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Are you tired of pumpkins and ghosts appearing around every corner in your neighborhood? We are not. We simply love this time of the year when people dig deep into their dark but creative minds and make magic a reality. This year, you can sprinkle on some magic and win up to 100 Halloween Free Spins!

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This time, we would like to hear from you a scary story. We know you are one crazy, lovely, and creative bunch of people. Tell us a story to spook us out. It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not. You can write about unexplained phenomenon or true events, the situations that made you rethink your life, the unusual but spooky encounters, you name it!

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51 thoughts on “Spook Us Out and Get Up to 100 Halloween Free Spins

  1. Growing up in South America in Chile! I went to stay with my grands when I was young and it turns out my grandma is a twin and had 9 other siblings including her. Well all her siblings passed from cancer at 50 or younger except for my grandma. Well when I went to stay the night she has pictures on wall of all her siblings in frames. Well that night I noticed that the eyes of all the pictures followed me in the direction I would move and out of nowhere all the glass cups fell in the kitchen and I got introuble for it and yet nobody believed me about the eyes following you until my uncle whom is 6 years older witnessed the same thing! I have never gone back! Most scariest day of my life!!! I still see it clearly until this day Nd recently my grandma informed me that her siblings eyes follow you at night because that’s where they all grew up. I guess u had to be there to witness how scary that was and then to have my grandma confirm

  2. In 2015 I lived in a house in Los Angeles county. My shift hours were 6am-3pm so I’ll get home And take a hour nap everyday but one day I hear a knock. And in my head I thought someone is probably roofing didn’t think much of it but then I checked the time it was 7pm and it was dark outside. I call my cousin who I stayed with and he was at the gym so I start recording and the knocking is coming from my hallway and by every knock it’s louder and closer up until the knocking gets to my door. The knob starts moving but my door is locked (luckily) but the door swings open on its own very forcefully but nothing there I’m honestly freaking out but the knocking stopped… as I thought the knocking continued but from the door it went up to my roof towards my light and the light bulb honestly explodeds and I jolted out the house . And after that doors would randomly open lights go on and off very playful/mean ghost

  3. I was in a small town called Colesberg passing through on my way to Cape Town when we found a nice and cosy looking guest house to stay in. We had a great Karoo Lamb dinner and went to bed early..I had booked into my own room. That night I woke up at 3am because I heard a sound…i listened and then heard footsteps heading toward my door… the lady of the house knocked on my door and called my name. I opened the door and No one was there…

  4. Well first off let me tell you this scariest most terrifying thing that ever happened to me is when I woke up and I was a father with 5 kids !! It it freaks me out to this day,but I won’t do it all over again!!

  5. Once, there was a boy who loved to read. He read everything he could get his hands on, and loved going to his favorite book store. One day, the boy realized he had read everything the store had to offer. He confronted the owner, and asked him if he had anything the boy had never checked out. The owner said why, yes, I do, and pulled out a book called “Death”. He gladly sold it to the boy at a discounted price of 50$.

    However, he warned the boy, never to read the front page. Well, the boy returned to his house and read the book, and he was content. However, he always wondered, what could be on that front page, it was always in the back of his mind. One day, the temptation was too much for the boy, and he flipped to the very front of the book, and dropped the book in HORROR.

    There, in bold print, was MSRP $7.99

  6. A Spooky Story
    I was diagnosed with a terminal illness related to liver disease but that wasn’t too scary. I face death on a regular basis. But what was scary was this… My physician told me I needed a liver biopsy to. Determine the amount of damage already done. He said the procedure was no big deal so I scheduled the biopsy in the morning and a paintball tournament with the students of my church youth group that afternoon. Upon preparation the morning of the procedure I was informed that I would be put under and spend several hours in recovery. I protested and complained that I had an event with my students that afternoon and couldn’t miss it. So I was given two options, reschedule or commit to the procedure with no anesthesia which hadn’t been done since the 1800’s but is viable. I opted to remain for the procedure with no anesthesia and was labeled ‘the man’s man” by the attending nurses. I was informed the they needed to pierce my liver with the tool to extract a sample but must pass through my diaphragm. I was told that my brain will believe I can’t breath and I’ll have to force breath as I watch this 14in needle be plunged through my body into my liver. The nurse held my hand as inexperience the scariest feeling in the world… My mouth was open but forgot how to breathe… I watched the needle jam me several times and heard the loud click of the sample being taken from me… The nurse convinced me to not listen to my brain and force a breath as they continued to work on me. I finally took a breath just as they were removing the needle. With hope of it being completed I started to rest and breath easily when the surgeon returned and said they missed my liver and clipped my stomach so I had to do it again. So again I forgot how to breathe as the needle pierced me. Fear ravaged my body and I started to go unconscious but quickly awoke as the needle was removed again. I received a standing ovation in the recovery room where many nurses wanted to meet me. I left the hospital shortly after and explained to my students the mornings events and asked that I not be shot in the midsection that day. So do you want to guess where on my body I was hit the most that day? I love and hate my freaking students!
    True Story

  7. OK so lately I’ve been seeing a ghost at my parents house and no one believes me and one day I was taking videos on Snapchat With my mom And playing them backwards in slow motion because they sound funny. Anyways, My son was on the bed and I was taking a video and later When I went to go watch it I noticed something walking right behind him!!! Watch the video i left the link in the website section

  8. When I was about 6 years old parents got me a My Buddy doll, well everything was good and all until they let me watch Chucky, at night when I’d go to bed I’d see him in my room and I couldn’t sleep so I’d take and grab him and throw him in the basement and slam the door then go to my room and shut the door there to able to finally fall asleep, having nightmares about Chuck trying to kill me but he never could cause I’d always field goal kick him far far away, I would wake up to see freaking my buddy doll next to me in bed and it scared the fuck out of me for the longest time it wasn’t til awhile later when my mom seen me put him in the trash can outside and asked me what I was doing she thought I liked it, that I told her what had been going on and why I would wake up screaming and run to their room but never said why until now. She started laughing outrageously. Told me not to be scared its fake in the movies but didn’t say nothing else. Well when I went to bed that night I couldn’t help but keep looking out the window at the trash can then I heard her talking to my dad and was telling him about it, and she told him she didn’t know I was scared of it that when she would go to the basement to do laundry after us kids were asleep she thought I forgot him in the basement and would bring him up and lay him back next to me, and my dad about dying laughing and then got mad, and said your the damn reason this boys been coming in here screaming every night waking me up. But then he couldn’t help but laugh and said If I was his age I would of been scared shitless to hahaha.

  9. I had fallen asleep on the couch that night. Something woke me and when I looked over I seen a shadow. It was like a Silhouettein the air. This dark shadow was blacker than black. I remember being absolutely terrified as it drifts nearer from across the room.
    I leap from the couch to the other side to turn on the light. My heart punned hands shaking I flip on the light switch and the light doesn’t come on. The room still completely dark and the shadow even darker. I leap back to the couch and throw the blanket over my whole body, head and all.
    I laid there b so long that I must have fell back asleep.
    I woke the next morning and instantly remembered the fear I felt. I thought it must have been a dream.
    I walk into the kitchen and look at the clock on the stove. The clock was flashing the wrong time. . I look at the light switch remembering the light not coming on and realized The power did go out. It wasn’t a dream.

  10. The house I was raised in, My uncle passed away in. I never got to meet him, and it was told he was a mean spiteful man. He died at the front door from a massive heart attack. One evening as I was sitting feet from the door playing with My fishing tackle, I noticed My pole that was propped against the wall slowly stand on end. I didn’t notice at first, was too busy dreaming of the following morning. I was so excited I hadn’t noticed all the line from my reel had been unwound. If that wasn’t scary enough, it was a perfect spiral standing on end right at the door. I was home alone, and had no phone or persons to cry out to. I sit real still in fear, stunned. From that night on I would find small strings or feathers placed near the door. I finally asked what his hobbies were or his likes. He was a Taylor by hobby and a Taxidermist by trade. Stitches n Wings

  11. Scariest moment- def. that one time i was doing laundry and i ALMOST fell backwards walking up stairs to my room with a full basket of clothes 😅

    Then LITERALLY slipping on a step and slid DOWN the stairs that same day lol

  12. Kevinj197966@gmail.com
    The house my family and I grew up in was haunted or had demonic spirits present within. Scary and unbelievable things happened all the time such as we would come home and there would be random holes in the walls, we had 10 pet rabbits and one morning we woke up every single one of them were dead in their cage. My brother and I shared a bedroom and I woke up one night to him screaming bloody murder in the closer. My parents rushed in and he was balled up in the corner and said “they” locked him in there and he couldn’t get out. My brother and my bedroom had bunkers and we could see the hallway from our beds we would both wake up at the same time because of a noice and we looked down the hall and saw 3 shadowy figures coming towards us. We moved out of the house 4 months later and haven’t had any paranormal or unexplained events happen since then but it was truly horrifying as a child and would be even more so now that I’m older and understand more.

  13. So when I was about 15 I ran away from home. I hooked up with a guy who like to go walking at 2 o’clock in the morning. I happen to go out with him to go walking by Canal near Dunlap and 27th Ave In Phoenix Arizona. While there we noticed on the other side of the canal there was a guy standing in a trenchcoat with a katana holding a box with a handle. The guy creeped us out so much because it was in the middle of summer and it was over 105° at night. My friend Immediately said run so I ran towards the car as fast as I could. We didn’t sleep For the rest of the night. In the morning when the news came on we found out that a girl on a purple bike has been riding at the same time we were walking. She had been cut open her entrails removed, her bike was kept As a souvenir by the guy in the trenchcoat apparently. We later learned that her head had been fished out of the kennel by a homeless guy miles away from the site of the incident. This is no joke I went into law-enforcement because of this and The guy was found years later. Yes it was reported to police but it was One of the scariest times in my life.

  14. The scariest moment of my life was, the day I withdraw limit has been reach on playing extreme casino. So therefore i could not cash put my remaining balance until weeks. But i was bored so i keep on playing my money went up to 8,000$ but i did not stop playing until i loss is t all and I realize how crazy that was. I was playing real money like it was not real.

  15. The scariest thing that ever happened to me was when a girl I had been sleeping with from work told me that she had Chlamydia and I had to come clean to my wife about it.

  16. I was 13 yrs old at staying at my Godfather and Godmothers house in Cerritos, Ca. it was late at night I was asleep in my own room. there is a wndow in the room next to my bed, I opened my eyes still lying down, looking directly out the window and saw a full bright moon shinny it’s light on a cat walking on the brick wall that divides the properties. I looked a bit spooky. As I turned over to go back to sleep I could help but notice the moon’s light was shinning bright on the door to my room. Starring at the door I could see the shadow of the cat I saw on the wall I looked out the window and the cat was not there. I looked back at the door and there was a shadow of a man just standing there. but there was no man around there just the shadow on the door I started yelling for my uncle and my aunt but they didn’t hear me. I took a lot guts for me to get up a run to there room . I told them what had happened and they checked my room and nobody was there.

  17. I was 10 years old and a random baseball was thrown at my head by nothing and when i got off my bed to investigate my t.v turned on. When i got picked my foot off ground it went off and then back on as soon as I touched ground again. Happened about 15 times till I gave up and stayed in bed with covers over my head. This never happened again after that night.

  18. When I was a little kid around 10 , always visited my grandparents in the deep country, I was out hunting and it was getting late and started hearing a creepy sound coming from the woods I was scared , felt like someone was following me, keep hearing this weird noise and out of the woods was a convict that had broke out of prison , he scared me , and he just keep running thru the woods, later I found out that day a prisoner had Exscape from a prison.

  19. Sleeping at my grandma’s house in Scotland when I was young I was sleeping in her bed when I all of a sudden I felt a pulling at the bottom of my blankets and when I looked down at the end of the bed i to this day still believe i saw a hand pulling on my covers. I freaked right out ran into the living room and wouldn’t go back in the room. That was the last time I stayed at grandma’s house..

  20. I had a dream in about a pale man dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and narrow black tie. This man had scraggly white hair and pointy hook nose smiled as he looked down at my sister. I had gotten her away from him and was talking to her in a hallway when the next thing I know this man in black was looking down at me smiling at me with bloodshot eyes. I knew I was dreaming and tried to scream to wake myself up but it was stuck in my throat. I could not move and couldn’t make a sound. I finally told myself one last time “Your dreaming and need to wake up” and then screamed “Nooo!” as I shot into a sitting position my boyfriend grabbed me and asked if I was okay and told me that I was dreaming. A couple of months later as I recounted the dream to my daughters my oldest quietly looked at me and asked, “Mom, do you remember when I called you at 3 a.m. and asked you to come get me at grandma’s?”
    “Yeah I do, why?” I replied. “I woke up and that same guy in your dream was standing in grandma’s hallway looking at me.”

  21. I was around 3 or 4 when this all conjured itself into reality. It started when my granny passed away. My granny was my everything. Two peas in a pod is what everyone use to say when they talked about us. I don’t remember much before her funeral. Bits and pieces is all I can put together. I was told that during her funeral I stayed up in the front of the church holding her hand the entire service. That was absent from my memory as well. My family was a regular at the bowling alley most nights. Keep in mind, we lived in the country off a gravel road with only one street light which was useless becuase of how hopelessly dark it was out there. We got home one night after she passed to find my swing set and trampoline completely dismantled and stacked in a pile. None of the lights in the house were on. The stret light wasn’t on.. The front door was locked but the back door was wide open. I was startled, but that quickly grew into fear because I found all my pictures turned faced down and my granny’s mug full of hot coffee. I was so confused and afraid. If it really were her what did that all mean? The very next day when we went to clean out her house. I opened the storage unit at her house which had been locked up for years. There was only one key in existence that we knew of. I open the door to find a dozen red roses that had been freshly pruned and sat on top of some boxes at the front of the unit. My granny’s name was Rose. This whole sequence of events was so confusing for me. It was dark yet reassuring. Mostly it was confusing due to how dark some of the things I experienced were. Then this happened. Quick back story.. When I was born, I was born with strep b and was held in a incubator for about 3 weeks. The staff and nurses all called me peanut. I’ve never been called that before, that I can recall. Only my mom heard the staff call me that. One night after my mom tucked me in, a figure appeared in my room and called me peanut. Thats all I can remember. I wondered if it was my granny somehow but I’ve been visited by this same figure a few other times since. I can 100% say it’s not her. What’s been following me since birth? Why did my granny dying trigger it? Maybe one day I’ll get answers.. maybe I’ll wished I never wanted those answers.

  22. It was the time I woke up in the hospital and had no idea who I was, where I was, or when it was. I had my leg in a cast. No one, but a nurse was there. She asked me if I could tell her any of those things. I couldn’t. She then told me how I had apparently broken my left femur bone later i also realized i had hit my head and lost the vision in my right eye. I had been involved in an incident in which someone tried to rob me and took off in their car. There was a driver, a passenger, and a girl in the back seat. As they were trying to make their getaway they had to turn onto a divided four lane highway. Knowing this, I had already started to run. As soon as they tried to drive off, through a grassy field of the apartment complex I was in. Anyone trying to get away quick is obviously going to try to make a quick right and disappear. Except to their surprise as soon as they had made that turn. Out of nowhere it seemed, I came flying in thru the passenger window grabbing what they had tried stealing. As I jumped into the window they had no idea as I ripped what was mine back from the passenger, the girl began to scream. The driver freaked out and the passenger and I began swinging it out. Unfortunately, telling them to stop the car had no effect. Seems I hadn’t thought this all the way thru as half my body was in the car and the half was dangling out the window. The driver had began to speed up and cut a uturn, as the passenger flung the door open causing the inertia to shoot me off the car like a bullet. My mangled body rolled across the blacktop to it came to a stop with my leg broke about midway down the femur and wrapped around my back and my foot was next to my ear. In shock still trying to crawl screaming I’m gonna get you, my ex-girlfriends brother had run out and pulled me clear of traffic as my ex had ran to get my brother at the pool. Yea, hindsight says may of not been the best course of action. In time I was all healed tho told would never walk again if did would have permanent limp, was lucky not the case. Tho to this day I’m still legally blind out of my right eye as a reminder of that fateful decision to risk my life for something that was replaceable. I was 18 and just reacted to a moment that could of lead to the last moment had i not been so lucky. Yes this is 100% true and can back up every word. Young and dumb lol.

  23. User name gannima7878

    I went to visit her for the summer and she’s very outdoorsy so we decided to take the 1 hour drive from her city to the coast. We end up at this free camp site at the top of this hill (huge foot hills of the coastal mountains, about a 25 minute drive from the top where the campsite is to the bottom where the main road was) and we were the only campers there.
    We relaxed for the rest of the day, made food, etc. A truck full of men drive up the hill and talk with my mom (idk what about, wasn’t suspicious at the time) and they leave us.
    Fast forward to the middle of the night. I wake up to my mom sitting straight up in the tent. I wake easily so i heard her gasp and it woke me. As soon as she saw i was awake she put her hand over my mouth because I was starting to ask her what’s wrong. It was dead silent and all of a sudden you hear footsteps RIGHT beside the tent. The little flap that covers the zipper was even moving.
    Thankfully my mom has quick wits and said very loudly, “Kenny grab the gun”
    Kenny is my dad, although that doesn’t matter, and mind you he was not there, just us girls like i previously said.
    They left. No harm was done. Thank the lord for my momma.
    TL;DR: Two girls at a campsite alone, people outside tent in the middle of the night & my mom pulled some badassery.

  24. I have always been scared of the Stephen king movie “IT”. Penny Wise the clown is terrifying. So one night close to Halloween I was washing dishes and looked out the kitchen window and I KID YOU NOT “PENNY WISE” was standing there at the back gate holding a red balloon. I freaked out, jump and ran, falling over a bar stool and slipped in my socks running down the hall and crashed into the wall. Turns out my brother really got a laugh out of that. After he took of the mask I didn’t speak to him for days.

    I don’t know if I’d say it’s the scariest but when my oldest son was a baby we lived in a house that had been in my husband’s family for a very long time. A lot of his cousins/ aunts/uncles got their start in that house. I just never expected when it was our turn that our infant son would start seeing and trying to baby talk to ghost. When he actually started to talk he would always says the names Abby at our house and Bobby at his great grandmothers house . I didn’t find out until after we moved out a few years later that in all our house three sisters that lived there first and related all died in there bedrooms and the one who died in my sons was named Ebby ( My son always said the name Abby while he was alone in his room) his great grandfathers nickname was Bobby and even though he had never met him because he died several years before, every time we would go to their house to see grandmother he would look/crawl around saying Bobby. My son wasn’t even one yet and never heard those names prior soooooo yea I’m certain my so SAW DEAD PEOPLE!!!! True story!!!

  26. It was one a.m. and Guy Halverson sat in his dark living room. He hadn’t moved for over an hour. The accident earlier that evening kept playing over and over in his mind. The light turned red, but he was in a hurry and accelerated. An orange blur came from his right, and in a split second there was a violent jolt, then the bicyclist rolled across his hood and fell out of sight on the pavement. Horns blared angrily and he panicked, stepping on the gas and screeching away from the chaos into the darkness, shaken and keeping an eye on his rearview mirror until he got home. .Why did you run, you idiot? He’d never committed a crime before this and punished himself by imagining years in jail, his career gone, his family gone, his future gone.Why not just go to the police right now? You can afford a lawyer.Then someone tapped on the front door and his world suddenly crumbled away beneath him. They found me. There was nothing he could do but answer it. Running would only make matters worse. His body trembling, he got up, went to the door and opened it. A police officer stood under the porch light.”Mr. Halverson?” asked the grim officer.He let out a defeated sigh. “Yes. Let me —”I am terribly sorry, but I’m afraid I have some bad news. Your son’s bike was struck by a hit and run driver this evening. He died at the scene. I’m very sorry for your loss.”

  27. I remember one day I was outside under the car port. It was dark already. It was super quiet we have two dogs they where sleeping close. So anyways I guess they heard something by the house the get up and goes towers the nose they heard. They where growling so I knew it was bad,so I ran over there to make sure it was no body behind the house. So I follow the dogs to the back of the house they where looking up towers the roof. So I stop and looked up I didn’t see anything but when I went to follow the dogs I got a really bad feeling and it got dark all around me like I was in a pitch black room. I felt that what ever was doing that wanted to hurt me. I started praying to our father . And the dark lifted and I could see the night again.

  28. I woke up I. The middle of the night with my wife standing over me with a crazy look and a knife. She waited a good ten seconds before she said happy Halloween

  29. I knocked on a door and a black cat jumped out of a cardboard box that was sitting beside the door. The black cat hissed,jumped,and latched onto my wrist. I waved my arm screaming and struggling to get the cat off my arm…. The cat let go and ran away …. I ran home terrified and told my mother… Scared the feline could possibly be rabbit ,and if I contracted rabies would die, she set a trap. We captured the wicked black cat and animal control came to retrieve the animal. They took him back to the facility to euthanize him so he could be tested for rabies… They put the cat to sleep once and it woke up… they tried a second time to put him to sleep…. again and he woke up. The third time they euthanized the cat, they left the room, assuming he surely could cheat death three times in a row…When they returned the cat had vanished and was never seen again…. Baffled at this phenomenon I was rushed to the hospital where they administered hot pink rabies shots for weeks…. As it turns out… Animals show symptoms of rabies after 10 days. In humans it could a year by the time your symptoms show…By then, it’s too late to save you….True Story

  30. It was late one night and we were just finishing up with painting a wall in the almost completed remodel of the basement one night when we first heard the children’s laughter. We had no children. The giggles were coming from behind a wall that was sealed up with wood paneling. Throughout the night the laughs turned into sobbing and screams of terror, horrifying. By morning all had gone quiet, but the newly painted wall now had words and little dirty, somewhat bloody handprints all over it. Help me, let me out, and he’s coming were the messages. Everytime we paint the wall again the night repeats itself. So the messages remainbon the wall forever.

  31. I would have to say the scariest moment of my life was walkin In to my house and finding my wife, mother in law, sixteen yr old step daughter and six month old son murdered there was nothing that could’ve ever prepared me for anything like that not only the scene but the horrible pain and loss all at the same time still haunts me today

  32. The scariest moment in my life was when my dad died. But that is expected. So I will tell you about the longest hour of my life. This was year 2008 and I made poor life choices and living a life I never meant to lead. Anyways, I was being chased by three Puerto Rican’s who had automatic handguns. At least one automatic that whizzed bullets over my head. I saw a tech nine get pointed out of the passenger window. And I thought I heard what sounded like an Uzi. But never saw it so it could have been like a modified .22 were thoughts going through my head. I literally got upset that I was wondering the kind of caliber they had vs coming up with solutions to survive the situation. Fun fact – Roughly one week earlier. 5 nights to be exact. These same Puerto Rican’s robbed me for over $30,000 and 18 ounces of pure Colombian boog sug. Well I didn’t realize I would see the guys so soon. So I went to the club said I was looking for these guys trying to act all tough with my battered eye socket and fat lip… somehow word got back to them and they found me. Lol. I can laugh now because I am alive. earlier that night I ate some ecstasy and acid which was a bad idea. Because now I am running through a sketchy part of town with Puerto Rican gang bangers who were equivalent the title prospect in biker terms,(aka idiots whole will do anything to prove themself, worst gang members to encounter in my experience) while candy flipping and trying to get a grip of myself to simply just survive. I must have ran 10 or 12 blocks going through back yards, alleys, and stealing bicycles not knowing if these dudes where still on my ass. Well I finally was able to hunker down in a giant doghouse, with the sweetest Burmese Mountain dog. The drugs finally wear off enough and I realize I should call to get a ride, I forgot my cell phone was in my pocket, the whole time!!! FUCKING DRUGS 🤦🏽So I finally give my location to one of my best friends who is an outstanding citizen. He picks me up and takes me home. Meanwhile we see the Puerto Rican dudes car and a Firetruck crushing it like a pop can. Turns out I was so high I didn’t realize Puerto Rican’s got t-boned while chasing me and the other automatic weapon was actually the tech nine in muffled tone because when the firetruck hit the car the pistol discharged while it was against the leg of the dumbass in the passenger seat. So hence the reason I thought there were more automatic weapons. I never realized or even heard the car getting crushed like a freight train does to, well everything that gets in its way. I heard the pistol though and tried to figure out the caliber and ran for my life for the next hour and hid with a giant dog for another couple of hours. When I could have went home because the one Puerto Rican died in the back seat, the passenger nearly bled to death, and the driver was trapped in the car and they had to use the jaws of life to remove him. The two dipshits visas were expired and got deported after serving their weapons chargers for having modified handguns which falls under terrorism. So I literally thought I was going to die for the next hour or two when I was totally safe, in relative terms. Moral of the story… DON’T ever candy flip. (Dummy terms- don’t drop acid and extacsy together and expect to be able… of anything) or don’t do drugs. Who am I to tell someone not to do drugs though, I’m nobody’s dad. But for the love of all things sacred, NEVER CANDY FLIP!!!

  33. The scary time I ever had was the time when I lost my little baby girl I never though this will ever happen to me you are so scared every thing in you body is so shaking the fear of loosing everything you ever lived for is gone in a split second than is the scary thing you can ever go though. And she was only 11 months old.


  34. There was a old homeless man and he was dressed like Jesus, and was about 55–79 years old. I actually saw him since my childhood.So just a day ago I was out with my two friends, we were walking down the street, and this homeless man was walking past us.My one friend looked shocked, so I asked:”are you okay?” and then she answered:”…yeah” but she still looked shocked so I asked:”do you know him?” And then she answered:”yes, he killed 3 people.” Me and my other friend then had the same look on our face.
    since that day I’m trying to avoid walking past him.

  35. Over 60 million people are probably gonna vote for Trump in the US election. That’s very scary.

    SN – ButtBongoFiesta

  36. This isn’t a story
    This is me. I’m here. I’m shifting the words that you’re reading, altering them from whatever this person wrote.

    I’ve been here for awhile. For as long as you can remember, anyway. Sometimes I say your name as you’re falling asleep, or whisper urgently in your ear. Do you remember the time that I screamed, throwing panic through you and setting your heart racing?

    That was fun.

    You’re wondering who I am. That’s only natural. Of course, you already know.

    I’m you. I’m the real you. I’m the mind that existed here before you stole my body, before you forgot about being a parasite. I’m the child who looked the wrong way, asked the wrong question, saw the wrong thing… but I’m not so little any more.

    You may have forgotten me, but I’m still here. I’ve always been here.

    And I’m never going to get out.

  37. I once worked for a bakery and could take home treats that didnt sell. On halloween I ended up going to a party and watched some scrary movies. my costume was a ghost. I know real creative. Well, I ended up having nightmares about being attacked early in the morning at work. When I woke, there was red all over my clothes and I thought for a minute that I was injured. It ended up being my day bag that I slept on with cherry jelly long johns that exploded. I realized it when I was changing and it tasted sweet.

  38. Hello, I am telling you that once I fell asleep in a cemetery, we went to bury a relative at night and I lay down in a grave to rest and that I fall asleep when I woke up it was about 12 at night … fright ran out of the pantheon ..

  39. Ok so I used to work for the local convenience store back in 2005 maybe 2006 so about 15 years ago. Well one day a man came in with the strangest story that sent chills up my back. So this guy started telling me he was coming back from work and im pretty sure he was a delivery driver, well he was driving home one afternoon and seen a man hitchhiking and he looked sort of lost or confused is how the guy explained it. So he stops and ask the guy walking if he needed help or a ride somewhere. He said this man looked up at him and just nodded and and jumped in. He said he was getting nervous because the hitchhiker kept his head down and it was like he didn’t know exactly where he was going. The delivery driver finally got tired of having him in his car and asked the man one last time where he was going because he has to get home finally he points to a house so he drives to it and pulls in he said he only took his eyes off the man literally for a second to look for traffic and when he looked back the man was gone, like he just vanished is what he said and the man sounded pretty shook up when he was telling me. Well where i live its a really small town and everyone knows everyone. So i asked the man how did he look and where did he say he wanted to go, and i swear on everything the hitchhiker he said he picked up as he described was identical too a young man that lived a few houses down from mine who had died only 3 weeks earlier in a car accident while drinking and driving. Not only that, the spot the driver said he picked him up was the exact spot he wrecked and died and the house he pointed to was his girlfriend and kids house, his last known address. They say when someone dies in a sudden and tragic accident like that and are under the influence their spirit is lost and roams the earth. That’s why when a loved one dies never hold onto them tell them goodbye, you love them and to rest in peace so their spirit is not stuck roaming the earth. I did not make this up on my life this is a true story.

  40. My sister and I were staying at an old, historic hotel in middle of nowhere Montana. The building had been in use since the 1800s. My sister loves this place and has frequented it many times over the years.

    I was kept up all night by someone pacing around on the hardwood floors in the room above ours. Drove me crazy.

    In the morning, I asked my sister how she could sleep through it and she told me that the upstairs of the building used to be a ballroom, but now it’s carpeted and empty. The hotel staff confirmed that nobody was up there and furthermore, if they were, I wouldn’t have heard heels on hardwood floor.

    User name gannima7878

  41. The power had just went out but there wasn’t any sign of a storm or anything halfway back from using the bathroom in the new house I felt my way to the stairs I just had to make it to the kitchen where my keys had a little flash light on the keychain counting the creaking stairs like I knew how many there were I reached the bottom and took the next step as it was another step and flew towards I caught myself and laughed that was close through the family room I made the kitchen feeling everywhere I give up looking for my keys and go for the fridge to try for a snack but when I reach in there was nothing in my fridge😱😱😱😱

  42. It was my second date with my first love, after the movies,we went to a secluded spot with a nice view of the city. My date turns on the radio to set the mood with some nice music and then we start to fool around. Just as it starts to get hot and heavy we then are interrupted with a breaking news story “A murderer had escaped from a nearby state asylum, He’s armed and dangerous and also has a hook in the place of his right hand”
    Obviously I become frightened and want to go home straight away, but my date insists we will be fine. So he locks all the car doors and tries to kiss me again. I calmly explain that no means no and that I want to go the hell home! Annoyed, my date slams the gas pedal and drives me back to my house. It’s only when we both get out of the car that my date notices something dangling from the door handle —-a bloody, steel hook.


  43. This is me. I’m here. I’m shifting the words that you’re reading, altering them from whatever was previously written here on this blog comment.

    I’ve been here for awhile. For as long as you can remember. Sometimes you can hear me say your name as you’re falling asleep. Do you remember the time that I screamed, throwing panic through you and setting your heart racing?

    You’re wondering who I am? That’s only natural, but of course you already know.

    I’m you. I’m the real you. I’m the mind that existed here before you stole my body, before you forgot about being a parasite. I’m the child who looked the wrong way, asked the wrong question and saw the wrong thing… but I’m not so little any more.

    You may have forgotten me, but I’m still here. I’ve always been here. Soon I will take back what was rightfully mine. Im going to get out. See you soon.

  44. “Late at night I usually go to the bathroom multiple times, but for the past four days, every time I go to leave, I can see myself still standing in the mirror from the corner of my eye. It is like the other me is watching me leave the bathroom. It terrifies me to the point where I almost run out without looking directly at the mirror. I never told my husband about it because I didn’t want to acknowledge it out loud.

    “Earlier today I took a nap in our bed while he sat in the chair next to it watching TV. When I woke up he told me that he had seen me sit up and crawl backward to the edge of the bed and stand up in front of our bedroom door from the corner of his eye. He thought it was weird that I got up like that because I’m in the last month of my pregnancy and I can’t really move so well without it hurting, so he tried talking to me.

    “When I didn’t answer he looked at the door to find me not there and still sleeping in bed. I got really creeped out and I finally told him about what I have been seeing in the bathroom. He thought it was creepy as well but didn’t want to really talk about it anymore because he thinks it will give whatever it is power or energy. I have no idea what it wants or why we both saw it.”

    Christopher Franczak

  45. It was a dark and stormy night…(much like tonight)..when a spoOoKY GHOost came out and started SCARING EVERYONE…

    Ever since then..On dark and stormy nights
    (Much like tonight)
    the spooky ghost comes back…..

    to get revenge. 👀 👻

    – ceasadh

  46. So i live in new Mexico land of enchantment and in a little town called farmington nm and lots of strange things happen here and lots of it is mysterious. Well one night I was driving down old Aztec highway and as im driving its about 3am in the morning and theres this little old Catholic church well someone had died by getting hit by a car a old nun years back, well that night i was driving I had stopped because i had seen someone in the middle of the road and the thing i thought was a person looked at me and just turned around and disappeared out of no where and at that moment I started driving really freaking out thinking if i just really sern what i seen and by the time I got home I relized that I seen what i seen and the fact that it looked at me and dissapeared was letting me know that things as spirits walk the earth after people die was really scary for me to see that, so for everyone out there that reads this God is real and so is evil and it does walk this earth no doubt about that. Comment if you agree and say amen if you are a believer of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ!

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