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5 Best Places for Gambling Vacation

One of the pleasures of traveling could be the visit to casino resorts, where a fortune can be won. Around the world have a plant of this places and for everyone best-known is Las Vegas. However, there are some of the best gambling vacation places for people who love gambling you maybe don’t know till now.

London, United Kingdom

Except for all the other popular attractions in London, the city also offers visitors more than 20 casinos with a large variety of games. London offers some of the great places to play blackjack or poker.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The capital of Puerto Rico offers great fun for people who like to play gambling. There are several casinos that operate 24 hours a day and have many interesting games for all of us who like that type of vacation.

Macau, China

This city is known throughout the world as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. It is because in Macau located more than 30 casinos which earn is up to 50% of its entire economy.

Aruba, Caribbean

If you want to spend time on some of the wonderful beaches and visit casinos, this is the right place for you. On this small island country, you can find 24 hours opened casinos with big offers of various games.

Online Casino

If you can’t travel to any of the above destinations, you can spend a vacation in your home and enjoy playing games at an online casino, who knows, maybe you’ll win enough to spend your next holiday at some of these places. Log in or sign up at Casino Extreme, you can find exciting slots, great video poker, Blackjack, and our new board game “Banana Jones“.

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