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Best Payout Slot Machines in 2021

Join us as we revisit the hottest slots in 2021.

You love to play our slots, don’t you? Slot machines are meant for the lucky ones, and we believe all of you are favored by your lucky stars. In the past year, slots were at the top of their game. A lot of you have played our slot games and won some huge prizes. Let’s remember some of the slot machines that have brought the best payouts during 2021!

Mystic Dragon

Mystic Dragon slot machine is not new, but it is continuously extremely popular among players. If you want to go back to the time of the dragons, knights, and even active volcanoes we advise you to try this game. Nevertheless, the Free Games feature that is a part of the game is something that you want to see in the slot you play. By activating this feature, you have a chance to trigger 100 free games!

King of Swing

If you are a fan of baseball this game is made just for you. King of Swing is a baseball-themed slot that is happening in the stands of the baseball stadium. All the symbols are baseball-inspired, so there is a baseball, a pitcher, a batter, a baseball glove, and even a drink of Coke! Satisfy your wildest athletic dreams and become a king of swing for a moment.

The Nice List

Naturally, at this time of the year and only a few days before Christmas, the holiday spirit is at its highest speed. Christmas jam is at its peak and there is no better way to relax and avoid all the tussle than playing our holiday-themed slots. The Nice List is the successor of The Naughty List slot. It will get you in the Merry Christmas mood right away!

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Wild Wizards

Do you believe in magic? We most certainly do! Life is meant to be lived with a little bit of magic from time to time. If you want to spice things up, the Wild Wizards slot is the game you need. An elderly wizard with long white hair and beard, and with a pointy hat is just what is necessary to break the boringness of everyday life. Spells and poisons are waiting for you!

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Ocean Dreams

Is there a better way to relax and get lost from the everyday crowd than lying on the beach while feeling the sun rays on your skin? Ocean Dreams slot is meant to be played on your summer vacation, but we cannot say that it is not a good idea to play it during this cold winter times. Check this game and warm your heart and body with huge prizes that are waiting for you. This was one of the best payout slot machines during the past year, so the expectations are big, we cannot lie.

Jumping Beans

Now, we are moving to Mexico! This slot is set up in the authentic Mexican vibe. Background of the Jumping Beans is a sunny and hot desert with cacti. By playing this game you will have a chance to experience Mexican culture and have fun while doing it. Mr. and Mrs. Bean are the main characters that will let you in their home and give you a sneak peek of the average life in the traditional parts of Mexico.

Asgard Deluxe

Mythology is also very popular and attractive to our players. This game is rich in the atmosphere of the mystical vibes of ancient times. This Asgard Deluxe represents the deluxe version of the Asgard game which is inspired by Nordic mythology. All your favorites, Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya are back, and they offer you great features. Get lost in Norse mythology while spinning the wheels of fortune!

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Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon is an RTG slot that is a part of the Jackie Chan series. It is the slot filled with thrill and excitement! This action-adventure game gives you the dose of the arousal that everyone needs in life every so often. The concept of the game is organized around a team that is sent to retrieve a secret file form from the enemy’s base. Join the martial arts and try your luck!

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Big Santa

You really love our holiday slots, don’t you? How could you not when great wins are at stake. Big Santa is the second Christmas-themed slot that is on our list of the best payout slot machines in 2021! Christmas time is the time of giving, so big payouts in this kind of game are expected. Big Santa and his reindeer Rudolph are ready to go down your chimney and give you some extra bonuses and spins. You can see more about our NO WAGERING or NO MAX CASH OUT promotion on our blog here!


5 Wishes

Last, but not least, 5 Wishes slot! We are finishing this list with a bang because this type of game is hot! One of your favorite cartoon characters Aladdin is back, and so is the Genie. But, this time, Genie is giving you five wishes instead of three. By playing this slot you have an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the Middle Eastern atmosphere which this game provides. Nevertheless, features are the strong side of this slot so you have an opportunity to unlock 100 free games as well as 2 progressive jackpots!

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