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How to Sign Up at Cryptocurrency Casino

Join us for a brief review of the simple sign up process and the advantages of playing at cryptocurrency casino.

If there is one thing that explosive rise of cryptocurrencies demonstrated, it’s that making transactions got a lot smoother. There’s no reason the same would not apply to the world of online gambling. But if this relatively new field still baffles you, you are in the right place. We made this step-by-step guide on how to sign up at cryptocurrency casino exactly for people who still second-guess their decision about it.

How to Join a Crypto Casino as a New Player

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with traditional casinos that don’t deal with cryptocurrencies. Then, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise if we tell you that the process of sign up at cryptocurrency casino doesn’t differ very much. It follows the same procedure as any other online site that requires registration. But before we get to that, you should find a crypto casino that’s right for you.

Finding an Ideal Cryptocurrency Casino

What’s true for the dating field also holds true for the world of online cryptocurrency casinos. Namely, finding the right one! If you want the full-blown experience of online gambling, you should pick the one that suits you most. And by suiting most, we mean a reputable and safe. Most importantly, it means one that guarantees you getting an instant withdrawal of your funds. Ideally, you should choose the one that has the best user reviews from fellow crypto casino players. And our staff’s pick that checks all those boxes would be Casino Extreme. But you are free to choose on your own.

Registering for an Account

First things first, you should go to the signup page of the crypto casino site in question. By clicking the signup button in the upper right corner you will be transferred to the registration tab. There you will enter your email, create username and password and all the usual stuff that goes with any other type of online registration.

Verifying Your Account

After crossing all of the above things from the list, to ensure your credibility, the crypto casino will send you an email to verify your account. The email will probably have a confirmation button or link to verification tab. Following this link will complete the registration process and you will be all set to go enjoying your favorite games.

Explore Your Welcome Bonus Options

There should be support for every new beginning, and what better way to do it than getting a welcome bonus?  Bonuses exist to make your transition to the crypto casino world as smooth as possible. So, be sure to check and collect them. This will surely boost your chances of getting those big score hits as soon as possible!

Making the Deposit and Claiming Your Bonus

Once you finish your sign up at cryptocurrency casino all ready to play, you’ll find yourself on a page where you can deposit your funds. As you will see, the minimum amount you can deposit is $10. But the higher the amount of deposit the higher the bonuses will be. Once you place deposit in one of the listed cryptocurrencies you’ll be able to play any game of your choosing. All alongside the accompanying bonuses that you can claim.

What Casino Extreme Has To Offer For Players

As you may have already noticed, the crypto Casino Extreme doesn’t go stingy on being generous with its players. Here’s a list of all the things it offers.

Casino Bonuses

Besides welcome bonuses we’ve already covered, you can check this link to see all the other special offers that go with certain games.

Casino Games

And speaking of the games feel free to browse the lobby for the most popular games you can enjoy playing. All based on your preference, ranging from online slots, table games, video poker, live dealer games and so many more!

Customer Service

What makes experience of playing in online crypto based casinos so enjoyable besides the above mentioned is a good customer support. No one wants to face a problem that you can’t fix by having a 24/7 customer service available to help. And if they do it in a friendly, polite and knowledgeable way, you are sure to have a prime time experience. And what better way to evaluate the support than to check out all the positive reviews they got on a site like Trustpilot.

Instant Withdrawal

The most important thing that separates good online crypto casino from bad is its ability to deliver instant withdrawal of funds. Desirably, within minutes worth of time. Besides showing the trustworthiness of the casino, it also prevents unwanted third parties of having insight in none of their business. All because the technology that stands behind crypto payments ensures total anonymity. Therefore it’s no coincidence that the said casino is known as instant withdrawal king.

Step by Step to Crypto Deposit in Casino Extreme

One of the most frequently asked question regarding online crypto based gambling is the question of depositing fund in cryptocurrency of your choice. The process should be fairly easy if you follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Login to your Casino Account.
  2. Click on the cashier button in the top left corner.
  3. Choose the crypto currency of your choice from the deposit options.
  4. Input the amount to deposit in your currency and click NEXT >>.
  5. Write down or copy the amount of money in the designated currency you need to send from your wallet and click continue.
  6. In next step, you will receive the crypto address where the funds need to be sent. Write down this crypto address and head to your crypto wallet.
  7.  You now have one hour to copy the data you gathered in Steps 5 (Amount to be send) and 6 (crypto address  where they need to be sent) to your wallet.
  8.  From your wallet now just click send and wait for the funds to show on your Casino Account.

Start Spinning and Winning with Crypto Casinos

Once you do this you will have an amount of funds equal to those deposited in your chosen cryptocurrency. All that’s left is to find a game to put them to use and hopefully turn them into profit! And once you do, always keep on your mind you can instantly withdraw them whenever you feel like it! For any additional questions you can always check our banking page or contact us through live chat.

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