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Between Jobs? Think Creative Industries!

There is always one thing that is certain in uncertain times. Yourself. If you manage to rely on your own capacity to live through the storm, you are already a winner. Reality teaches us that we need to land on our own two feet if we want to not just succeed but simply persevere. We realize that the crisis hit many countries at a high scale. For those of you who feel lost, these are a few suggestions. Between jobs? Think creative industries!

Professional Gamer?

If you have got the skills of a professional gambler, it is a pity to waste them. People with a sharp mind able to comprehend a certain casino game in details have a gift. Moreover, they can enjoy many of the benefits of becoming high rollers.

If gambling is just a hobby to you or better yet – a passion, there is always room for improvement. Earning your living through gambling is possible. However, not too many people are skilled enough. It takes time and a lot of learning and practicing. If you are not up for it, explore your other option.

What Skills Do You Have?

The important thing is to discover your skills. You may have never thought about it before, but some of your skills can help you pay the bills.

Take writing for example. There is a multitude of ways you can get into the online writing world in various industries. Or knitting (I am not kidding). It appears that we are seeing the revival of hand-made products. The online offer is there, as well as the demand.

What Are Creative Industries?

Unlike being a doctor, a teacher and so on, work in creative industries does not necessarily require you to have a specific formal education. In case you have it, it is a plus, naturally. However, there are many successful creative people who succeeded in their jobs, almost accidentally.

Creative Industries encompass variety of jobs. From art and design, marketing, copywriting, photography, singing, acting, and so on.

If you were lucky in life, you have chosen a career in accordance with your interests. However, there are many people who are just now discovering their interests and skills in the middle of the pandemic and all this frenzy. The best thing to do now is search for resources online. Any additional training in a specific field can benefit you. The following is a short list of some of the most wanted jobs in creative industries.

UX Designer

If you are aiming for the career in IT industry, you would need to put some effort into sharpening your skills and learning new stuff. However, the efforts should pay off. Apparently, the job of a User Experience (UX) Designer is very sought after. It is for people who have an eye for detail. This job entails designing and creating the products that are useful and enjoyable at the same time.  UX designers do not necessarily work on apps and websites. They can also design the so-called “non-digital” products and services.

Other IT-Related Creative Jobs

If we are trying to stick to the design-oriented field, illustrators, animators, graphic designers all do very creative jobs. Your experience at our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme would not be at the top level if there haven’t been for them.


Copywriters have never been in such a high demand as well. The reason probably lies in a fact that more and more companies are transferring their businesses online. Becoming a good copywriter can also take some time. But if your passion lies in writing and you enjoy playing with words, go ahead. Do not be afraid to start practicing as much as possible. Write for hours and hours and write in various formats.

Creating a blog post is not the same as creating an add campaign. Moreover, writing a newsletter that catches attention and generates response is again something completely different. There are many courses in this field. Check them out.

Wizards of Hand-Made Products

Baking, sewing, doing make up, running your own DIY tutorial – these are all jobs that can be very profitable. Maybe you have your family recipe that you wish to share. Or perhaps you realized that you are spending so much time in a kitchen and no one notices you are there. Why not spice things up and make a career out of it?

Both men and women like to eat, look good and prove to be skillful. Why not share your ideas and give them what they want while earning some cash? Do a tutorial on exercise if that’s your thing. Or show how you now your way around bikes or carpentry. Everything is on display today.

If at the end you opt for becoming a more experienced gamer, our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme is here 24/7. Start with tips and tricks and put your knowledge into practice.

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