What Is RTP (Return To Player) In Online Casinos?

Let’s talk about RTP – an acronym you’ve surely heard about and asked yourself about its meaning.

If you’ve ever had any contact with online casino slots, you’ve probably heard the term RTP. If you don’t know what it is, in today’s post we will see why it is important. We’ll explain everything you need to know about this concept and how it works with slots. Also, you’ll see how it could influence your game choices. Let’s go!

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP is often thrown around in the online gambling world. It is very common that this 3-letter acronym confuses people. If you are not familiar with it, the RTP or Return to Player is an indication given as a percentage as to how easy it is to beat a casino game.

You can think of it as the opposite of a house edge, a term you probably heard of many times. So, if the house edge is an advantage casino has over you, then the return to player presents the chances of you winning your money back.

How to Calculate RTP?

Let’s take a closer look at the calculation of RTP. You don’t have to be math genius to calculate it, don’t worry. The percentage of winnings in online casinos calculates using a simple formula. To do it, the amount of winnings should be divided by the size of the bets multiplied by 100%.

For example, if a player places their $100 wager on a single spin of a slot machine with a quoted RTP figure of 95%, on average they receive $95 back from their spin. But, the most exciting thing is the fact this number calculates on a huge number of spins, usually millions. That way, slots give an opportunity to earn a lot of money over a session of a few hundred or a few thousand spins. Everything is possible, that’s the main thing that makes slots so exciting.

Hit Frequency and Variance Vs. RTP

Players often replace the meaning of RTP with game variance and hit frequency. But, these three terms are not the same.

Although the variance and RTP are related, these do not refer to the same thing. Variance tells you a lot about the frequency of potential winnings and the size of the winning amount. Simplified, high-variance slots offer rarer but larger payouts. On the other side, low-variance slots offer payouts more often but they are smaller.

Now let’s see what is hit frequency. This is a term that explains the rate at which a slot machine will land on a winning combination. While RTP expresses the amount of money that goes back to the players, hit frequency describes how often a player will win.

Casino Games with High Return to Player Value

Since you know what is RTP, here are some games that offer the highest Return to Player. Blackjack is one of the best games among them thanks to the 99.50% RTP value. But, when it comes to Blackjack it would be great if you had a strategy in place to get the most of it.

Besides Blackjack there is Baccarat which is also very popular with RTP of 98.94%. You can also play another high RTP games at Casino Extreme such as Video Poker and Casino Hold’em, not to mention the online slots. Give it a try and check how much this post was useful.

Have in mind that every good casino will be transparent about their RTP percentages so make sure you check it before you start your adventure. Instant withdrawal Casino Extreme is one of them so you can see which game gives you best chance at winning. Until next time.

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