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5 Incredible Facts About Poker

Poker is one of the favorite games both at the landing and online casinos. Many players know a lot of interesting facts about poker, but always have the same as you never heard before. This is the list of 5 incredible facts and figures about poker.

1. Poker was first played to the beginning of the 19th century and its cradle was in New Orleans, Louisiana, the former French territory.

2. According to a theory, the origin of the word “poker” comes from the German verb “pochen” which mean to brag or bluff. Nevertheless, the second theory seems to be acceptable as well, since it traces the word back to the French “poque” that is a card game similar to the present day poker.

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3. One story tells that four kings represent a historical figure. The King of Spades is said to be David (King of Israel), the King of Diamonds is thought to be the Roman Caesar Augustus, the King of Hearts is attributed to Charlemagne, and the King of Clubs is supposed to be Alexander the Great.

4. Richard Nixon has been the only U.S. president to resign so far but because his first political campaign was funded with money he won from playing poker. Within two months at the U.S. Navy in Second World War, he won $6000 which was used to fund his first campaign for Congress.

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5. More than 40 million people play poker regularly and that makes 6.8% of the adult population. Be a part of them and enjoy some of the incredible VIDEO POKER Casino Extreme offers you!


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