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Top 7 Ways to Relax And Prepare For Monday

The very thought of Monday causes anxiety in many people. Going back to daily routine is something most of us wish to delay as long as possible. Sunday is the day we wish could last forever. However, being faced with the inevitable, we should find ways to prepare ourselves to cope with hundreds of new emails, new clients, projects, or new trainings in various fields. Even if you are stay-at-home parent, or still in school, or maybe enjoying a careless life somewhere in picturesque landscape, the chances are Monday is not your favorite day of the week.

Let’s face Monday together by suggesting some of the ways you can relax while at the same time energizing your body and mind in preparation for a fresh start.

First and foremost – breathe and try aromatherapy! When we lack oxygen, we cannot think straight. Breathe deeply and slowly. Breathing properly lowers blood pressure and heart rate.  Additionally, you can use a few drops of your favorite essential oil. We suggest lavender for calming and any of the citrus smells for energizing your mind.

Try sweets. Eating sweets is instant stress relief. However, try replacing junk food full of additives with natural food, like honey or dark chocolate, for example. These are great anti-oxidants and act as natural cures. They are excellent in fighting anxiety.

Visualize success. It may seem a bit far-fetched, however, many of the most successful individuals who walked the earth used this method to strengthen their will power and tune their brains to succeed. Once you master this skill of thinking about the things which make you happy, every day will be your favorite day of the week.

Try massages. No matter how stressful your day is, no one is immune to one of the most ancient ways to calm both body and spirit. Use the most luxurious lotions you can find and indulge your senses and release the tensions. If you can find experienced masseuse, proper foot or hand massage will reset your organism.

Surround yourself with favorite music and close friends. Sounds have deep impact on our senses. They can help soothe the sorrow and elevate the mood in the most unimaginable ways. Combined with good friends or family members who share your interests Sunday can become a fun day.

Cuddle as much as possible. Apart from boosting self-esteem, cuddling increases happiness. Whether you cuddle with a pet or someone close to you, you will feel comfortable and you will be relieved from stress almost instantly. Pets especially have the power to calm your heart rate by making your body release higher oxytocin levels.

Play your favorite games.  You can always ease the stress by playing one of the games. Nothing compares to thrills and winning exhilaration.

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