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Top 5 Most Exclusive High Roller Casino Games

Always wanted to try a high roller casino game but didn’t know where to start? Read on and find about the top 5 you can lay your hands on!

If you played at online casinos before, you’re already familiar with how the stake limits regulate the rules of play. The limits differ from one casino to another, but those that accept large stakes with low or no limits are the ones we call high roller games.

High roller casino games are tailored for people who like to take risks. And by risk, we mean readiness to wager huge amounts of money. But depositing huge amounts of money isn’t the only thing that makes a difference between high and low roller. It’s all about finding an appropriate casino game of your liking which will in time lead you to massive payouts. We prepared this article as a way to help you find out the most popular high roller casino games.


The first thing that usually springs to one’s mind when mentioning a casino is a crowded roulette table. With a history spanning to the 1700s, it’s a game that’s here to stay. And it’s popular among high rollers because of the high RTP ratio that’s especially true for a single-zero variant.

The goal of the game is to predict the number that the ball will land when the wheel stops turning with additional wins if you bet on red or black sections of the table. The table also consists of several different grids where you can bet on odd or even, or combinations of different numbers. It’s a straightforward game almost everyone can master and enjoy.

But what makes roulette so popular among high rollers are the wagering mechanics that are strongly catered to them. There are unrestricted betting limits to most of the tables you can find out there, and that means there’s an incredible potential for multiple payouts.

Imagine the thrill one would get going “all on black” by placing an unlimited amount of money that delivers massive prizes. Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore! You can easily get your high roller adrenaline rush by playing any variations Casino Extreme has in stock for you.

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One cannot start talking about high roller games without mentioning blackjack. It’s a universally beloved game that’s known for having a low house edge that gives great odds at winning. What makes it popular among high rollers is that you can hardly find an online game with better RTP than blackjack.

The strategy and rules of blackjack are quite simple to pick on. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. The winner is the one who gets closest to the score of 21 without exceeding the number. And one of the reasons it attracts high rollers is the speed of each hand. When you can play a hand in under a minute, you can gain huge amounts in the same amount of time. An important thing to mention is also the option to “double down” after seeing your cards. So, if you’re sure you have a winning hand, you can get a great return on your original bet.

What also makes the difference between low and high roller types of blackjack is the number of decks in use. In high roller blackjack there are usually eight decks of cards, which means it’s virtually impossible to rely on card-counting. That won’t stop you if you’re up for a true high roller experience knowing that better payouts will follow suit.

There are so many different variations available at Casino Extreme you can check if you just follow the link.


Baccarat is probably the most famous game among high roller players. It has a fascinating history that goes back to 15th century Italy. It probably owes its high roller reputation to the fact it was popular among French aristocracy and royalty. Some sources even claim it was Napoleon’s favourite game. And its popularity was revived recently in many iterations of James Bond books and movies.

But at its core Baccarat is a simple guessing game. The gameplay is similar to blackjack in that the player and the dealer (banker) play against each other on the outcome of a winning hand. Whoever has the hand closer to 9 wins. What makes it a great game for high rollers is that the winnings are usually double the bet you place. Considering that the betting amount can range from $50 to $100,000 or even higher, the sky is the limit.

But with the rise of online casinos and decreasing wagering limits, it became accessible to both high and low rollers. That means you can safely play one of many versions we have in stock regardless of your bankroll.

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Contrary to most of the above-mentioned games poker is a game that doesn’t solely rely on chance. You’re playing against other players and not against the machine or the dealer like in blackjack, which makes it fairly bit competitive. Besides the skill needed to play, you also need a working knowledge of human psychology. So, if you’re the kind of guy who likes to compete this game can lead you to develop multiple skills.

But what makes it popular among high rollers? In poker, the term high roller usually refers to the player who likes to play higher stake cash games. But it can also apply to high buy-ins tournaments that can go up to more than €25,000. The higher the stake, the higher the wins.

One of the highest-paying poker variations out there is certainly Texas Hold’em. It established itself as the most famous version of different poker thanks to the movies like Rounders and early 2000s tournaments that gave many players the status of movie stars. Being a fast-paced game that requires practice to learn, once you become a professional poker player you can take loads of money with you.

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Last but not the least, we come to the only game that’s not table based. It’s not without a reason that slots are among the most played games at a casino. You can divide them into penny and high roller slots. The latter being what brings the ultimate gaming experience, and as the name suggests invites the same kind of players.

The high roller slots are packed with immersive gameplay and are known for delivering huge payouts and jackpot prizes. And although that means higher wagering requirements, it also means higher chances to walk away with massive rewards.

And if you play at an online casino the likes of Casino Extreme, you can expect the payout rates to be much higher, with special free spins and bonus offers that can increase your chances of hitting big scores exponentially. Especially because you can place your bets in a range of a few to a large amount of money depending on your preference.

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How To Become a High Roller Player?

So, if you consider becoming a high roller player the first thing you’ll need is of course money. Preferably, the money you’re ready to invest. So, if we assume you’ve sorted this part out, the next thing is of course to practice. There are a lot of games out there you can work on until you find the most suitable for you. But even that won’t help if you don’t…

Find a Suitable Online Casino

The importance of finding a suitable online casino is especially important when you want to have a high roller gambling experience. You want your deposits to be absolutely bet safe and to have an instant withdrawal of any winnings you get. The reputation of Casino Extreme as such is already firmly established, as you can see from the experiences of other players. You can easily check out all of the mentioned games, and for any question you have contact our support system. They are available to you 24/7, seven days a week!


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