awesome I like to wear their games or very uniquely organized into category and I also like the easy accessibility it doesn’t take a lot of dollars to have to access it….

  21. I think overall your doing great. Maybe more surprise nd bonuses and free spins for the diehard players who comeback again n again would be pretty sweet. Instant chat help could use a little improvement. But OVER all your doing great. Keep up the good work☺

  22. I think everything about the casino is great except the games and format are just like a lot of casinos. You would probably feel this but your bonuses are superb. Just have played a lot so bored from same o same o!! Thanks aTom

  23. Pretty good but the about the same when it comes to playing. You steadily lose your money pretty much without winning anything more than what your betting.

  24. Overall feel and function is certainly on the higher end of the Casino quality scale. Between the generous bonuses and Quick and friendly Support team I would definitely recommend you give it a shot if it’s your thing. Through the consistent wins I’ve experienced I can already make a list of plenty more casinos with a By far lower RTP. Also free of the usual lags, errors and freezing commonly found on online casino’s.

  25. IMO Casino Extreme is the only casino I have been able to find (US Player) that allows you to cash out and recieve your money immediately. Turn times for other casino is months.

  26. Your rules are fair and excellent, and your User Interface is fast and easy to use. I haven’t had a payout but I hear that your payouts can be instant.

  27. I love playing on Casino Extreme! Their customer service is great, I get cash back if I don’t win and, of course, when I do win, the pay outs are fast, fast, fast!! What more could you want in a casino?

  28. Great customer service, games are a little tight. Other than that it’s a really good , well ran casino and payouts are so fast thru bit coin that it will make your head spin!!

  29. I’m new to casino extreme but so far it is on top of my list of one of the better casinos online. I haven’t had a problem with any deposits and Any question I’ve had has been answered by the customer service team Immediately.

  30. I use to really like Casino Extreme. The deposit method were much easier to use, the live chat was always very fast and thorough…. and if bitcoin was used to deposit , it was processed almost instantly or at least within a few moments… however, over the last few months, all the things I loved about this casino have seemed to decline quite a bit . It has been very frustrating that they took away the credit/debit card deposit method. I don’t always have available bitcoin, and if I want to purchase it, at least through my exchange, it takes a few days to become available… By that time, I’ve lost interest in spending time on Casino Extreme and it may be several days again before I have time or interest to log in to play. Secondly, when I do use bitcoin to deposit, it now seem to take at a minimum…30 min for the deposit to go through… and even then EVERY time I have to go into live chat and say how I made a deposit and my wallet shows as confirmed and sent, so why is it not showing in my account… and of course magically, the rep says the deposit is now available… but I always have to live chat first to see it…? I find that frustrating because I dinky always have a lot of time when I log on to play, and most certainly rarely have an additional 30 min to wait until. bitcoin deposit has been processed by your casino. I usually just log out of Casino Extreme and into another online casino I like because they are able to process any of my bitcoin deposits in seconds, and also I can use a credit card with them….
    Lastly, the live chat customer service experience has dramatically gone down hill over the last few months.
    I’m finding I have to wait long periods of time for any responses and even when I get them, the representatives are not as pleasant or accommodating.
    All this said, I do still have a fondness for Casino Extreme because of how it used to be… and of course I do like how IF I actually do have any winnings that I would like to cash out, they are able to process that deposit usually on the same day.
    I just wish the experience now was a great as it used to be…😔

    1. Thank you Christina, for your feedback. We advise you to follow our blog because we have often great free play promotions. Enjoy playing at Casino Extreme. All the best!

  31. I enjoy playing at Casino Extreme quite abit! Their bonuses seem fair as well as their waging requirements.{most casinos have basically the same} What most casinos don’t have is the staff and support team at Casino Extreme. They have a nack for making me feel welcomed & comfortable. Not like I’m a dollar 💰sign! Thanx you guys. You are AWESOME. {stay unique }

  32. i like the fast payout and new games. better then most site that dont stick to their instant withdrawal promise. I won 669.00 2 days ago and got my BTC withdrawal within the hour. this site is the best

  33. Absolutely LOVE Casino Extreme and have been playing this casino since they opened years ago. The 2 best things about them is their quick to reply customer service and the 2nd is the instant withdrawals. I do wish, however, they offered credit card deposits!

  34. First time I tried Casino Extreme I was pleased with the bonuses. Casino Extreme has now become one of my favorite casinos. I am looking forward to playing more at Casino Extreme in the future.

  35. It’s th fairest casino I’ve seen. May not hit as much as others but no need to worry about them not paying you out either

  36. Really is an excellent casino, cashouts are fast, bonuses are excellent, casino staff are really friendly and are always willing to help.

  37. I have won three jackpots while playing here, over the course of the year. Payouts are instant if using bitcoin and the customer service is exceptional. Definitely the top online casino in my opinion. Closely followed by their sister casino, Casino Brango. Fun slots and lots to choose from. Honest casino!


  38. Really is one of the beast casino’s there is. Withdrawal is Quick and easy, bonuses are awesome. Even the online support team assist awesome

  39. Truly the very best casino there is. The staff is amazing and they are fair and really do have the quickest payouts that you will find anywhere. My favorite casino. Hands down. Username: ejones30824

  40. You guys are the best with the best support and the quickest payout. Thanks for giving everyone a great place to play.
    username: ejones30824

  41. The best casino there is. The best staff and awesome customer support. The fastest payouts. Thanks for giving us a great place to play. Ejones30824

  42. havent had the plaeasure of a better casino experience anywhere. simply a must play casino. no bull. no wait no problem.

    Long tiime player loyal patron: Leviathan82

  43. I’ve been playing at Extreme for…YEARS!!! I don’t even know where to start because Everything about this casino is AWESOME!!!! The SUPPORT is the BEST EVER! And they give awesome bonuses, rewards and…INSTANT PAYOUTS!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! XOX

  44. Simple and easy navigation. Worth mentioning is the quick and talkative support 24/7 live chat. Always appreciate the non stop support if you need a hand with anything, strong 4/5 from me. One of the better oldschool casinos out there…

    Best regards

  45. There are only a few casinos that i will deposit money into. One is Casino Extreme, the other is there sister casino. With Casino Extreme you know you wont run into any problems if you decide to cash out. They are honest, and treat their players well. Be it with instant replies to issues or their extremely fast payouts. If you want to gamble online, play here. Or play somewhere else, win a jackpot, run into problems, and get turned off online gaming for life. Up to u.Much love Casino Extreme staff.

    User: quantumleap

  46. Not many Casinos can compare.
    Great customer support.
    Fastest payouts anywhere.
    Great selection of games.
    Always my go to favorite!

  47. Casino Extreme is awesome great bonuses great customer care all around wicked awesome place to play try it you’ll love it…

  48. My favorite casino to play at and the one ive deposited into the most i love the bonuses except most of the time the free spins dont pay & its hard to do the playthrough.. i would give it a 9 outta 10 if i had to rate it! I love the live customer support tho they response back real quick and the instant withdrawals are the best unlike other casinos that make you wait forever that you end up playing all the money you had..

    Username: Vchey207

  49. Casino extreme is my favorite online casino. This is the first casino iv trusted. Its been more than a year or 2 already since i joined and ever since that day, i never regretted joining. Its true there are some casino w/ better promotion. It is also true that some casino is better in costumer service. but if you consider all online casinoS as a whole and not just a part of it, casino extreme is the best there is. simplicity of bonuses efficiency of the payout and consistency of the business that you know what ull be gettIng everyday. every now and then, they give out very favorable promotions during special occasion

  50. I love the instant withdrawals, but the cashback max cashout is not the best. I do enjoy playing here although it feels as it the RTP is lacking when compared to non-instant withdrawal casinos.

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