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Debit Card Casino – All You Need to Know

Debit cards accepted at Casino Extreme! Let’s answer some of the most frequent questions.

Greetings, greetings, our dearest friends! How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying December, holidays, and our ongoing Cashing Through the Snow promotion. And since we are still in the first half of the month, there is a plenty of time left to enrol and win at Slots Like Christmas Spirit Tournament! Ah, so many possibilities! And if we are talking possibilities, this article will be a reminder that your favorite Casino Extreme is also a debit card casino. You probably already know what that means, but let’s dig a bit deeper and learn more about different deposit and payment options available at your online gambling place of choice!

Can You Use Debit Card at Casino?

We have already talked about different deposit options and use of cryptocurrencies in our casino. But can you use a debit card at online casino? Yes, you sure can!

Debit cards remain very popular way to deposit online. They are available worldwide, widely accepted, and fast way to use the money you have available on your account. Unlike credit cards, they only offer money you already have available, which prevents you from spending too much and keeps you on the safe side. Safety is also guaranteed due to many different measures taken from the banks, such as data encryption. All this contributes to people choosing debit cards, even though there are other, recent options.

Nowadays, Visa and MasterCard are two of the most common cards issuing entities. And, as one of the top online casinos in the world, we do support both, and allow our players to deposit using their Visa or Master cards (both debit and credit). And when you decide to place deposits using these cards, the money will be on your casino account instantly, no delays. You already know that Casino Extreme stands by the word “Instant”!

How Many Debit Cards Can You Have on One Account?

You have several different cards, and you want to use them all for online gambling? Well, that is possible at our fast payout casino. You can place deposits using a debit card or credit card you wish and where you have money available.

MasterCard Debit Card Casino

As mentioned before, we can proudly say we offer players to use their MasterCard debit card to place deposits. That’s why we are often referred to as MasterCard-accepted online casino. Furthermore, we can offer you standard promotions plus 100% Match bonus on your first six deposits! You can find out more on how to create account, link your card to it and grab all the amazing deals at our Banking page. 

This is where we will wrap up, hoping that this article helped you better understand your options and possibilities when it comes to using debit cards at online casinos.

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