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Attractiveness of Cashback Bonus

Among all online casino bonuses, probably one of the most popular is the cashback bonus. Be familiar with it and play at Casino Extreme.

Among all online casino bonuses, probably one of the most popular is the cashback bonus. Players just like to get it and many casinos are including it in their exclusive promotion offers.

Cashback Bonus Explanation

As well as the VIP program, cashback is an online casino’s reward for loyalty. It is a refund in bonus money that you get back into your account if you have previously lost money while playing. This kind of bonus is a percentage of your net losses in a specific period of time. It can differ from one casino to another or from a player to a player.

Usually, the range of a casino cashback goes from 5% – 20%, the more money you play, the more cashback money you can receive. Casino Extreme always has the best offers and here you can get 20% cashback on every deposit, as well as 25% instant cashback that you can collect

The way cashback works will depend on the online casino, the same as the amount you have to bet to be eligible for this kind of a bonus. As a general rule, you’ll have to spend a certain sum of money before claiming a cashback bonus. While in some casinos the cashback program works automatically, in others you’ll have to request it at the casino cashier.

How to Get a Cashback

The most important thing for every online casino bonus you want to claim is to read the terms and conditions, first. Read carefully the amount you have to wager in order to be eligible and check what games exactly count towards cashback bonus offers. At Casino Extreme you can get it in two ways.

If you want to get extreme cashback you have to deposit any amount without claiming a bonus or promotion. Should you lose your deposit in its entirety, we will credit your casino account with a 20% cashback to the value of your lost deposits the following day. No wagering required!

The part of our hot offers is Instant 25% cashback. From Monday through Thursday, all players will be able to collect it on all bonus free lost deposits. To collect your cashback, simply contact our support team which is 24/7 available for you.

Don’t miss our “Roll for it” promotion. Great cashback bonus is waiting for you!

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