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The Perks of Being a High Roller

Hig roller is a player with many benefits at an online casino. Be one of them and win big cash at Casino Extreme!

If you have ever been to some land-based casino, you must have seen the special area reserved for VIP players. Usually, there are private poker rooms, personal cashiers, and a free bar. However, with an explosion of online casinos, these areas have “moved” in the section “VIP club” on the site. That became the place of many perks for every casino high roller and in this blog post, we will reveal some of them.

Who is a High Roller Actually?

First, you should know that in the casino slang we usually refer to the high roller as the whale. Second, there isn’t just one definition of this kind of a player. Usually, high rollers are experienced gamblers with a lot of money and no fear of gambling that money away.

Often, their betting habits define them. A table-game high roller typically bets at least $100 or more per hand. Slots high rollers normally wager $25 or more per spin.

These players are the ones with the deepest pockets, a keen sense for a game they are playing, and a strategy to win big amounts of cash. It means that you have to bet a lot to be officially labeled as a high roller.

VIP Club and Its Benefits

Most online casinos have a range of tailor-made deals available exclusively for high rollers. They get bigger weekly limits for withdrawal, as well as the percentage of cashback. Casinos don’t forget their whales and give them special rewards for their birthdays and holidays. Others, let them play a new game a few days before its release.

All the benefits they usually get through the casino VIP club. At bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme there are five VIP levels to move through. Every next level has more perks comparing to the previous one, and the biggest privileges are reserved for the highest levels.

Casino Extreme High Rollers

You can read about the ventures of our high rollers and the stories of their big wins on our blog. One of them is Zachary who is well known for his big hits on the Loch Ness Loot slot. Also, we have some ladies in this high-class society and one of them is Mary who recently made a winning hit of $30k on Asgard online slot. Devan is also a high roller at our casino, such as Quoc and these guys know very well all the benefits of betting high amounts. One of the well-known high rollers in Casino Extreme is Scott who made big wins several times playing online slots from the popular title Cash Bandits.

If you dream about all the perks you could get as a high roller, you should read all about our VIP club and then play, play, play!




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