Creepiest Urban Legends

The Creepiest Urban Legends That Will Make You Sleepless Tonight

We did our best to count down the best urban legends the internet has to offer! Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Hello dear players! Welcome to our new Blogoween post! Since Halloween is around the corner and the spooky spirit is in full force, we have prepared some creepiest urban legends that scare the internet. Urban legends are stories we all love to hear—and love to be scared by. Decide which one is the most terrifying!

Black-Eyed Children

A black-eyed child is an urban legend of supposed paranormal creatures that look like children, with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or seen on the doorsteps of homes. But what do they do?

All the stories of people who are saying that they have met black-eyed children sound the same. A child would come up to your door or your car window asking for help. They usually wear dark clothing. Many witnesses say that they felt scared and as if the children had power over them. Believers in black-eyed children think that these beings could be anything from ghosts and vampires to aliens or demons. What do you think?

Creepiest Urban Legends: The Watcher

This is an urban legend which originated from New Jersey recently. It’s a story of a young family who moved into their dream home in Westfield. Shortly after they moved in, they began receiving anonymous letters signed by “The Watcher.”

That isn’t even the scariest part. The writer once asked whether the new family brought him the “young blood” that he requested. What’s worst, the family was forced to move out and sell property since they couldn’t stop receiving creepy letters.

Dead Girlfriend Messaging

The following story we found on Reddit and once again we were assured that it is often the darkest corner of the internet. The story is about a boy who keeps receiving messages on Facebook from his girlfriend. The post was complete with screenshots and a creepy sender’s narration. You must’ve been asking why it is so scary. Well, his girlfriend is dead. However, it was revealed that someone hacked her Facebook account. Just imagine how would you feel if you received a message from a dead person.

Bloody Mary

The story of Bloody Mary is a classic and you probably know it. But since we are telling creeping stories today, let’s mention it.

Have you ever tried that Bloody Mary ritual? You know – to light a candle in your bathroom with the lights out late at night, look in the mirror and say her name three times in a row “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. Your girl Mary will then appear as a corpse, witch, or ghost that can be friendly or evil, and is sometimes covered in blood. Or you will be forever trapped behind the glass of the mirror for all eternity! Do you dare do it?

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