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The Best Litecoin Wallets Overview

The best Litecoin wallet may seem difficult to find in the sea of similar wallets. However, with the right support, and a bit of your own research, this task is easy. You should basically search for the right type of the wallet. After reading our Litecoin Depositing Guide you probably just wish to get this over with and start playing and redeeming the special Litecoin promos as soon as possible. Therefore, we have prepared a brief summary of some of the most convenient Litecoin wallets nowadays, as per many user reviews. It is important to understand that this review does not represent the endorsement of any of the crypto wallets mentioned herein. Players should decide on their own which wallet suits their needs. In this text, we will tackle the topics of types of LTC wallets, key takeaways and main deciding points.

Why Litecoin Wallets Are Important?

The same way you need a place to keep your fiat currency, you also need a place to keep your crypto currencies. The main difference is in a fact that with cryptos you alone are in charge of your money, not the bank or any other third-party institution. Therefore, crypto wallets are important.

As you are responsible for safekeeping your cryptos, you should always choose the wallets which provide a good safety – fees ratio. Therefore, before deciding on a wallet, you should decide what is your priority when it comes to storing your Litecoin.

Litecoin Wallets with Affordable Fees

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to handle your cryptos is through any of the popular crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Coinmama and similar.

You may remember that we explained LTC depositing fees at crypto casino Extreme are close to zero. However, to have a truly ultimate experience with the lowest possible fees on all ends, you need to find the proper LTC wallet. Litecoin wallets (i.e. apps) native to certain crypto exchanges offer affordable fees for LTC transactions.

On a global scale, if the average LTC transaction value is 20.30 LTC ($3,392 USD), the average transaction fees come down to 0.00016 LTC ($0.027 USD), as per .

You are free to browse the pricing and fees section on the exchange, such as this one. This is an interesting link where the fees are explained in detail. As you will see, for a transaction of value up to $25, the approximate fee is $1.49.

When you pair this with close to zero fee at crypto Casino Extreme, the gaming experience gets a completely new dimension.

How Secure is my Litecoin on Crypto Exchange Wallets?

As you will see, some of the above-mentioned platforms offer “storing majority of cryptos in a secure offline storage”. You will also come across the claims such as “cryptocurrency stored on our servers is covered by our insurance policy.”

According to these claims, the funds on the wallet apps of the above-mentioned exchanges should be safe enough. However, we invite you once again to do your own research.

What About Hardware Wallets?

We feel obliged to let you know that there are other, so-called “cold” storages to store your cryptos. We are referring to hardware wallets. Their advantage lies in a fact they keep your cryptos and private keys offline all the time.

This means that your password resides offline constantly, as the only place where you need to type in your password is the hardware device. In other words, the chances of potential hacking are minimal.

Hardware wallets come in many options and forms. Nevertheless, they come at certain price and include fees. Some are affordable, others not so much.  Again, we invite you to explore this topic and choose the wallet according to your needs.

Pros and Cons of Online App Litecoin Wallets

Nowadays you can find many reviews of various online Litecoin wallets on the Internet. The advantages include the fact they are user-oriented and free of charge. Moreover, the fees are decent, and security is outstanding. Wallet apps usually support the most popular crypto currencies, Litecoin being one of them.

On the other hand, the lack of support for different coins could be viewed as its shortcoming. We must also remember that online wallets are constantly online. Now, whether this is a serious con or not, it is up to you to decide. When choosing the wallet, make sure it contains 2-step verification and SSL encrypted verification. That is about as much as you can do to provide high security for your funds.

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