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Different Types of Jackpot

When you enter the online casino lobby and chose your game, the first thing you have on your mind is the possibility to win big. One nice jackpot would be very desirable if you chose to play slots. However, before you push the Spin button on some game, you have to know some differences between Jackpot which you could hit on standard slots and one that we call progressive. In this post, we will explain it to make your experience at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme unforgettable.

In the world of slots, there are two main types that you will find at any casino – standard slots and progressive slots. At some online casino sites, they’re often grouped together. In other progressive slots are clearly separated, just like at our casino is. Of course, both types are appealing for different reasons. Both offer excitement and great gambling experience. In that case, how can you tell which is which, and perhaps more importantly, which should you be playing? Just right there the jackpot plays the main role.

Differences Between Jackpot on Standard and Progressive Slots

One of the most significant differences between them is that the jackpot in standards slots is a fixed amount. This means that the highest possible win is set by the slots developer. It cannot be changed or added to. On the other hand, progressives have variable jackpot amounts that can always be added to by participating players.

The jackpot on progressive slot can make a lucky player an instant millionaire in just a few spins. That’s because on these slots jackpot total keeps growing or progressing with a percentage of wager every player who tries this slot. However, in order to qualify for a big progressive jackpot, you will be required to play at maximum. It means that you will need to select the largest coin size and have all the paylines active on every spin. This could be very expensive. You should play progressives only if your budget is strong enough to sustain long playing sessions.

Some standard slots have a better potential to payout over a longer period. Some players prefer it since there is an inherent risk involved in playing them. If you like to make small, but permanently wins, you should try some standard slots with jackpot. Casino Extreme offers you some of the best RTG online slots in the industry. Maybe, you should read some great winning stories to makes you sure that you did the right choice. Check out how Paul got an amazing jackpot win, or how Samar hit the random jackpot.  Who knows, the next should be hitten by you.


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