online roulette myths

Debunking the Most Popular Roulette Myths

Smashing the top 5 roulette myths with us to avoid mistakes while playing!

Roulette is one of the most unpredictable casino games and because of that, you’ll likely encounter misconceptions about it. It is a trap even for more experienced players. Join us in debunking the most popular roulette myths to avoid mistakes when you start to play at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme.

Online Roullete is Rigged

You could hear that from players who hadn’t had luck at the table. However, the truth is that online roulette is working by the Random Number Generator (RNG), guarantee for fair playing. It is a mathematical system responsible for the appearance of one number instead of another while playing online roulette. That means this process is completely random.

Wheel Has a Memory

Many fans of roulette play it as if a wheel has a memory. Namely, they bet on a number or color the ball hasn’t landed on yet. Just like in the previous myth, everything is related to RNG and each time the Roulette wheel spins, all numbers, and colors have identical chances of coming up.

Forcing the Zero

Some Roulette players believe that you can bet on Red and Black at the same time, and therefore never lose except when the zero hits. So to get around this, you bet on the zero as well. This is a bad idea as you’d lose the zero bet every time you get Red or Black.

Always Playing the Same Betting Type

There are many different betting options available in Roulette. And it benefits you to try different bets rather than sticking to just one because this strategy usually gets you the best long-term returns. One of the most popular roulette strategies is the Martingale betting system and you can use it when playing online roulette at Casino Extreme.

Big Win is Impossible

Despite house edge and probability, you can win big in online roulette at any moment. Before you start playing inform yourself about roulette and be sure to avoid common roulette myths like the ones in this list.

Now, it’s time for winning at the table. Get your bonus and play roulette!


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