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Random Number Generator Guarantees Fair Playing

The thing that makes online casinos safer than land-based casinos is for sure the random number generator. This mathematical system is the heartbeat of the entire business. Without it, online casinos simply wouldn’t be fair, or fun places to play. This is the reason why we will explain RNGs better in this blog post.

How Random Number Generator Works?

To understand how RNG works you first have to know what it is exactly.  It is a mathematical system responsible for the appearance of one number instead of another while playing online roulette, or one symbol or another in online slots, or even one card or another in online blackjack or baccarat.

All the games are implemented by means of software that generates random numbers, an algorithm that simulates what happens in real casino rooms. Unlike land-based casinos, shuffling is replaced by a mathematical formula. Hence, it ensures that every card dealt, dice rolled, or wheel spin is completely random and therefore unpredictable.

As soon as you click “deal” or “spin” the RNG throws a random number at the game software. Consequently, the random number is than put to the game software to create a tangible result.

The Importance of RNG

RNG systems are not new in the field of new technologies. They were designed many years ago. Today we are using this system in various fields, not only in the world of online gambling. Additionally, like in any other field, RNG systems are constantly updated and improved.

Random Number Generator originally came into the casino business as a new way to run slot machines. In the past, slots used psychical reels to determine which symbols would land on payline, to create winning combinations. Today, online slots are complicated because of several paylines they have. Old-fashioned reels simply couldn’t handle this kind of complexity. Without releasing the RNG, we would never have reached this point in online slots.

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