blackjack tips & tricks

Blackjack Tips & Tricks

In finding your Blackjack strategy, this article can be a good place to start. The dos and don’ts of the Blackjack world.

The weekend is almost here. It is time for some blackjack tips and tricks. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It is a game where a player’s decision directly impacts the result. Do you hit? Or do you stand? Or should you double down? Is the hand you have the right one to split? Or should you surrender? All these questions are easily answered if you own the blackjack strategy. One of the things about the blackjack strategy is that it is not based on assumptions but comes with mathematical proof. Let’s remind ourselves about some basic tips & tricks. For additional information, feel free to browse the Blackjack topic on our blog.

Basic Blackjack Tips & Tricks

We should start with the basic blackjack strategy. Knowing the strategy helps you bring the house edge down. The number of card decks, the table rules for the game, are just one of many things you should pay attention to. Knowing the strategy allows you to maximize your winnings. There are many websites that offer great charts with the strategy. However, if you want just a quick reminder of how to get the odds in your favor, keep on reading.

Avoid Progressive Strategies

Sizing your bet based on whether you won or lost the previous hand is a losing proposition. You should only bet more when there are more high-valued cards vs low-valued cards in the unplayed pack of cards. Check out the Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack review here.

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Insurance – Yes or No?

Casinos offer a blackjack insurance bet if the dealer shows an ace. Many people would say that insurance is not a good option. However, we beg to differ. An insurance bet is pretty much what it says it is – a bet that pays you out if your selection doesn’t perform as you predicted. When you place an insurance bet in horse racing your entire stake will be refunded in the event that your horse places in a race instead of winning it. So, we find insurance quite useful.

Split Tens – Yes or No?

To win in the long term you should get more money on the table when you sense the dealer is weak, and you are able to add more chips. One way to do this is to split when you have a pair. If you are a beginner, you might be tempted to always split tens since it is possible, they could make a blackjack or at least have two high finishing hands. Even though that’s possible, and you would have twice the amount of money on the table, you should never split tens. If the dealer has a weak card like a five, don’t split tens. This is already a strong hand so don’t lose it.

Hit the Cards with These Blackjack Tips & Tricks

You can take these solid blackjack tips for beginners and try them out at an instant withdrawal casino Extreme. You can play online table games for free, however, the real money games are with amazing live dealer tables. If you are new, make sure you grab the welcome bonus.

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