The weirdest gifts you received for Valentine’s Day

Spins for Thoughts About Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Its Valentine’s Day, ladies and gents, and we hope you are ready to express the fireworks of emotions! There is no better day than Valentine’s Day to be giving away UP TO 100 FREE SPINS. Above all, we are glad to be able to share this holiday with you and exchange good vibes. Particularly, the stories about either the most beautiful or the weirdest gifts you received for Valentine’s Day.

Think about the gifts that made the strongest impression on you, or about the gifts you truly enjoyed preparing. Maybe you always wanted a specific gift or someone’s appreciation, but never got it? Perhaps, you have a great idea about the best Valentine gift anyone can think of? Tell us about it in the comments below this post. Deadline for sending comments is Sunday night, February 16th, midnight casino time.

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30 thoughts on “Spins for Thoughts About Gifts for Valentine’s Day

  1. Last year my boyfriend gave me this box that he had completely covered with duct tape and on the top he had made a bow out of duct tape and we’ll. It was so neat and he had taken so much time to make I I just loved. I looked at it and said maybe I love it. And he looked at me and asked aren’t you going to open it. Lol it was a bracket but was no comparison to my new duct tapped box 🙂
    User name: cillykitty

    1. My favorite gifts are the ones that Are there when it’s not the biggest love day of the world. When you’re feeling down. Like multiple envelopes or little cards that say a good memory and something nice about the person so when their day is complete shit they can go to the cards abd get uplifted. Or a personalized boquet. But not of flowers.. Like for a guy wjo like beer candy and jerky a 6 pack with candy glued to sticks and jerkies sticking out. Plus they are suppppper fun to make!


  2. My valentines gift from my husband was the crazyiest gift if ever got he gave me a big box and when i open it there was a nother box but only smaller and i open it still a smaller box so i went on open this boxes ubtil i get to the last box it was smaller than a matches box so when i open it there it was just a leave of a rose. On it was written i love you forever

  3. I met my husband on MySpace when I was 15 by some weird glitch in a meet locals feature, weird due to us living thousands of miles apart. We were pen pals for over 10 years and we had always joked that we were going to get married one day even though we had never even met and he always said he’d buy me this beautiful ring to which I told him I wouldn’t care if I got a ring pop. Eventually stars aligned and we were at the right place at the right time and started dating after years of being pen pals and never actually meeting. About 6 months in it was Valentine’s Day and I was living in Tulsa and he was living in Houston and he drove 12 hours to surprise me and take me to Tulsa botanical gardens lovers lane walk. However we get there and all the plants were dead everything was just brown and ugly due to there being no rain that year so he picked me a wilted flower and while we were laughing at the situation he pulled out a ring pop and asked me to marry him. Best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

  4. In my early twenties “ 2014 “ i wanted to get in shape for the longest time. I had personal trainer, that i met twice a week. Besides the fact that she was in top notch shape was extremely pretty. A few months months into our training we went a couple times from dinner, just to talk over ours and what not. Somewhere along the way i ended telling her that i like her. Heres pretty often how it went down.

    Me : not only do i think your smart but your down to earth, you should give me a opportunity to prove myself

    Jess : Do you realize how many male clients i have? And do you not know your not the first one to attempt this?

    Me : can u blame me? Have you not looked at yourself freaking mirror lately? God damn…

    Jess : after she politely decline she asked if i still would like to continue our workouts sessions. I didnt want to be a sore loser, and told her of course. After being told and made extremely clear about our relationship as Clientele strictly and nothing more. I contiunue working out with her, never once dare to make any moves i didnt think much if it anymore

    Fast forwars a couple months I recieved a text message from her, telling me how Miserable She is and that she needed somebody to talk to. I was confused and my buddy told me… Bro aint no personal trainer would tell you that kinda stuff, you better dive for it. Jess ended up Hurting her ankle during a fitness competition and needed someone to help her. I couldnt believe it, i already accepted the fact that a hottie like herself and her status would never want someone like me as least i thought. I wasnt even consider super buff of fit and she constantly around other male trainers but yet picked me. Not only was i able to taker for dinner on valentines day we ended dating for a bit. Thanks to her i learned about myself.

    Never Say Never 👍

    Account : aol042087

  5. Definitely the weirdest gift was from my ex, who had wrapped the box up beautifully with a card and a bow and a heart on top, but when I opened the box, I was stunned to find yesterday’s leftovers from her pizza order inside! Two slices of yesterday’s pizza, seriously! She just smiled and said she thought I might be hungry after a hard day 😀 Weirdest girl ever! Username: ironjack18

  6. You know that meme? The ones where the couple exchanges greeting cards at the store? Yeah. My bf and I are those people. We just don’t buy into the hype. Love should be celebrated every day yearlong! WITHOUT THE SPLURGE!
    My opinion. Hopefully it still counts as something lol


  7. I have always loved the night sky, and my birthday happens to be on Valentine’s day so it is usually extra tough for a significant other to come up with an idea to cover both my birthday and Valentine’s day.

    One of the best gifts I have received was from a boyfriend in college. He drove us away from the city and into the country where you could see all of the stars. This on its own would have been thoughtful enough, a night watching the stars- but then he pointed out to me using a telescope the area of the sky where there was now a star named after me.

    After the fact, I found out it’s not a hard thing to do- get a star named after someone, but it was an incredibly thoughtful gift that was well planned out.

    Although we broke up eventually, it is still a cool thing to know that somewhere out there is the star that is named just for me.


    Username: madelinetemplin

  8. Lovebook which is a story book that the gifter creates using cartoon figures that is also created by the gifter of the gifter and receiver that tells a story about the two. They ask a bunch of questions about both people (mainly the receiver) and they create picture images and a several story option that you can choose based on the information given. You can also custom create a story yourself too. Hands down was the cutest/best gift my fiancé ever gave me.

  9. Me? I just showed up on my wife’s workplace wich is a a coffee shop…on a rush hour…with a big bush of red roses and declared in front of all the customers that she’s the Queen of my heart and every day with her is a Valentine Day….because every day by her side is a celebration of love. She stole my heart from the first moment I saw her 5 years ago and I am the luckiest man in the world.

  10. Weirdest v-day gift (was also the best in his opinion) was an XD 40 Subcompact pistol. He absolutely loved it, but you can imagine the comments and opinions from friends and family. 😍

  11. So 2 years ago my girlfriend said my gift was at home on the table…when I got there I found a envelope and inside was a gift certificate to the restaurant I worked at. I was like why??? So I read the note inside and it said dress your best and I’ll meet you there. I got to the restaurant and she was waiting for me and when I got there she said I’ll be back she needed to go to the restroom. When she came back she had my mom and youngest daughter with her. It had been a few years since I had seen them and she got me a really unexpected gift. I thought this was the most unselfish and best gift I ever had. Nothing had topped it so far.

  12. I got a book that would supposedly teach me how to … think before I speak … lol ugh 😩 #storyofmylife


  13. Years ago my uncle Kurt fell madly in love with a co-worker and tried many times, unsuccessfully to get her to notice him. Having nothing left to lose, one Valentine’s Day he presented her with a velvet jewelry box- upon opening it she found his carefully placed prosthetic eye along with a note carefully written in poor cursive saying “My Dear Kim. You will always have my eye. Yours, KT” .
    Unfortunately for Kurt, Kim didn’t find any sentiment in the gift but was rather mortified. Kurt’s behavior was reported as harassment and he lost his job and his love all in one day! Update: met my aunt 4 years later and has been doing great ever since 😉

  14. I used to drive 2 hours after working all day to see my girlfriend, then stay night and return to work 2 hours drive the next morning, normally without sleep.

    id: LeCount

  15. I’m a single father of a beautiful little 5-yr old girl with a golden heart. Averee comes to visit me 2 very short weekends a month. During our last visit she was filled with excitement and anticipation. She made me close my eyes and put out my hands palms up. When I open my eyes I found a beautiful hand written card by earth in a box of chocolates wrapped in foil that look like little baseballs. She said, “I know you’re going to be alone for Valentines Day But this year you can be my valentine.” She rested her head on my shoulder and said, “You can eat your chocolate early if you want.” This is by far the best gift I have ever received!


  16. Best valentines gift was from my autistic son Stephen . He drew me a card and had wrapped it with wrapping paper he had colored himself. I put it on my dresser so I could show it to my husband before I opened it. Later when I went to grab it it has been ripped open and all the chocolates inside had been eaten by my son. He smiled big with chocolate all over his face and said Happy Valentine’s Day mom! I cried because he never says those kinds of things and hugged him and told him thank you Stephen. It was the best gift I’ve ever received because he hates talking due to his autism. Thank you for letting me share. Username gogoyobari7

  17. Best valentine’s gift was from my autistic son Stephen . He drew me a card and had wrapped it with wrapping paper he had colored himself. I put it on my dresser so I could show it to my husband before I opened it. Later when I went to grab it it has been ripped open and all the chocolates inside had been eaten by my son. He smiled big with chocolate all over his face and said Happy Valentine’s Day mom! I cried because he never says those kinds of things and hugged him and told him thank you Stephen. It was the best gift I’ve ever received because he hates talking due to his autism. Thank you for letting me share. Username gogoyobari7

  18. My sister died yesterday which was Valentines Day, had liver cancer. She was in Georgia when she passed and I was here in Florida. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye and we haven’t seen each other in almost 2 years, we were inseparable. It just accrued to me that I never gave her any flowers for Valentines Day; only chocolates. I wish as adults we had more time to spend together, but please know how much I love you my loving baby sister Laura. I will have my chance to say goodbye and give you flowers just as I should’ve done in life.

  19. Craziest gift was back in 2007. I was dating this girl for 10 years and there was a Valentine’s party at her house. I was in her bedroom with about 7 other guys, some I knew and some I never seen before and by the end of the night I ended up finding out that she was cheating on me and had slept with each of the guys I was having a good time hanging out with. It broke my heart and I never thought of Valentine’s day the same again. This was my 1st real girlfriend and the first love of my life. I gave her my virginity. It was horrible. Horrible. But life goes on. I’m still here . Thank u

  20. My husband was in fire camp. That’s from being in prison with a shortened stay by fighting fires.
    He made me a wooden jewelry box. It took him along time to get the bug out of the wood it was inbedded in it. You can see where he had to use a tool to get it out. When you opened it, it had two sides with black felt in the bottom. It was really beautiful. I worked for my sister she has a website for cremation urns and I used her engraver. I put on the brass heart
    Charlie n Jan 4 Ever


  21. the best gift give to me was getting to see my dad one last time fully alert and aware giving my hope for one last day and a break from traveling he told me to spend the day with my guy. He had a chance to meet my son and his father and was so proud of his grandson. My dad passed away feb 15, 2009 as we drove to visit him one last time…

    1. Hi, Lisa. Your story truly moved me. Sometimes all we have in life are moments. Please stay tuned for the upcoming promotions, as we cannot process these spins to you since this promotion expired.

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