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The Most Common Poker Tells

Join us for an overview of a couple of tips on how you can spot the most common poker tells.

There are many reasons why poker is among the most popular games. One of the main ones is that, unlike many other games which rely solely on luck, there’s quite a bit of skill you can employ to become a better player. In fact, there’s a whole debate about it that we’ve written about recently. You can check it out. But this article aims to provide a few suggestions on how you can improve one of the most useful skills while playing poker. The ability to read your opponents’ actions through recognizing the most common poker tells.

What Are Poker Tells?

Poker tells are usually defined as any form of physical or verbal action that gives away information about the strength of another player’s hand. These usually manifest in the form of a noticeable body language change in one’s behavior or demeanor. Players also will deliberately act in certain ways or say certain things to try to deceive their opponents, and thus might give away information to others who can see through such performances. So, let’s go through a couple of the most common poker tells to help you become the master of the game.

Overall Body Language

The first and the easiest to spot among poker tells is the overall body language of a player. What the human body does most of the time are unconscious reactions to the environment that are difficult to obscure. What you should do is catalog your opponents’ general body language and look for anything that’s out of the ordinary. If they’re usually hunched back while playing and then suddenly straighten up, you’ll know something’s off. So, pay close attention and you’ll be able to tell through them.

Betting Speed

One of the surest poker tells you’ll encounter is the time it takes other players to bet their hands. If you see them hesitating before deciding whether to check or raise, chances are they have a stronger hand. It’s those players who act casually and are quick to place a bet that are likely bluffing. That’s because they want less time spent on studying them and by doing so, they’re trying to convey confidence.

Double-Checking Hole Cards

Double-checking hole cards is one of the most interesting poker tells. And the reason for that depends on the context when it’s performed. It can indicate either a strong hand or a weak one. The players with weak hands will usually check their hole cards before placing a bet. And the ones with strong hands will do it after. The first are trying to trick others into thinking they have a strong hand which is an unlikely thing to do if you have it. And second ones are doing it to reassure themselves if they made a proper decision.

Chip Handling

Equally important to double-checking hole cards among poker tells is the way players handle their chip stack. The ones who reach for their chips before it’s their turn to act are likely to have a strong hand and can’t wait to play it out. On the other hand, the ones who pound out a bet or go splashing with chips tend to do it as a bluff. Also, be on the lookout for those who take a quick glance at their chip stack after the flop as it’s a subconscious action that tells you they’re considering whether to bet or raise, which suggest having a strong hand.

Table Talk

And the last on our list of poker tells is table talk. There are two types of players you’ll usually encounter at the poker table. The quiet ones and the loud ones. The most important thing is to be mindful of when each of them acts in an opposite way. When the talkative player turns into a silent type or vice-versa it probably means they’ve been dealt a good hand. It’s a sign of their relaxed state of mind that aims to exude confidence. Also, pay attention to how specific they are when talking about their hands because it’s harder to construct a credible lie with more details provided.

Do Poker Tells Work in Online Casinos?

If you thought that many of these poker tells don’t really apply to online casinos, think again. There are many things, such as the timing of the play, betting patterns, and the number of chips one is willing to use that can reveal quite a lot of stuff. Either way, you’ll train yourself best by practicing, and there’s no better place for it than Extreme’s bet-safe casino! So, choose what you like and you’ll be good to go!

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