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Calculating the Probability of Winning at Slots

The slot idea started in 1891 when Sittman and Pitt in New York developed a gambling machine which is considered to be the first slot machine. Since 1891, slots are the most using type of game in the gambling industry. When you know how to do online slots work, the main question is ‘’How to calculate the probability of winning an online slot?’’ or ‘’How to hit jackpot?’’ Winning the Jackpot is a game of odds and skills. We talked about the RNG system, so every spin on a slot machine is completely random and ensures fair play and randomness so every player has the same shot of winning. When you click the spin button a random combination of symbols is selected by the slot machine. The random selection ensures that each spin is independent, regardless of previous spins.

Many factors have an influence on winning payout, namely the number of reels, the number of symbols assigned to the slot… This whole game is about how to get money from the machine.

First of all, we need to know the number of possible winning combinations on the slot. We can calculate that very easily. A simple example imagines that we have a three-reel slot game with six symbols on each real. The total number of possible combinations is 6x6x6=216 in a total of winning combinations.

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However, winning combinations have different payouts since symbols have different values.  If you have 200 possible combinations, your odds are 200/216, which is 92.5 percent. One of the important things when we are talking about BIG WINS, is the maximum bet. If your bet is higher, possibilities for BIG WIN is bigger. Note that if you use any deposit bonuses in many cases maximum bet per hand is $10. Increasing your chances of winning jackpot through a good bonus round, free spins. You need to make sure that slot game of your choice actually has these bonus round, free spins. We always recommend reading up about slot games before sitting down to play them. 

However, one more interesting thing is that our brain is not capable of calculating odds. While we have got a probability, the odds are so small that people don’t understand how difficult is get there all they see is how much I pay in and how much can I pretend to get out. That means, there are many factors which have an influence on the outcome, but we can know what is these factors.


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