How Does Dash Crypto Work

How Does Dash Cryptocurrency Work?

What is Dash and how to use it at crypto casino Extreme.

Dash is the cryptocurrency in focus at the moment, as we keep introducing Bitcoin crypto alternatives to Bitcoin while maintaining the safety and increasing speed in payment processing. Recently, we tried to explain Why Is Dash Crypto Growing So Fast. Today, we will tackle the topic of how does Dash cryptocurrency work, and what is the easiest way to deposit Dash at crypto casino Extreme.

How Does Dash Cryptocurrency Work?

As we have explained previously, Dash is a digital currency available worldwide. With Dash, you can make transactions anywhere for less than a cent – as they say. To make the Dash transaction fees as low as possible, you need to choose the proper wallet which suits your needs. Wallets have their own fees which can affect the final cost of a transaction.

Getting back to how does Dash cryptocurrency work – we need to explain the process in a simple understandable way. Not everyone is tech savvy. Moreover, you don’t have to be an expert to use Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, or any other crypto. Simply, follow the instructions.

The Wallets

First of all, the same as with any other crypto, you would need to have opened a crypto wallet to store your Dash. At this point, we leave this to you to explore and decide which wallet to use. There are hardware wallets, desktop versions, software wallets coming from different brands. Various wallets have different performances. From cold storages which have safety as a priority to desktop and mobile wallets with user-friendly features – the choice is yours. We will try to cover this topic in a separate post.

The Keys

When handling any kind of crypto currency, you need to have the public address and a private key. Public address is just what the phrase says – the address to which someone can send you digital money. In other words, it is sort of an equivalent to a bank account number. You can share it with others.

Your private key is your password, which you should keep some place safe. Without the password, no one can access your digital wallet. Some compare this to PIN, for example.

The Transaction

Dash transaction is very fast and simple. Depending on which level of speed you prefer, you can choose to send your Dash instantly with the InstantSend option, or through miners. In the first case scenario, the so-called Masternode confirms Dash transaction instantly. Otherwise, the miner confirmation usually takes a few minutes. This happens because every Dash transaction gets grouped with other Dash transactions happening at around the same time, before the miners confirm them, and then, double-check them.

Using Dash in online casinos?

Among many online casinos accepting Dash, you came to the right place. Crypto friendly casino Extreme accepts Dash as a depositing method, which allows you to start playing quickly and to make your deposit with almost non-existent fees. Dash has many advantages, details of which you can find in some of our previous posts.

Once you have set up the crypto wallet and purchased your Dash, you can consider playing with it. For many of you, the easiest way to buy Dash would be at the ATMs. For more options on how to buy dash we suggest you read the article of the same name on

How to Deposit in Dash?

To deposit in Dash, we kindly ask you to follow these few steps:

  • Login to your casino account and choose “deposit” option which takes you straight to Cashier.
  • In Cashier, you will see three options: deposit, withdraw, redeem. Deposit is the one to click.
  • Choose DASH as a depositing option..
  • Define the amount you wish to deposit. Please note the minimum depositing amount is the Dash equivalent of $10. Click “deposit” button below the amount section.
  • Then, the DASH address will pop up on your screen right below the QR code. You can either copy the address or scan the QR code appearing on top of the screen.

At this point, it is time to go to the “send” section of your wallet and paste the DASH address previously generated on your screen. Clicking “send” and the money should appear on your casino account.

Please note that when depositing in Dash, we process your withdrawals in Bitcoin, with extreme speed. It is one of the reasons why they call us “instant withdrawal kings”.

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