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Top 3 Most Used Roulette Strategies

Join us for a review of the top 3 most used roulette strategies you can apply to increase your chances of winning.

Roulette is probably the most famous casino game you can think of thanks to a great number of reasons. And the primary one of them, besides the long history and excitement that it provides, is the simplicity of roulette’s rules. You just have to pick the numbers you want to bet on and play. But the fact that it doesn’t require any particular specialized skill shouldn’t mislead you into thinking there is nothing you can do to get better at winning while playing it. The element of chance that gives the game such an appeal remains a deciding factor but applying some of the following roulette strategies is surely going to improve your chances of winning, so let’s go through some of them.


The Martingale roulette strategy is the most known and popular strategy among all the different types of betting. And the reason for it is, again, the simplicity of its rules. In short, it boils down to doubling your betting amount money every time you lose. The point of doing this is to recover all your previous losses the moment you get to win.

There is a solid scientific foundation to this strategy that’s based on the probability theory. It states that if the odds of a certain outcome remain the same on each wager, as they do in roulette, they will eventually happen at a similar rate. So, for example, if the ball lands on red a dozen times, sooner or later, it will have to go for the black because the odds of that happening are the same. That way if you doubled the bet playing black all the time until it finally came you are bound to retrieve all your previous losses.

The only downside to this type of roulette strategy is that it can become rather expensive if you’re betting on a limited bankroll. But if you double the stakes only when you lose and return to the smallest possible betting unit whenever you win, it’s surely going to pay off in the long run.


Another popular roulette strategy to follow is the Fibonacci system. Fibonacci system is a mathematical sequence that occurs frequently in nature. It begins with 0 and 1 and progresses in this way: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-12-20-32-52-84… If you look closely, you’ll see that every number is the sum of the previous two.

So, how do you apply this to roulette? By placing one unit bet on the first, another one on the second bet, and making the next wager the total sum of the previous two bets every time you lose. And every time you win, you move back two numbers in the sequence.

For example, if you wager $3 and lose, you should make your next wager $5 (2+3 in the Fibonacci sequence). And if you win, you make your next bet be $1 (by moving two numbers back).

This makes the Fibonacci system one of the safest roulette strategies to follow because it ensures you cover up all the previous losses and have the chance of leaving with a profit even when you lose more games than you win.


And the last on our list of most used roulette strategies is the Labouchere system. It’s a bit more complex than the previous two systems and is a favorite among the more professional players. The basic idea is that you decide beforehand how much you want to win and split that number into smaller units.

For example, if you want to win $7 you divide it like this 1-1-2-3, and the combination of the first and last number should present your bet size. This means that the bet size, in this case, is 4. If you win you remove these two numbers and move on to the next ones. If you lose, you add the lost bet to the end of the line, so it looks like 1-1-2-3-4. You do this until you clear the line, which means you’ve gained the desired amount.

What’s great about this system is that it provides you with a framework upon which to build. You set a goal and work towards achieving it. This eliminates unnecessary wagers because you constantly keep track of how much you bet and how much you want to win. It also does a great job of managing your bankroll and cutting down on unnecessary losses.


There are quite a lot of secrets regarding roulette strategies that work differently for different people. And the best way to find out which one of them works best for you is to practice until you find the right one. Casino Extreme’s instant withdrawal casino offers a wide variety of available roulette games so pick the one you like, apply one of these roulette strategies and we’re sure you’ll be up for a winning streak in no time!

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