craps most common mistakes

Mistakes Made While Playing Craps

Craps is one of the casino games featuring dice roll. Before you decide to put your money on a certain bet and pray for the favorable outcome, you should consider getting to know the basics, the rules, and the setting. You can read all of that in our Beginner’s guide to craps. Although Craps might be an easy game, that does not mean players don’t make mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes Craps players make.

Making Bets Without Being Familiar With the Odds

Craps offers a lot of wagers, which is another reason why it is so popular with players. Seeing so many options in which to bet, inexperienced participants think they might have a chance to win no matter what they stake their money on. But here’s where the catch comes in. These bets are quite easy to find if a player only keeps his/her head and looks. They are written in big letters on the table.

Expecting More Profit by Hedging Bets

Most amateur craps players think that by hedging their bets, they can make sure they win something per every round. The idea behind hedging is to cover multiple numbers per round so that they have strong chances of winning at least one wager. Hedging bets might be a fun way of adding more intrigue and action to the game, but often players don’t look at their long-term odds of winning and end up losing more than the profit.

Not Knowing or Failing to Take Advantage of Craps Odds

Craps is a truly unique game in that, though it offers bets with staggeringly high house edges, it also has a bet with no house edge at all. What is unfortunate is that many craps players fail to take advantage of this opportunity since they don’t even know about it. Odds is a bet a player places behind a pass line or don’t pass line wager. A player ‘takes odds’ when he/she wagers behind the pass line and ‘lays odds’ when wagering behind don’t pass line. This bet plays at true odds, that being the reason why it doesn’t have any house edge.

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