Why Do Supermarkets And Casinos Have The Same Design?

Even though the concepts are completely different, supermarkets and casinos are extremely similar. Stay with us to see how!

No sunlight, scented air, limited windows, and no clocks. This is a picture of an average casino. But does it remind you of anything else? This is exactly the same picture of an average supermarket. Have you ever asked yourself what these two have in common? Reportedly, supermarkets and casinos have very similar design. But what is the reason? Whether you are at the grocery store or casino, be sure that designers haven’t ignored none of the six senses. Let’s see if it true what they say – is shopping really such a gamble?

Products Positioning

If you ever feel like you can’t get out of the store before spending way too much, there is a reason for that. It is predictable where most shoppers and gamblers will go first.

In supermarkets, the cheapest and most used products are always far away from you. Those are products like bread, milk, or eggs. Even the toilets are positioned away from each other. The reason for that is simple – making shoppers walk more and buy things they didn’t want at first. This is familiar technique to get you to spend more.

Casinos, on the other side are separating high-rollers into one area featuring the higher-limit games. More casual players and hotel guests are diverted through the slots and cheaper table games. You will most probably find the higher stakes tables near the entrance and the minimum bet tables somewhere inside in a corner.

Supermarkets and Casinos: Multi-Sensory Experience 

Both supermarkets and casinos use tricks to keep us feeling good – playing or shopping. Grocery stores today share many of the casino’s old principles: limited natural light and no clocks. Losing sense of time is the main reason for that. Also, supermarkets have no windows, just like casinos, so you don’t know it’s getting late outside.

When it comes to stimulating of your senses, they both give you a multi-sensory experience of sights and sounds to keep you happy. Boosting your mood is very important things in these spaces. Music sets the mood for spending. There are also specific colors affecting your mood and making it hard to leave.

One-Way Entrances and Exits

Most casinos have one-way entrances and exits. Before you can leave, you have to check all the table rooms and slots arcades. This is another spending trick supermarkets and casinos have in common.

Supermarkets have been taking clues from casinos so now they use the same separate entrances and exits technique. You will most probably find the cash registers just before the exit. That way, you have to walk through the entire store. If something catches your attention on the way out, you might buy it, even though you had no plans of buying it.

Pay Attention to These Things

Next time you go to a casino or a supermarket make sure you check some of the things we have mentioned. Be careful how much time and money you spend in there. Whether you are looking for toilet paper or the jackpots, be on the lookout for these factors. In the meantime, visit crypto casino Extreme and reduce your unnecessary expenses. We know that being responsible to your money is the most important thing for you and casino Extreme provides the safest paying methods. We can proudly say that we do host one of the best secured, most convenient, and fastest deposit and withdrawal methods in industry. Check it out before you play some of your favorite games. Good luck!

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