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Top 10 Ways to Get Rich With Bitcoin

We are here to help shed some light on all the ways you can get rich and stay rich with Bitcoin.

First, you get the money, then you get the cryptos, then you get a lot of money or you lose. But losing money isn’t fun. We are here to help shed some light on all the ways you can get rich and stay rich. So, I will share with you the top 10 ways to get rich with Bitcoin. And like with all crypto texts, we will refer to Bitcoin as BTC. We good? Cool, let’s go!

How to make money with Bitcoin

  1. #Buy and Hold Bitcoin

The first thing on our list is the most obvious one: buying some BTC and then holding for a price jump. You get extra trading points if you buy the dip like El Salvador’s own president and Bitcoin City engineer, Nayib Bukele. Be like el presidente! Invest now!

  1. #Day Trading Bitcoin

Do you have a need for speed and can make a good market read? If you answered yes, boy, do I got a job for you. With such volatile markets, things could change in a matter of minutes. You must be ready to react any second. Your backup plans need to have backup plans. Remember this, roughly half of overall trading activity occurs in BTC, with billions of dollars in daily turnover. There’s a lot of many to be made, so on your mark, get, set and go get them, tiger!

  1. #Lending Bitcoin to Get Rich with Bitcoin

Didn’t see you there, my late grandfather. I am kidding, of course, this is a perfectly legitimate way to get money. And with some interest rates going up to 30% you should definitely get in on the action. Also, crypto-backed loans are secured loans. This means when the crypto market goes tumbling down, Bitcoin lenders are getting out unscathed and with a profit.

  1. #Bitcoin Mining to Get Rich with Bitcoin

Now the cost of mining rigs today might appear a bit steep but worry not you don’t need to go at all. You can join a mining pool aka which is a group of people that combine their computing power to mine a block faster. And even though Bitcoin mining isn’t as lucrative as Dash (which even has faster and cheaper withdrawals) mining, is still worth it. Why? Because with this year’s Chinese crypto ban and mass exodus of miners, mining is coming back to the US!

  1. #Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now, this option is for those who want to sign a deal, kick back and relax. Or you want a steady stream of secondary income. Either way, you just pick sites like Binance, let them run ads and bada bing bada bum. 30%-50% of their commissions! Or if this is too big of a bite for you why not dip your toe in something a bit smaller but wilder? Become a Casino Extreme affiliate and get up to 50% from commissions! Get that money! Or more specifically: Get rich with Bitcoin!

  1. #Play Crypto and Blockchain Games to Get Rich with Bitcoin

With the explosion of the metaverse which is now being mostly made of blockchain games, this is the job of the future. With the pay to play model, you earn money not only by buying but also by selling your NFT loot. I mean people in Vietnam are already making a pretty penny playing these games, so why not get in when it’s early? But, if these new games are too hokey for you we have crypto slot machines that you’ll win big on, guaranteed!


  1. #Earn Bitcoin Cashback on Credit Card Purchases

Another option for you, easy going, live and let live person you. The only thing you need is to get the special Visa/BlockFie Credit Card hybrid and you’re in. Buy stuff and watch the money drain away and then watch it come back as you get BTC cashbacks. This partnership was a momentous occasion in the history of crypto as it signaled the mainstream acceptance of cryptos. So, get that cashback to be a part of history.

  1. #Look for Micro Jobs and Pay-to-click websites

Yet another for the less action inclined of you. Micro jobs like doing surveys and quick app testing at first glance might not seem like much. But, combined with the rise of cryptos, adds up to comfortable living for you. Or just a form of secondary income, either way, you’re in the green.

  1. Accept Bitcoin Payments for Your Products and Services

Let’s face it, Bitcoin and cryptos are the future of finance we can all agree on that. So, why not strike while the iron is still hot and start accepting BTC at your online business. If you don’t have one, start one! Maybe go all-in on cryptos and start making NFTs. Casino Extreme was one such crypto business and look at it now.

  1. Play on Crypto Casino to Get Rich with Bitcoin

And finally, the best way to get rich with Bitcoin is of course the closest to home. Play and win big on crypto casinos. With so many ways to win with slots, video poker and rest, it’s a sure thing. But, don’t just play on any crypto casino play on Casino Extreme! Why? Because it guarantees one thing: instant withdrawals! Of course, we accept Bitcoin and Litecoin. So, this might be the first step on your way to get rich with Bitcoin.

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