online slot myths

online slot myths

Busting Online Slot Myths With Facts

There are most common online slot myths and we debunked them for you.

When online casino sites began to pop up, players suddenly had the chance to spin the reels of online slots from the comfort of their own homes. However, along with this new gaming experience, came online slot myths. Some people still wondering whether these stories are true. We decided to debunk some of the most popular slot myths.

Online Slots Machines are Rigged

Maybe, this is the most common slot myth related to the belief that online casinos manipulated slot machines. However, if you know that online slots work on the Random Number Generator (RNG), you should conclude that this myth isn’t true. Namely, the winning combination at slots is always randomly generated.

RNG has its own logic and that is the only thing to rely on. In other words, RNG does not have the capacity to keep track of your wagers.

Casinos Can Change Game Settings

This myth is related to the previous one and also completely untrue. Games are rented by the casino from the game providers that created them, making it impossible for the casino to change the settings that relate to winnings.

Some facts are very important to understand how online slots are working and to be sure that this myth is untrue. Every slot that you play has a specific probability of a winning outcome which is called “hit frequency”. This, together with the value of each outcome, creates the slot’s payout percentage, aka RTP (Return to Player Percentage). In other words, what determines if a slot machine spin will result in a win is not the online casino, but the RTP and the hit frequency of a game.

The New Games Payout Better Than the Older Ones

This is most probably one of the online slot myths that might have some truth to it. One of the reasons is the fact that new games attract more players. Then, these wins are generated more frequently because of the increased turnover.

Players also believe in hot games and those are some of the latest casino releases. However, this isn’t always true and you can be sure of that after reading our blog’s article about hot games. Also, you can read about big wins in a row that our loyal player made on the reels of the old RTG slot.

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Progressive Jackpot Isn’t Fair

Progressive slots are very popular among players in many casinos, but some players doubt them. There is also a belief that casinos can rig these slots and their wins. However, if you know how progressive slots work, then you know that this is one of the online slot myths you shouldn’t pay attention to.

The prize money amounts to millions because a small percentage of every bet placed goes into the golden pot. Then one person walks away with it all. It is definitely worth a shot! Just find out progressive slots at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme and play!




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