Gem Fruits

Gem Fruits

Gem Fruits Unveils Up to 100 Free Spins!

Unearth a treasure of sparkling wins and get up to 100 Spins with Gem Fruits, the new high-volatility slot game at Casino Extreme!

What’s up, fellow Extreme players, gem hunters, and jackpot seekers! Say hello to Gem Fruits, your one-stop destination for sparkling wins and tantalizing payouts. With a field of 25 radiant paylines, this classic online slot offers a cornucopia of rewards, all with a fruity zest. Prepare to be dazzled, as we offer an exclusive deal: up to 100 Free Spins!

Shimmer with Wins in 25-Payline Gameplay

Gem Fruits brings you a vibrant 25-payline grid that’s as luscious as a freshly plucked peach. Each spin shines bright like a gemstone, laying the ground for a top award of a jaw-dropping 50,000 times your bet per line. So, don your luckiest charm and join the orchard of opulence!

Gem Fruits Icons: Your Passport to Payout Paradise

Keep an eye out for succulent fruits and the iconic Gem Fruits logo, the game’s Scatter. Land three or more Scatters and set off the Free Games feature where the wins are juicier than a ripe mango. Keep in mind that Scatters are the gateway to unearthing a treasure trove of prizes.

Gem Fruits Free Games: The Orchard of Opulence

Land at least 3 Scatter symbols, and you’re off to the land of Free Games. The fifth reel turns into a stacked Wild during these spins, maximizing your winning ways. What’s more, land additional Scatters during Free Games, and be rewarded with 5 more Free Games, adding more nectar to your rewards.

Wild Magic: A Symphony of Substitutes

Look out for the “Wild” symbol that can substitute for all but the Scatter, appearing on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. This Wild power can magically transform your spins, paving the way for glistening victories. Yes, it’s the special ingredient in this delicious fruit cocktail of wins!

High Volatility: The Rollercoaster of Riches

Gem Fruits plays at high volatility, promising a thrilling ride for those who crave big wins and sharp turns. Each spin adds a chapter to your own sparkling tale of adventure, heightening the suspense and drama like a night at the opera!

Trigger the Gem-Studded Jackpot

Align five identical symbols on any payline, and you’ll activate the Jackpot feature to the right of the main reels. Grand, Maxi, Major, Minor, or Mini, the Jackpots offer a range of multipliers, each juicier than the last. Hold your breath as the Jackpot Reel spins, unveiling your splendid prize.

Get Your Gem Fruits Adventure Rolling

Ready to sink your teeth into this delectable game? Grab up to 100 Free Spins for a head start. For players who have deposited in the last 180 days, an initial 50 Spins are on the house. A small additional deposit grants you another 50 Spins to keep the glistening reels spinning.

If you have any questions or need a helping hand, our support team is available around the clock. So why wait? Start spinning Gem Fruits today, and pluck your fortune from the tree of chance!

65 thoughts on “Gem Fruits Unveils Up to 100 Free Spins!

  1. Funny wee game with a bonus wheel on the end that went off twice during my fs and gave me 4 x mini,sadly mini was only .50 cents and made not much of an impact. Encouraging is the graphics and smooth gameplay.

  2. All of the goods and more I like the idea and the design of the game so far I think it’s the most interesting and fun game I’ve played so far and I really enjoyed the theme but the game itself has some flaws that make it hard for people who don’t know what they’re doing to play

  3. I enjoyed playing Gem Fruits. The big wheel was cool. Liked how often I hit the GEM FRUIT free spin bonus. I will be playing this slot again.

  4. The game is ok. Unless you hit one of the bonuses I don’t think the payouts are that great. Seems like it goes long streaks of not hitting anything

  5. OMG extreme keeps doing it every time there is a new game I think I really like it and it’s usually my new favorite game but this game really is my new favorite game it’s so much fun and pays out well love the free spins aside of that the game features are pretty awesome too I love the colors and sound effects when you hit anything I could play this game for ever and not even realize the time lol love this game samba jackpots is where it’s at if you haven’t played it yet play it see what you’re missing 😁

  6. Great game all around. It keeps u guessing and I like multiplier on there… Lots n lots of free spins who can’t beat that..

  7. This awesome slot is so great with the bonus slide at the end of the reals being triggered by the scatters and by the 5 of a kind. New here but this slot is right up my alley

  8. Hello to all Gamers / Gamblers alike….. im here to say try this New “Gem Fruits” Game Today , its fun, and its profitable, its everything u need in a Slot Machine game that u want to invest in. This here game can get you started on a great quest & of endless days of winning ok now the question is up to you what do you do from here invest like I suggest or go boo who and fast run away crying because I ain’t saying hi to you ! So good bye my friends say good day my mate im who i say I appreciate!

  9. I now have a new favorites game. Gem Fruits has taken that spot away from Big Santa. Love this new game and cashed out on it too! Great new slot, thx Casino Extreme

  10. This game seems to be really fun. Now I have new favorite games. There’s nothing more satisfying than playing this game. I say yall hit the nail on the head with this one. Great job.

  11. Love it the game is a bit slow but in all in it’s better than some I play the bonus spins could happen more meaning don’t really get much most the time spun over couple thousand spins all around okay

  12. This is one of my favorite games. Can win lots even betting the minimum amount. Free spins are good get paid twice if hit 5 of any kind. You would love this game easy money when machines hot .

  13. The colors are everything about the game is just amazing. I actually won a lot of money. I didn’t Cash out with it a lot of money but I did it when someone and I thought to myself I’m gonna start playing this game for now on. Peep up the good work. This great job .

  14. Gem fruits at first play seemed like a cool remaining of sweet blast . I liked the multiplier bonus feature however it seems so hard to ever trigger. I’ve spin 200 straight spins and not triggered once. This was over a two day period. Not my favorite game but it adds variety and great color scheme if I had to give a positive

  15. Has its good days n band but when u do win dont stick around to long cause it will bite u on the bum

  16. exciting game : so many chances to win the jackpots : have hit a few small mini n minor ones : live to hit the bigger jackpots in this game : it’s fun to play : i definately play it again :

  17. Gem Fruits is an awesome slot to play with several different bonus features options to maximize your game play and triples your chances of bringing home the bacon! When it first came out I wasn’t able to play d/t technical issues the game was having , so it will be awesome to score some free spins on GemFruits.. Casino Extreme is the best online Casino with lightning fast payouts! Thank you Extreme!

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