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Top 5 Nightlife Capitals of the World

Those of you who are night owls appreciate diverse and rich nightlife. Meaning and importance of a good nightlife vary from country to country and from one mentality and cultural background to another. Psychologists debate over the sociological influence of a night scene, claiming that it can reflect all the differences in society between people on different social levels. On the other hand, most of the nightlife experiences the writer of this text had, claim completely the opposite. Nights out are the time when atmosphere blends, as well as various, colorful personalities, and boundaries between members of different social ladders diminish.

Nightlife is often the contributor to the development of a cultural scene. It can also spark the forming of social or political movements.

As for the theme of this article, nightlifes most important feature is the authenticity of a scene, the pulse of the city and the tempo of living.

In February, we are all dreaming of the summer, and mesmerizing beaches.

Mikonos, Greece

This island is not so famous, although the nightlife is quite lavish. If you are into a Mediterranean atmosphere and good food and wine, Mikonos is the place to visit. Additionally, I think we can all agree that there is nothing like partying on the beaches. This small island is said to have more than 30 bars and almost 20 nightclubs to choose. Therefore, although it offers the vibrant nightlife, Mikonos is still a small island where you can secure intimacy and enjoy your vacation incognito.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although this is one of the most popular places among younger people, it is often visited by people of all ages searching for crazy, all night long dancing experience. Most of the clubs close their doors at 4 a.m., which gives the visitors almost 4 extra hours to party, comparing to other nightlife capitals of the world. When you are done partying, you can always enjoy the scenery, entwined with canals, bikes, coffee shops and all the stuff you were told to pass while growing up.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It may sound a bit cheesy, but Rio is the place where the party never stops. This is the city which accepts more than a million visitors for its carnival. The carnival itself is probably the most unrestrained there is, and it is being held from the 18th century onwards. The question which comes to mind is: why people flock to Rio in such a large number?

This city lives and breathes the sultry energy which is pulsating all around. Carnival is just one of the expressions of art formed in the streets. You will dance to the rhythm of samba and bossa nova or wear a colorful mask. Alternatively, you can hang at any corner near to Ipanema and meet friendly people who will possibly take you to a night swim and beach parties. In case your life motto is: “I want it all and I want it now”, Rio is just the right place for you.

Ibiza, Spain

It is not a surprise that this place is on our list. Ever since the end of the 20th century, this has been the epicenter of the party world. Ibiza island is one of the places that never sleeps. Parties are organized both during the day and night, whether on the beaches or in nightclubs. You should know, however, that the entry to certain clubs is charged up to EUR 100, so you should think twice if this matches your wallet.

Stockholm, Sweden

Placed in the north of Europe, Stockholm is anything but cold, when it comes to parties. Sometimes, we can succumb to the prejudices that say people who live in cold and dark places must be detached and unfriendly.

Stockholm is the example which overturns this thesis. The lovers of techno sound describe this city as a Mecca of the techno and DJ industry. Whether you liked Avicii’s work, or you are into Steve Angello, Aban or any other popular name, you will surely find your cup of tea, so to speak. Another important thing to know is the fact clubs close at 3 a.m., the party night is Thursday, and the bouncers are known for making “strict” selection at the door.  Sweden is known for its elegant style and simple way of life, so we can suggest you follow the rule of elegance and simplicity when your style is concerned, and you will be good to go.

Share your nightlife experience with us and tell us about your favorite place to rock!

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