bubble bubble 3 slot review

Write Bubble Bubble 3 Slot Review to Get 50 Free Spins

Let’s write the Bubble Bubble 3 slot review for the amazing 50 free spins!

Hello slot lovers! Here is one more chance to do what you like the most and get a great reward. As you know, the latest sequel of the title Bubble Bubble has launched a few days ago. We hope that you had enough time to try it and want to know your opinion about this game. So, let’s write the Bubble Bubble 3 slot review for the amazing 50 free spins.

How To Write Bubble Bubble 3 Slot Review

Probably, most of you have played some of these witchy-themed slots at least once and know very well how Winnie the witch can be generous. Now, she appears on the slot reels with two of her sisters equally hot and generous. Each of them brings special features that can boost your winning chances.

So, what you should do is – play Bubble Bubble 3 slot in the crypto casino Extreme, if you haven’t already, and write your opinion in the comment below this post. The focus depends on you. It could be the design and music, special features, symbols, number of paylines, or any other part of this slot that you like or dislike. You have the freedom to  be completely honest in writing the Bubble Bubble 3 slot review and we will reward it.

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197 thoughts on “Write Bubble Bubble 3 Slot Review to Get 50 Free Spins

  1. I can’t believe there is a Bubble Bubble 3. I have played freely and boy it is interesting!
    They added another witch!
    I can’t wait to hear who hits jackpot. I love the bonus features. It’s a bit hard but very fun!

  2. I really like the bubble bubble 1st game except for the fact that when the bonus witch on the right side of the game seems to never connect for the b onus same as the ghost bonus on bubble 1 they dive into everything on the right but never connect for the bonus to pay off bubble 2 same thing would be a much better game if they fix that part of the game to be more bonuses that actually pay instead of tease,

  3. Bubble Bubble 3 new slot game is intense! Definitely my fav out of the three! Love when the special features hit! Give it a try!! You won’t be disappointed!!

  4. I’ve played Bubble Bubble 3 last week, and it was so much fun. I love the colors for this upgraded classic. Very vibrant and smooth graphics. The bonus hit more than I’m used to, than with other games. And some pretty gteat wins to come with it.

  5. So I played the bubble bubble 3 slot and first thing I gotta say is graphics excellent but why shouldn’t they be bigger and better Everytime right? Features well the Winn feature is awesome she turns a bunch of symbols all the same but I gotta say after $100 I never reached the free spins. Oh well I say gotta try it and ill definitely be playing again.

  6. Bubble bubble 3 is a great addition to the trilogy. the graphics are great and the fact that it has 3 different features is a big bonus to it. the only thing I don’t like is the game spins a lot different than the first 2 so that’s an adjustment. overall it’s a really good game and personally have had several big hits in the features. oh almost forgot that the witch that’s always on screen occasionally turns all the reels to the same thing giving a decent payout. username joshawa837

  7. I’ve always loved the bubble bubble slots, and bubble bubble 3 is just as fun and cool as the previous two. I don’t know what the animae witch is about, or where she came from , but, I dig that she covers the first reel while Winnie hovers above the game to throw some magic on it now and then.

  8. Well I wasnt real impressed with bubble witch 3. It seems to me to be just as close to part 2 as it could be but maybe I just havent played it enough. I’m sure some free spins might change my mind.

    Username: cillykitty

  9. Hi! Bubble Bubble 3 has awesome graphics. It is definitely not the easiest slot to hit on, but when it does, it soars! The bonus round is exciting and it is definitely worth a try!

  10. I love the new witch added. I didn’t like the first game too much and 2 was better, but this one rocks in my opinion!

  11. THIS Is a fun game captivating and pays out quite well and even more so when you get free spins hehe I do feel it could separate itself alittle more from number 2 otherwise it’s a cool game.

    Username: darkvissure

  12. I was super excited to play the new bubble bubble 3, because I’m a big fan of the first two. I LOVED the graphics they are amazing. I also really like the winn feature when she turn symbols to match so that you can hit pretty hard when that happens, my only dislike is when the witch appears in the back, it’s seems like it never hits and she drops alot but nothing really comes from that happened and I’ve played this game 3 dif times already and still have not hit a free spin bonus so I’m guessing it’s one of those bonus that r hard to hit but I’m sure if you do it will be worth. But my all around opinion of this game is that it’s fun and I look forward to playing it more and hopefully getting the bonus next time.

  13. When I first played it I wasn’t really getting anything not even a bonus. Betting higher and still nothing. I don’t know if it’s because a brand new game but I’ll play it again but not til later.

  14. I played the game and no luck whatsoever. It’s graphics are nice though! Really clear and I must say I’d try playing it again but not right now because I feel like I’m not getting luck cause everyone else is playing. Other than that don’t have much to say until I get a bonus when I play it again!

  15. I like bubble bubble 3 ,but not as much as I like 2 ,but as far as review it got some features I like alot the crystal ball feature alot ,it is like the diamonds on diamond festiva,
    And the Winnie’s magic in the middle of a bad roll all the boxes appeared as kings
    Very great game all in all

  16. So I first played it i liked how the Winnie’s bonus is random. The bonuses are hard to get in my opinion but when I did get them it paid me fairly. I love the graphics.

  17. This game is awesome. I love all of the random bonus features you can get. It’s been hard for me to hit, but when I do, it’s super exciting.

  18. It’s alright. I like how you can see the blonde witches butt when she comes up as wild for the last reel column.

    Player id: spike3

  19. In my opinion Bubble Bubble 3 is a nice fresh take on what the first and second ones are however just like my opinion on the first two it’s pretty hard to hit the scatters and sometimes it feels like you’re not making nearly as much as you should be. However that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have nice animations and neat random effects that happen during each spin or can possibly happen during each spin. So my overall take is it’s not bad and you should definitely give it a try but it’s just not my cup of tea.

  20. I played the new game last night and I loved the new graphics compared to Bubble Bubble 2. I look forward to playing it more in the days to come.

    Username grizz3

  21. The first time I played the BubbleBubble3 game I started of with $10.00 within 15 minutes I was up to $500. I got the magic ball feature, it kept spinning until a crystal ball didnt appear anymore. I had won the entire screen of balls with prizes of 1×,5x and some even said Mini. This game has a wide variety of ways you can win big on. I highly recommend giving this awesome game s try!

  22. I ‘ve tried and so exciting with this new slot game . it has design beautiful more than previous version and have more ways to earn winnings . really enjoyed on it
    username : huynhthai

  23. I really enjoyed the Bubble Bubble 3 slot. The graphics are amazing and the WINN feature throws out a nice payout when the witch changes all the symbols to the same one. Overall, it’s definitely a fun exciting game that has the potential to produce a hefty payout. I will definitely be playing again in the future.

    Username: JoJoMB82a

  24. I like the 3rd bubble bubble the most cuz of the winnies magic feature… -Rocco636

  25. I thought it was ok and it did pay well but the Halloween theme is something I’m not a fan of which I’m not going to go into detail about. All in all it pays, that’s all I know. At least it did when I played.

  26. Bubble bubble 3 is one of my top favorite slots next to cash bandits 2, I love the graphics in it the best

  27. Hello, well I love this witches game, I like that sometimes she just give you alittle bonus without having to actually get the bonus I guess its the feature where she will turn almost all or sometimes just some of the Aces or whatever is starting on first reel the same through out all reels and then hear come that bonus cash pays off big, then the 3 different options for the actually bonus its a tie between the crystal ball bonus and madelenas return gotta love 20 spins on the madelenas and of course if you retrigger it could lead to 40 then 60 ect then the crystal ball reaping hits mini and majors plus 2×,3×,4×,5× the wagering amount its such a rush.5 stars if 5 is maximum.

  28. Of all the recent 5 or so new games, Bubble Bubble 3 is my favorite.

    I enjoy the first two in the trilogy and this is a nice update with some cool new features.

    Other recent releases just weren’t for me, but I can see myself going back to bubble bubble 3. As you can see, version three, is the bees knees – and keep up the great work on these games that don’t produce zzz’s, please! 🙃

  29. This game is perfect for play during the Halloween season. The witches are cute, and can really boost your winnings. There sometimes can be many spins before any bonuses are received though, and that can get discouraging, and costly. One time I counted 35 spins before getting any sort of feature, another time, I received a bonus that paid me handsomely on my second spin, so you never know. I would recommend this game, but you might want to make sure you have enough bankroll to weather through some dry spells of non winning spins before you start to play, just in case you don’t start out winning. I only had $25 on my account once when I started to play, and at $1 a spin it was gone with no bonuses given really quick.

  30. Its no doubt my favorite of all 3. Winnie is real generous and helps out alot. All the features are awesome!!
    Highly recommended.

  31. Love it!! Better bonuses and higher payouts makes this the best of all three. The excitement of nonstop and I could play fit hours.

  32. Big fan of the Bubble Bubble trilogy especially number 3! Just as soon as you start to feel down.. abracadabra! .. your granted with bubbly magic to lift your spirits. Lol .. and not to mention the animation of these girls.. spirit lifted!

  33. They have done it again! Bubble Bubble 3 is a hit.. This slot has a great pick your feature. It will surely make you a winner. This is a great game featured by One of the Best Gaming Sites.. Enjoy Bubble Bubble 3 at Casino Extreme!

  34. I really like the first two bubble games especially the second one… i am not sure how i feel about this 3rd one yet.. i do like the bonuses more..

  35. Bubble Bubble is one of the best yet. I love the free spins feature. I really enjoy this one!!!

  36. I actually just played the Bubble Bubble 3 today and I like it. I was very disappointed with the other slot game that just came out too but this one is exciting and amazing. It’s such a big improvement from the past 2 versions. The graphics are awesome and the bonuses are more generous. The only issue that I experienced was that when I am playing the game using Safari, glitches like the sound disappearing and during a bonus the screen turned black and I can’t see anything but can hear if the the bonus spins are spinning. There are other small glitches but everything worked perfectly fine as soon as I switched my browser to Google Chrome.

  37. Bubble Bubble 3 is a cool game. Either you gonna win ir loose. I love the Halloween theme twist. My fav about it is the pumpkin objects that appear with the letters on it. Especially when the witch add extra letters that will line up with the rest of your letters! It could be a win-win situation!!

  38. Ehhh..it’s alright. Nothing I would play as soon as I log in or anything. It really didn’t do much for me no matter how I switched it up. Maybe it was just a bad day for me with that game, since I haven’t played it since. But I’ll probably give it another shot.

  39. I was a fan of the second bubble bubble but I really enjoyed this one all the new features make it that much more fun to play and the crystal ball re-spin feature is great

  40. This I an awesome game. The bonus rounds are a chance to win big time and with several different bonus rounds. I love this game.

  41. So far I’ve been enjoying the new game. I haven’t had any big wins but I can see potential. It seems to be pretty tight. Great graphics tho and I’m anxious to see what the new 3rd witch can do!

  42. I honestly have to say that I wasn’t a fan. I played through $100 and basically won $12. I’ll stick to #2

  43. I really enjoyed the new Bubble Bubble 3 game. It may take a few extra spins to get a bonus, but the payout is almost always worth it. Each one of the bonuses are exciting and the graphics are good. Definitely recommend trying your luck on Bubble Bubble 3!

  44. I’m not going to lie I actually kind of enjoy playing this game. I think it’s a lot easier to hit the bonuses in this game as opposed to 1 & 2. I do wish the vitality would go up a little bit on it. It does seem a little bit harder to hit bigger wins. But all in all I think the game is fair. Of course we all want to win big spins and cash out!!! Lol.

  45. I’ve played on the new game and I must say I am addicted to it already. I’m not just saying that either I am in love with the new features and bonuses it has. My only complaint is that they didn’t have this game sooner. Every deposit I make with extreme will always includesome game Play on this new game from now on!

  46. I really like the new Bubble bubble slot.ive played it the last few days. I only thing I don’t like, is how there’s such a long pause in between spins during the feature.i
    fancy bubble bubble 2 more so the this slot. But I’m a huge fan of the the slots.
    Username: Zoehaynes91

  47. I love Bubble Bubble 3! The graphics and designs are amazing. I love how you can pick a ball to get a different feature. You ever know what you will get. Spootacularly exciting!!!!

  48. Although I have done better on the first version of this game this game it’s higher in my opinion I’ve got a few really nice wins on it but still not as often on the first. Higher bets do better on this then mininum bet. Middle sized bets not so much ,easily one of my favorite games, bonus play has huge turn outs. the game can be a bit slow for me but its worth the payouts

    username : jasonwhite

  49. Again the design on this slots is just amazing bright colors a new witch, the game is very challenging especially trying to get that bonus. But it’s still an awesome slots and so worth the bonus once triggered speaking from experience with the other bubble slots.. keep up the great work guys.

  50. I always get alexcited when I see a new game post and althought the Bubble Bubble saga Isn’t typically a part of my go-to games, I gave it a shot and started getting excited once I started playing because it seems like Could potentially win a lot with that game And although I did not win anything in the time I played It did keep my attention and I look forward to trying it again in the future

  51. I always get alexcited when I see a new game post and althought the Bubble Bubble saga Isn’t typically a part of my go-to games, I gave it a shot and started getting excited once I started playing because it seems like Could potentially win a lot with that game And although I did not win anything in the time I played It did keep my attention and I look forward to trying it again in the future

  52. I enjoy the game its my favorite. The new features is awesome and the new look is amazing

  53. I absolutely love this game
    One of my all time favorite that’s forsure
    The features are exciting and ..this game is a perfect example of how a slot should be …..thanks extream for letting share this

  54. I always get excited when I see a new game post and although the Bubble Bubble saga Isn’t typically a part of my go-to games, I gave it a shot and started getting excited once I started playing because it seems like Could potentially win a lot with that game And although I did not win anything in the time I played It did keep my attention and I look forward to trying it again in the future!

  55. I love this 3rd edition of bubble bubble, and Winn and her sneak attack magic feature caught me off guard awarding me a third crystal ball triggering the scatter feature on more than one occasion. I think a 3 slots of this series are fun but bubble bubble 3 is the best by far.

  56. I am in awe of the graphics and effort that was put into this game. Bubble Bubble 3 is the culmination of the series and I am happy with the results. Be excited! The Witches are generous and certainly aren’t shy. If you have’t play BB3 yet, you don’t know what you are missing.

  57. I played this new game a few days ago and enjoyed it. It definitely is new and better version of the original game. And the payout is good as well. Would recommend trying this game out. Worth the time n effort.

  58. I like bubble bubble 3 a lot more than the first two games because it’s very fun and I love it when the witch adds a second crystal ball to help trigger free spins. The game has many varieties and free spin for. It pays well and keeps you entertained.

  59. Bubble bubble 3 is very pleasing to the eyes and ears. The addition of a crystal ball bonus and extra witch are fun. Winnie’s random magic is a plus although, it seems like it’s a bit harder to win much at first. I haven’t played enough to know for sure.

  60. I Love the crystal ball bonus you and a lot of money on it it’s my favorite bonus game love you guys you’re the best I always play on this site username: Ricketts19

  61. The game design and the way it plays is pretty fun . I still love the original but a new a twist to the game does spice things up for me

  62. Great features on tye three witches pop up on both end of reels. Don’t get Crystal ball bonus to often. But give it two thumbs up.

  63. Bubble bubble 3 is legit when it’s hitting when it’s not it’s not legit lol

    User name: Stanman68

  64. It looks fun to play lot of bonus and free spins. So excited . This casino is so great love gameplay. Let’s Spin😊

  65. Okay, DB3 ( double bubble 3 – also none as Bubble Bubble 3 ) Is quite the exciting new game. When it gets on a role it has really good payouts, but watch out, it can fool you into thinking it’s going to hit and won’t. All in all it is fun to play!

  66. Bubble bubble 3 has a new look and refreshing outlook to the new series of game. The features and gameplay is a bit different to that of bubble bubble 1 and 2 but still follows the same theme. Overall the new bubble bubble 3 is cool to play I still like my bubble bubble 2 because it’s one of my favorite games in casino brango.

  67. Oh wow i had alot of fun playing this game who would have thought that they could make a game even better then the frist two but they did it

  68. I thought part 3 was going to be outstanding, but it’s just like all the newer games, not that volatile and distasteful. Part 2 is always going to be my reigning queen, because it’s where the money churns in your favor….. if you have mana reserved. 😉

  69. I love the way it does the five of a kind automatic with the winne return! It gives a good play when done playing this slot it’s prolly my top five favs

  70. Bubble bubble 3 is actually pretty fun and at the same time you win without realizing haha

  71. I don’t play alot of slots but yesterday I got comped some spins double bouble 3, and I enjoyed it, it’s entertaining, and I also won some! Well put together, l play often, and you should try it, you will like it!

  72. I had anxiously been awaiting the new Bubble Witch 3. And it has definitely proved itself. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better it does. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is super smooth. This combined with Winnie the Witch and her wicked surprises it makes for a great all-around game of slots.. I definitely recommend to all!

  73. Ive played it several times but felt like it wasnt as fun as the 2nd. It doesnt hit very much, and harder to hit bonus round.

  74. I’ve only been able to play it for a few spins. Seems it didn’t want to pay or I was completely out of luck for the day. Didn’t manage to get a penny off it but can’t wait to give it another shot.

  75. I like the graphics and the pay lines. RTG games seem to be making improvements.

    Username RMart210

  76. I have tried this Slot with 50 free spins from the host. Both in Brandon And Extreme.
    Then I started to play with real money on 50 cent-$1-$1.5-$2 bet.
    It given out lot of surprises and fun to play along.
    Generally, it has a better version compare to the bubbles 2
    User: lizbb88

  77. I like it more than the 2 …. graphics and sounds are more soft… and new features are cool to trigger 🙂 lot of fun to have there !


  78. I love the idea of a number 3 of this slot but in my opionion, its way to similar to the last Bubble Bubble I wish it had its own distinct and unique game design. With that being said I will definitely play it again. If I had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give it a solid 7

  79. Number 3 of my favorite so far because I like the bonus with the crystal ball drop to and collect the full screen of them and you gettin Paid!

  80. This version is definitely a graphical upgrade from the first 2. They did a great job at updating the character models. Gameplay is pretty similar as many of the bonuses are just retitled from previous ones, but the addition of the third which is pretty dope.

  81. Really fun game. Bonus are so fun I cant get enough of it. Best game out of the three is the third I rate this one 5⭐’s Plus. Addicting Game.
    Thanks a Million times…
    I Vote Yes

  82. I really enjoy playing bubble bubble 3, and I don’t play alot of slots, but the sister’s jumping all around, makes it entertaining, and very interesting!
    Pretty good slot to play. Try it.

  83. Great slot!! Pays extremely well and gives u a chance to pick ur bonus! Keeps u on ur toes and interested! I love it!

  84. I like bubble bubble 3 it’s a nice spiced up version of 2 and keeps my attention. I love it ☺️

  85. Bubble bubble 3 is kinda wicked. The various witches laughs are cool and creepy and the colors of each of the. pumpkin head are stellar. I’d give the 8stars outta of 10 if I were a critic. Good luck goons and happy halloween!

  86. October 15, 2021 at 9:12 pm
    I can’t believe there is a Bubble Bubble 3. I have played freely and boy it is interesting!
    They added another witch!
    I can’t wait to hear who hits jackpot. I love the bonus features. It’s a bit hard but very fun!

  87. I think that it is difficult to win anything on it. I have not had any luck. And all the pictures are super “busy” but it has to have its good points because they just released the third edition of the game. I just have not gotten any luck on it

  88. WOW! I do love my bubble bubble, but then they came out with a SEQUEL! Can you say fabulous? 👩‍🎤 But wait… THEReS MORE!!! Like all other great things, (LOTR, HANGOVER, OTHER TRILOGIES), they come in 3’S!!!! I’m so HYPE! Gotta love that bonus. 10/10. Ciao babies <3

  89. I was never really a huge fan of the first 2 games to be honest, maybe its the change in graphics or the bonus but I would say this is the most ” attractive ” game out of all 3. Could definitely see myself playing this game completely randomly in between my ” go to ” games.


  90. I like the graphics. I didn’t get the bonus spins so I can’t say anything about that. I might try it again in the future to see if I actually hit on anything.

  91. I played bubble bubble3 it was fun has things I like new witch bonus left to right scatters I felt lucky reminds me of bubble bubble 2. My username is. Melgozass

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