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Up to 100 Free Spins for Easter Message

With just less than a week until Easter, we are starting to plan on how to spend a holiday under the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. For some people, it will be very difficult to celebrate without their beloved ones and respect the social distance as per official advise. With things to ease anxiety around coronavirus, we also give you the chance to spread your Easter message to the whole world and get UP TO 100 FREE SPINS!

What You Should Do

Be free to share with the world your thoughts about how you feel about these unusual circumstances, or to advise others how to deal with it. Write your message,as well as your Casino Extreme’s username in a comment below this post, until April 12th, 2020. We are rewarding up to 100 free spins to the best 3 messages, as well as consolation prizes to other eligible participants.


1st place (the best comment) will get 100 FREE SPINS

2nd place will get 50 FREE SPINS

3rd place will get 25 FREE SPINS

All depositors who participate in this promotion, but do not win any of the first three prizes, will get 10 free spins each.

We will process the free spins during next week, starting from Monday. The terms are stated below.

Terms of the Promotion

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The promotion will last until April 12th, 2020.
  • Free spins will be processed during the week following Easter.
  • No two free money promotions available between deposit.
  • One person/account/household/IP Address may claim this promotion only once.
  • You need to wager free spins winnings 45x before withdrawal.
  • The maximum cash-out is $/€ 50.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings been void while playing the bonus in question.

Spread your Easter message!

24 thoughts on “Up to 100 Free Spins for Easter Message

  1. This is really weird times that most of has ever saw and experience, thank God we’re still all alive , this really makes you think about your life your family, and how precious life really is, it make you slow down and think. Pray to God everday you and your family is still alive, start in joying the simple things you forgot that existed, until it’s taken away from you, give them family hugs everday , just tell that family member you love them , thanks arthur

  2. Everyone should follow social distancing protocol be sure to wear a mask if its necessary to go out in public. Stay inside until this passes. And what better way to pass the time than playing your favorite games at Casino Extreme!!!

    Username. tjb072003

  3. With or without the quarantine from the Corona virus you should always put your family first, show them how much you love them with not only words but also your actions, and never take them for granted. Take this time to discover each other again and maybe learn something new or remember something you’ve forgotten about your spouse be or kids. Build cardboard box and blanket forts, play board games, make up different challenges, cherish this time, you may never get an opportunity like it again. Protect yourself and others by only going out if absolutely necessary. Set up a group chat so you can spend Easter together even if you are in different locations.
    Username: hescrafty

  4. I would like to wish everyone around the world a Happy Easter and send my prayers out to the people who are suffering and who have passed from covid19. Also to their family members and friends. Ive been laid off of work and have stayed in my home for almost a month. I have had severe Asthma since I was a kid (im 37 now) and my 5 year old son has shown signs of having it recently. Im scared for him and with each day comes a struggle within just to keep my wits about me and make sure that my son feels safe. But through prayer and my firm belief in the lord, i have been very blessed to still have my health and to have my family still.be okay. Now is the time to gather all of the love in your heart that you can possibly find and come together with the people around you and help each other to get through this crisis. Enjoy each day as it comes. God bless and happy easter!
    Frank Barboza
    Santa Maria, CA, USA

  5. Everyone should take the time and just relax and practice all sanitization advice given. Take this time to reconnect with old friends and distance family members. Its always nice to hear someone show concern and to reiterate they got someone thinking about them. It’s also a great time to learn a new skill or even get old projects finished. Try to look at this as a much needed vacation which I’m sure most of us need.
    Research what may be in much need after this come to a end and things get back to normal.
    Username: ctorres84

  6. Though this is something we have never faced in most of our lifetimes, this gives a whole new meaning to how we will look at Easter Sunday from here on out. We will all look back and remember how we are literally at risk of getting a very serious illness. As you look at the holiday not being the same as we would like this is even better. You can sit with family and not have activities planned but rather spend time with one another and look at what at any moment can be taken away from you. Cherish your family and take the opportunity to spend time with those who you dont see much or those who dont have much longer left here…dont look at this as a bad thing but rather a time to reconnect with those who arent always around and be glad you have them there with you. Hope you all have a good holiday…stay safe.

  7. No matter what: stay prayed up and continue to cherish every moment you have. This too shall pass!

  8. With everything going on right now… I wish everyone good health and safety. O hope that everyone still has a great Easter. As long as you have your family, friends, and health everything will be fine. Be grateful to be happy. And I hope anyone sick gets better soon. You also casino extreme hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
    Cindy 19

  9. During this time of uncertainty instead of viewing this pandemic as an ugly reality I challenge you to find the beauty with in it, and use that to get you through it. Find the little things that on a day in the normal world you would usually overlook and appreciate those things because even after this is over I promise you they will stay with you but just hidden away from plain sight… so that’s why you just gotta remember they’re always there. 😎❤️ #WeGotThis #USA #AtlantaGA #Lovethelittlethings #Standtogether #OneWorld #BeOptomistic #Loveyourneighbor #ItGetsBetter

  10. A time to laugh a time to cry A time for dancing and singing & a time for weeping and a time to mourn. As you fly through this fast paced world and a 100 miles an hour what were you thinking.
    Or, are you? We are busy doing our own thing in life not really considering the path we are on, when suddenly we are all on th e same path. Like it or not! Let us take this time that we must pause to possibly do a lifestyle upturn if needed and use this as maybe a fresh start that has been given to you for whatever reason. The World has paused, what will we all do with this ? Continue on as before?, or thank God for the forced pause in life to get our priorities right. The choice is yours. Dhines1970

  11. We are living in exciting times. We have an opportunity to achieve what has eluded us in the past. A common threat such as a virus shows that we are all sharing the same planet with some similar issues. We are humankind, not defined by the specific spot on the globe that we were born. Imagine what could be done if the world were to focus on and invest in our collective future rather than fight over our differences. A unified 🌍 globe could eliminate poverty, prepare for the unknown, and work our way toward what was only dreamed of. Live long and prosper!
    Brad Rushin
    Username: Bradventures
    Email: Bsrushin@yahoo.com

  12. The world is at a loss of words right now. In every nation the pandemic has made its way through the neighborhoods, forcing most into “social distance” and complete isolation. I know for myself, I have taken this opportunity to spend with my grandparents, isolating myself with them so they do not feel alone during these trying times. My grandmother was a frequent visitor of the Hard Rock Casino, and during these times I know that she is still a little down not being able to go play her penny slots. This opportunity, even though as it may be negative, gave me a positive outcome . I was able to show my grandmother the wonderful world of online casinos, and of course my favorite Casino Extreme. I was able to help her set up her account and show her the process in which she is still able to play her favorite slots during this period of isolation. We bonded, we laughed, we compared notes on our favorite slots. It was a truly rewarding experience that I suggest to all of you who may have elder family members that love the casino as much as we do, to go introduce them to the wonderful world that is casino extreme, the excitement that it brought back to my grandmother and the look in her eyes I will never forget. I urge you other players all to go do the same with your loved ones, you never know the bonds that may begin.

    Username: Joshua727

  13. The corona virus is just another painful reminder of why us people should as close as possible. God made this world for everyone in it. There is only one race which is the human race. For this precious Easter Sunday, treasure it as well as everyday after. Put God first in everything you do and take nothing for granted. We need to live our lives everyday like its our last day on earth, because virus or no virus, one day it will be our last day on earth. I know there’s a limit of things we can do to help us enjoy Easter Sunday more because of restrictions, but just to be alive with the people we love, and to have breathe in our body to celebrate our lord should be enough in itself to enjoy. Follow the guide lines. Do your part to keep yourself and everyone else safe and I promise I will do mine. And please understand what I mean when I say that I love you. No matter who you are….I love you. Username Mcdice35.

    1. P.S. I meant to write breath instead of breathe hahaha, that’s what I get for trying to type too fast. Forgive my error guys! Happy Easter!

  14. These are some of the most seriously trying times the world has ever seen. With Easter approaching and some family’s able to connect normally and others not so normally, we must keep in mind how precious our family’s are. I have been in contact via email mostly due to lock down with my family, and I am truly thankful that things are ok for us. Please reach out and stay connect however possible during the Easter Holiday, as it is so very important. Please stay safe and remember to practice social distancing.
    I hope everyone has a wonder Easter regardless of our current circumstances and God Bless all.

  15. Username gogoyobari7
    This Easter is our first without going to church due to coronavirus restrictions. It is also a sad time for my husband because his younger brother was murdered in Mexico on Easter a few years ago. He hadn’t been able to see him since he came to America in 15 years. Enjoy the time with your family because you never know when you can lose them. Take care of yourself and be safe by by staying home.

  16. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter with there friends and family and take time to pray for other families and be blessed for what we do have. Enjoy your time and may God bless you all and Happy Easter

  17. Well we would celebrate the resurrection of Jesus no matter what’s going on in the world.
    Then have a feast with my family and facetime every once else that can’t be there. Have a Easter egg hunt in the back yard for the kids.
    Its been very scary lately no one going out. Now over 1.5 million people have this virus. Hopefully soon we can resume a normal life If that’s possible. Amen!!

  18. This is Walter626 and I think the best thing to do is stay home with the family and enjoy spinning on Casino Extreme and have a great time while making some money and this is my comment to claim my free 10 spins. Every body have a great Easter and stay safe.

  19. Rich4eva

    What defines Easter, what it represents, and what it means, varies to each individual and so does its level of importance and our expectations on how it’s celebrated.

    With Covid-19 looming above us, many families are feeling disappointment, sadness, and frustration, as the threat of spreading the illness and the strict guidelines of social distancing leaves a warm family filled house, empty. To say the least, this is difficult for many to accept, but ultimately, we have no alternative choice.

    Now on the flip side, that being the worst case scenario; let’s assess what is still available to us this Easter…Such as your favorite holiday foods, for some, those of whom are under your roof. Face time and phoning loved ones, and peace of mind that we are doing all we can, within our power, to ensure are loved ones will be around to celebrate next year.

    While we are at it, let’s use these still available resources as a means to redefine our reasonable expectations for celebrating Easter 2020. In doing so, this shall soften the let down and sadness, as meeting our prior 2020 definition of celebrating Easter is at this time impossible; although meeting our new and temporary modified goal is safe and achievable; which in turn may surprisingly bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

    Rather than rejecting what has been bestowed upon us; let’s simply embrace our role in being part of the solution, and with that, let us gain a sense of accomplishment and victory as soon enough our patients, wits, strengths, and dedications, shall conquer and prevails! As Easter returns next year; begin to imagine the ways we can reflect on this and be thankful, and how we can celebrate the success of our fight against it!


  20. As unfortunate as this time has been for all of us….It has been just as much a blessing for my family to be on the stay at home order. It seems like the hustle and bustle of life was causing us to lose focus on the love a couple with small children has for eachother. I think it saved my relationship and my family. For Easter instead of stressing about the cute little clothes and making it to a dinner in time somewhere…..we have just lounged around at our own pace and are still in our PJs!!! I hope to do it again for the next holiday.

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